Lovely Links: 5/2/14

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Weekly Kitten: Harriet in the basket. And Harriet exiting the basket EXACTLY ONE SECOND LATER.

harriet basket

HuffPost rounded up six amazing body-positive projects and videos. I’d only seen about half, and love them all.

If you’re still intimidated by print and pattern mixing, this post offers three simple shortcuts.

Disheveled prep. Love it.

Other ways to view your inner critic.

Remember, you can still get 15% off at Clinical Skin Therapeutics! Read about my laser hair removal experiences there.

Love this helpful post showing which types of pants and jeans can be successfully altered to be slim at the ankle.

An interesting perspective: What it’s like to work in the fashion industry as a size 12, from Lucky Magazine contributor Lauren Sherman.

Mustard, mint, and dusty lavender look so chic and understated worn together.

“In ‘Changing Room,’ [photographer Julia] Kozerski charts her weight loss in clothing-store selfies – a project that would seem to fit the usual “before and after” narrative, but for two close-ups of her tear-stained face that show her struggle with her changing body. ‘Half’ is an even more confrontational project. It’s a series of somber nudes showing how a body that has undergone dramatic weight loss does not look the same as a body that has maintained a consistent weight for years – which, it sounds, is how Kozerski expected herself to look.”

Lilli couldn’t find the blouse she wanted in her size, so she worked with an Etsy vendor to create this amazing confetti print top. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Barking Dog Shoes recently posted some picks for closed-toe narrow shoes for spring and cute narrow width sandals.

A totally brain-bending read for me: Choosing Inequality explores power differentials in conservative family structures as they relate to feminism and choice.

I’ve tried many times to take up sewing, any always failed. But Erica’s blog continually nudges me toward trying again. Just LOOK at her amazing blue halter sheath dress. Love those sassy sandals, too.

Barbell sports also reinforces the idea that different body types are okay. That may sound strange in a sport where there are weight classes and where you have to weigh-in to ensure you make weight. However, because of weight classes, I better appreciated the breadth of body types that can exist within a particular weight range. Also, different body types provide different strengths and weaknesses to your ability to execute different lifts.”

The always insightful Carina muses on the etymologies of “beauty,” “pretty,” “gorgeous,” and “glamour.”

Having worn my suede boots on an unexpectedly muddy walk, I’m currently grateful for my suede brush. (Yes, it’s shaped like a little shoe. Awww.)

In her piece “Teaching The Camera To See My Skin,” photographer Syreeta McFadden highlights photography’s inherited bias against dark skin. (Via Final Fashion)

Love this mix of purple paisley and subtle microcheck. This outfit also provides proof that metallic shoes go with everything.

This sonic story portrait exploring the hidden meaning in the hat and scarf that a British physics professor has been wearing for more than six decades.

Worn Through offers two videos created in honor of Fashion Revolution Day, April 24, which marked the one-year anniversary of the disaster at Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh, when a factory complex collapsed, killing over 1,000 garment workers and injuring over 2,500.

PBS is celebrating Mr. Rogers Day, so I whipped up a few neighborly outfits inspired by everyone’s favorite cardigan-wearer.

The J.Crew Factory Field Jacket you saw on me last week is now available in sizes XXS – XXL, petite sizes, and a pretty glorious purple color.

Never thought I’d be a quote-pinner, but I do love finding little nuggets of wisdom on Pinterest. Fellow blogger Whitney of Whitney Theorycrafts has a fantastic board titled “Non-judgmental inspirational quotes.” And they really are.

On the Fox 9 Buzz I chatted with the hilarious Keith Marler about the double denim trend and ways to make it work. Thanks to lovely reporter M.A. Rosko for the idea, and for letting us use her fantastic pre-Springsteen-concert snapshot from her youth.

Raspberry and plum look gorgeous against a pop of white. An artful pendant necklace finishes the look.

“Think Progress notes that the UCLA study is not the only proof that fat-shaming is an ineffective weight loss method that can result in an opposite effect for adults, too. They cite a Florida State University College of Medicine study in which Americans who were overweight in 2006 were ‘two and a half times more likely to end up obese four years later than those were hadn’t been fat-shamed.'” (Via @RedCarpetLuke)

A great tip for springtime outfits: Wear nude-to-you knee-highs under cropped pants to keep your ankles from freezing.

Glenda uses a fun and edgy outfit to illustrate why fashion “don’ts” are sometimes “do’s.”

In this week’s Star Tribune, I highlighted some of Pantone’s top color picks for spring and talked about why color trends are easy to wear.

What’s your wardrobe metabolism?

From the Department of Random: Silly Rock Band Names Rendered in Pictures.

Additionally: You already know that Honey Badger Don’t Give a Sh*t, but did you know that honey badgers are wicked good escape artists? (Via Paper)

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/2/14”

  1. Sheila Anne

    My twin recently shared your blog with me & I am really impressed. This one had me checking out over half you links. It is so exciting to discover the many wonderful women & their voices in a field that commercially has ignored women over the age of 40. (btw – my twin & I are celebrating 68 years today!)

      • Sheila Anne

        Will do & thank you for the birthday wishes & for being here!

  2. Connie Turner

    The essay about photography and dark skin was eye opening and really almost shocking. I had no idea that it was a design and product problem that caused my family portraits to always look wrong. I was married to a dark skinned man, my children were light and lighter, and I am pale. I think this is an example again of unconscious bias not deliberate racism.

  3. Ginger

    Erica B is so inspiring.
    It’s the ultimate in body acceptance, if you sew your own clothes you can be sure they’ll fit, if you’re as good as she is!

  4. Texas Aggie Mom

    Sally,I always look forward to starting off my weekend reading all the links on your Friday post. So many diverse voices that I would not otherwise encounter in my usual orbit, and such great food for thought. Thanks for taking the time, week in and week out, to gather such an intriguing array of post to share!

  5. Bernie

    You’ve got me craving some freesia yellow. And husband has just popped in to check out what I am laughing at: that honey badger is brilliant!