Lovely Links: 5/23/14

I’ll be back in Chicago in June! I have availability on June 22, 23, and 24. If you’re in the Chicagoland area and interested in working with me, please drop me an e-mail.

Looking for an affordable way to re-vamp your style for spring? Take a peek at my mini-makeover PDF.

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Weekly Kitten X2:

suitcaseI was unable to take them with me to San Francisco. But they tried their best.

wrestlingIt looks dire, but this was mid-grooming-session. And she was purring the whole time.
Quite loudly, in fact.

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Epic links this week. You’ve been warned.

“If I am to mirror the tree that appears beautiful no matter its length of life, am I contributing to the denial of my age by feeling comfortable only with photos that portray my skin from a distance? Close-ups make me feel vulnerable, exposed, unmasked, transparent.”

Weesha and now Rachelle and Dani are convincing me that leopard-print slip-on sneaks are a fabulous casual option, even with skirts and dresses.

Thrilled to announce that I’ll be writing a Q&A column for the Star Tribune! We need questions from readers like you. More details on submission here.

How do you measure the success of your purchases?

In case you needed any further evidence that AP contributor Gracey is fabulous beyond human comprehension, check out what she wore to 80s prom.

I’ve seen an exhibit of Vivian Maier‘s photos – some say she was the original street style photographer, though her works portrayed more than just style – so I found this examination of a recently released documentary about her fascinating.

Hot damn, this taupe monochrome outfit is amazing.

“I want to encourage women to wake up every morning and think ‘I am enough, in all I am and in all I do.’ Find your beautiful, and keep your head up because you are inspiring and the world needs you. Encourage each other to change the world; no one can do it alone.”

These DIY wrapped gladiator sandals blew my mind. So easy, so gorgeous.

Also love how this simple spray-painted statement necklace turned out.

Now that it’s finally, consistently warm I’m wearing my Clarks Wessex Wyvern pumps a lot more, and remembering that they are kinda perfect. Comfy, classy, versatile.

Audrey creates a gorgeous mix of soft pastels. And so does Audrey. Yep, you read that right!

I’ve read a lot of commentary on the Louis C.K. “fat lady” episode, and this post was one of my favorites.

Another story that’s making the rounds is NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson’s firing, and I found this roundup and analysis enlightening.

This glossary of fabric and sewing terms is a goldmine of information. (Cheers, Chris!)

The memo’s implication is that there’s a relationship between how women look and how well they do their jobs, and that it’s okay to judge a woman on her appearance. It’s one thing to acknowledge that a bias exists in society, but quite another to insist on kowtowing to it, and to expectations that are, in most cases, initiated and maintained by men, but not imposed on men.”

Allison is one of my style heroines for her rocker chic ensembles, and this pink stripes and leather mix is no exception.

These leather goods from Sons & Daughters are stunning. Clean, minimalist, and classic.

There’s some evidence showing that long and/or curly hair bias in professional situations is real. So THAT’S infuriating.

A floral blouse is the perfect floaty complement to distressed boyfriend jeans. The structured bag and classic pumps are great touches, too.

And speaking of, Kileen’s post led me to Alonai, a website that carries shoes in US sizes 2-5 as well as 11-14. I haven’t bought so can’t vouch for quality and prices are pretty low, but might be worth investigating if your shoe size is hard to track down.

Enlightening musings on peeling back the layers of comparison.

Michelle writes with great candor about the frustration of being in between regular and plus sizes, and how disheartening it feels when nothing fits. At all. Ever.

This post shares 12 ways to add structure to an outfit.

“Fresh Off the Boat,” “Cristela,” and “Black-ish” all picked up by ABC, are family sitcoms focusing not on tokenized individuals of color, but on entire families of people of color.

In my experience, eShakti’s knit dresses are far superior to their wovens. I’m in love with this one, perfect for my high-waisted, curvy-hipped figure.

Gingham and leather with a pop of red. Perfection.

Peter muses on what makes someone a fashion designer, and the connotations of the suffix “er” (writer, singer, jeweler, etc.) especially as it applies to a sewer.

“Saying that worrying about the way we look is vain and stupid creates a mentality of blaming the victim. If I was smarter and less self-centred, I wouldn’t feel bad about myself? Yes, I can see now that I’m the source of this problem. Thanks for pointing that out.”

Seven great tips for upgrading your lingerie wardrobe.

Hedvig’s sleek collarless coat is giving me pangs of jealousy.

How on EARTH did I miss the fact that Tori Amos co-wrote a feminist musical fairytale for London’s National Theatre?

Loved this honest review of products Allison has used to beef up the look of her eyebrows. If you’ve been plucking or waxing for ages and now wish for fuller brows, this one’s for you.

The popular chorus of cultural appropriation! cultural appreciation! quickly becomes a performance, in which neither side misses a cue nor forgets a well-learned line. This continues for several days and maybe weeks until it peters out or until the next racist fashion event crops up—whichever comes first. The debate around the event often gets more press and social-media attention than the event did itself, and nobody seems to change opinions for the next go-round.”

Stripes and florals make for and easy, fun print mix. Love the splash of neon from that handbag.

The Glamorous Gleam shows us five ways to style your box braids.

I never think to mix leopard with black and white, but I will now!

Never expected body image commentary from The Oatmeal, and yet: What you see in the mirror. (Has swears.)

Natalie shows us her upgraded tee and cutoffs. Such an arty take on classic pieces.

10 Things Your Friends With Eating Issues Want You To Know (But Won’t Ever Tell You). Moving and upsetting.

“I’m sorry. I thought I had been invited to such an illustrious event because I am good at my job. Putting clothes on is such a small part of my day. They may as well have been criticising me for brushing my teeth differently to them.”

This floral cutout cardigan is breathtaking, and perfect with dusty, muted tones.

Here’s a fascinating summary of the “Not All Men” objection, how it differs from “mansplaining,” and the wave of memes that have followed.

“Looking stylish and being scholarly adept have no natural antagonism. But in the real academic world, I find that there is quite a bit of prejudice against those who obviously concern themselves with their appearance – as if the time that was dedicated to preening should have been better used elsewhere. Looking fashionable signifies superficiality, and real intellectuals should not concern themselves with such shallow activities.” (Cheers, Garrett!)

See a couple of fun photos from this week’s San Francisco trip over on Facebook. Especially our visit to the Gr.dano flagship store!

And from the Department of Random: 27 Awesomely Staged Roller Coaster Photos.

Also: Time lapse of this week’s supercell thunderstorm. WOW.

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  1. Kileen

    thank you so much for the mention Sally! Alonai’s quality is not super great, which is why I didn’t elaborate on about them on my post. The leather is a little stiff and sizing actually runs a little big so I’d suggest going a half size down if anyone orders. Thanks again and happy weekend! 🙂

    cute & little

  2. contrary kiwi

    Thanks for the link about the “Not All Men” meme. It’s a really clear and nonjudgmental explanation of the meme and the behaviour behind it. Much better than I can do.