Lovely Links: 5/22/15

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The love affair with Black Mouse continues. (First seen on Instagram)

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage, so it was especially interesting to read this post discussing six reasons a capsule wardrobe might not work for you. (Via YLF)

Loved this interview with Dorrie of Senior Style Bible – she’s an incredibly stylish 80-year-old woman who started her blog to address ageism. Totally added her to my reader.

How to accept compliments and handle praise

On the Goodwill blog, I talked about prints and patterns that you can always thrift.

Laura looks so elegant in her boldly printed maxi dress.

If you’re in NYC this weekend, swing by the Soho Gudrun Sjödén shop on Saturday, 5/23, to meet the designer in person! I’d love to know if she’s as earthy and fun as she seems in print, so do report back if you go.

What would happen if we treated male politicians like we treat female politicians?

Rebel Wilson will be designing a holiday capsule collection for Torrid!

And in other celebrity style news, Reese Witherspoon has launched Draper James, a company that offers clothes, jewelry, gifts, and products for the home, many with a Southern twist.

Husband Mike is currently reading my friend Traci’s book, Secrets From the Eating Lab, and keeps relaying mind-blowing bits of data. Can’t wait to dig in myself.

“I’ve found myself at an interesting place while watching the backlash to diets like the Whole 30 unfold. I’m not following the diet, but I have before. I’m not adhering to the principles, but I haven’t completely abandoned them as useless. I feel like I’m in a middle ground between two very set warring camps, ducking down in a foxhole while hand-crafted, gluten-free pizza crusts made of cauliflower and bottles of Roundup get lobbed over my head.”

Also of interest, The Fat Nutritionist’s thoughts on The Whole 30, referenced in Michelle’s post.

On Mad Mimi, I wrote about verbal pitfalls – like slang, acronyms, and jargon – in email newsletters.

Joi looks positively radiant in her turquoise pussybow blouse and flirty floral skirt.

This comic brings up some important points about the criticisms women may face if they have breast reduction surgery.

Sylvia read Diane Von Furstenberg’s memoir and saw her speak recently, and shares her thoughts on the designer’s amazing life and career path.

I love your selfies because I love seeing you feel good about yourself. I love how your face glows when you look like a million bucks and you know it. I love when you celebrate yourself. You deserve to be celebrated.”

I love the idea of applying the five love languages – generally used in romantic relationships – to your relationship with your own body.

Lar talks about how her experience dealing with endometriosis led her to … the gym.

Related: Four ways to make sure you’re exercising out of self-love, not self-hate

If you think skirt suits are dull, you haven’t seen Mattie’s.

On, I wrote about mall brands that stars love to wear and tips for shopping while you travel.

I am perpetually on the hunt for necklaces that fit perfectly into V-shaped necklines. This smallish silver bib looks perfect.

Queer photographer Meg Allen didn’t see the images of masculine women she wanted and needed around her, so she took it upon herself to produce them. And her photo series BUTCH is varied and striking and inspirational.

Queen Michelle is an icon of creative badassery, and has been doing some spectacular flat lays recently.

Ten body-positive tips for plus-sized brides-to-be

This outfit shows how bright primaries work beautifully together when done up in classic shapes.

15 of the Queen’s best tiaras. Because tiaras.

If you check out this week’s Fox 9 Buzz segment on trends from the 80s and 90s that are hot again now, you’ll get to see me attempt a fauxhawk. And wear one giant earring, Madonna-Lucky-Star-style.

In a post about the counterproductive nature of style and body comparisons, Imogen says, “As I always tell my clients, dress your portrait first, as so many women when they dress are more concerned about their butt/hips/thighs/stomach/arms/boobs/etc. than their communication centre, their face. Yet when I communicate with you, I’m not spending my time speaking to your thighs, I’m looking in your eyes, and if you dress that area first, adding some detail to keep my attention there, I’m not even going to notice what you perceive as a flaw.”

This pie chart breaks down the contents of most women’s magazines pretty accurately, I’d say.

Citron, cobalt, and blazing white make this tennis-inspired outfit bold and perfectly summery. Also love white and baby blue on Tanasha and white and blush on Nashelly.

Next stop on the H&M collab train: Balmain.

This satellite gyroscope necklace is downright magnificent.

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    Random question! I just noticed that your posts aren’t showing up in my feedly feed anymore. The last post I see was 5 days ago – “Black and White Polka Dots.” Any idea what’s happening?

    • Sally McGraw

      Susanna, I’ve been trying to get my hosting service to figure out what’s up since Friday. Hope to have the feed fixed soon!

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  3. Ali

    Love the blog! Love, love, love it. This question might seem a little out of season, but I’m preparing for a short summer followed by a long cold winter, and I’m hesitant to buy all these cute short pants that are in style because I don’t know how to make use of them in the fall or winter, or on cool spring days. I realize it’s still stylish to wear in the winter, but it seems impractical. For instance, check out the look in this Lands End ad: Super cute! But when would you wear a wool coat and scarf and NOT want to wear socks? So how do you wear those pants AND stay warm?