Lovely Links: 5/21/10

Wooweeee, big week for links! Good job, Internet.

Lovely Stephanie over at Radical Hateloss did a Q&A with me earlier this week … please stop by her fantastic blog and take a peek!

Are our brains hardwired to hate our bodies?

May is proving to be a particularly tantalizing one over on Everyday Fluevog. I want to meet, befriend, and raid the wardrobe of this gal!

Just like Jennifer Nicole, reading this Post Secret broke my heart. (Full Post Secret post here, in case you’re not familiar with the site/concept.)

For you Southern Hemi readers, Super Kawaii Mama has some fabulous tips on staying glam when the weather turns cold.

Jezebel reprinted a list of Ten Commandments of Pop Culture Feminism. Thoughts? Check the comments, too, for a lively discourse.

Kirsten has done it again with an amazing roundup of comfy shoes for hard-to-fit feet.

Amanda explains why she really, seriously, truly hates Carrie Bradshaw. I detest SATC with my entire soul, but it occurs to me on reading this diatribe that Carrie might be a total caricature, never meant to represent real human behavior, thought patterns, or life experiences. Could this be so? And IF so, does that make her innocuous? Of course people still view her as a role model, even if she was never, ever meant to be one … (Via Yum & Yuk.)

How exactly do you style a cropped top without overexposing?

Kate dishes up some marvelous advice on buying pants that actually fit.

You live inside an Anthropologie catalog. This is your life: “You press flowers between the pages of first-edition Dickens novels. Your job involves traveling to Italy and being pensive in rooms. You have a book-strap. You have a wrought-iron bed. You know how to applique.” If you’d rather live inside a J.Crew, UO, or Vicky’s Secret catalog, click here. (Cheers, Rad.)

Spandex Pony is offered a job in fashion … but for half her current salary in non-fashion. What would you have done in her situation?

It’s not easy, but letting go of shame-based body thoughts and language is vital to cultivating a healthy body image.

Corporette’s shopping equation is both amusing and apt.

Fashionista posted a list of the most influential personal style bloggers. Do you agree with their picks?

I’ve got my own guide to shorts coming up soon, but Omiru put together some quick-and-dirty tips for finding flattering shorts that I just love.

“I can do ANYTHING good.”
Damn right you can, Jessica.
(Big ups to Rikki for sending me this one.)

And from the Department of Random: BRONTË SISTERS POWER DOLLS! (Via Deanna Raybourn.)

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/21/10”

  1. text machine

    aw I love Carrie Bradshaw and feel pretty protective of her. that kid is cute though.

  2. Chelsea

    oh what truly lovely links this week, Sal! I've already shared at least four of them with friends… LOVE the 10 commandments (and the Bechdel test I read about from that one), and then the shame/diet article really struck a chord with me.

    Thanks ever so much for this roundup 🙂

  3. Tina Z

    lots of links! and lots to think about.

    1- A 14-year old as the #1 most influential style blogger? Please. As if she has any idea what it's like to juggle a job, a family, friends, etc, all while exuding style. She's 14!!! As cool as her costumes may be, she is relevant to whom may I ask?

    2- SATC haters, wow. I always think of women's reactions to the show/characters as falling into one of three categories: a) they think it's total fantasy land and make no mistake, there's no way they think any of the story lines are real. most of the haters fall in this category, though their beefs might vary. b) they buy into the show hook, line, and sinker. no further explanation necessary. c) they think it's a mix of fantasy and reality, sure, but boy is there a lot of truth to the story lines whether it's the sexcapades or the relationship issues or family struggles. but the story lines were cloaked in a fantasy set design, for sure.

    Personally, I fall into the third category. A lot of the story lines resonated with me and by extension many friends. But no way did I think Carrie could afford an apartment or closet like that as a writer, hence the fantasy set design of the show. But who cares if the packaging was pretty? There was substance to this show and for the first time a tv show was open about what women in their 20s and 30s go through, both good and bad. For me, the show was a lot like the book "Promiscuities" but for women in their 20s/30s rather than teenagers, exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly about the process of figuring shit out.

    Seems like Amanda's article is from the perspective of a recovering Category B. Maybe her age had a lot to do with it, I was definitely older when the show started.

  4. Kelly

    That little girl is adorable!

    Also, about Carrie – first of all, I don't want to be her, and I don't want to be her friend. But people hate her so venomously and I'm not really sure why. I mean, I don't know anyone who watched that show and actually thought "that is what I want to be" – I think the whole point of her character was how flawed and complicated she was.

  5. K.Line

    As always, your links give me so much great new info!

  6. Trudy Callan

    Now that's self-confidence for ya. We should all do that. "I can do anything good!"

  7. Make Do Style

    Thank you Sally for link – sorry have been so busy feel like I'm slacking on comments xxxx

  8. gospelofstyle

    Hahahahahahahaha…I love that catalogue post and love Jezebel in general.

    Sassy feminist news really is the best news, no? 🙂

  9. Kate @ Tres Lola

    There seems to be something of a Carrie and S&TC backlash at the minute.. or at least in my wee corner of life… am going to go have a read of that anti-Carrie article and check out this particular gripe! Ta for the link Sal.

  10. Someone

    Another nice list of thoughtful links!

    Just want to say though – the "hardwired to hate our bodies" thing is a false conclusion. Real researchers know that OUR BRAINS CAN CHANGE based on how we use them or on what we happen to experience (especially repeatedly). It is NOT a one-way street.

    What I think the findings show is NOT that our brains are directing those thoughts but that it is the other way around. Our culture is teaching women to hate their bodies, and this is showing up in brains that don't have disorders. That is what's so sad.

    Let's not repeat the old notion that women are powerless puppets of their physical attributes. Culture tries to make us prisoners of all our body parts…this is just another example. Don't fall for it.

  11. meegiemoo

    Pssst. I'm the Everyday Shoes girl for May. Time to befriend me. =)