Lovely Links: 5/24/13

Chambray and lace make a dynamite combination.

“Some of the most confident, self-assured ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering are lectured about self-esteem and self-acceptance instead of having their thoughts acknowledged when they speak of anti-fat bias. How incredibly condescending it is to insist that someone is talking about personal sadness when they are describing the reality of their lived experiences.”

Spashionista is a total knockout in her polka dot wrap dress.

Since my skin is ridiculously sensitive, I was fascinated to read these tips for the care and feeding of sensitive skin. Do they ring true to you?

I just love the sleek lines in this black and white outfit with orange and blue accents.

In case you were wondering, fitting the female form has always been complicated. (Via Final Fashion.)

Bow-toe pumps and a circle skirt. Swooning.

K.Line’s Ask the Bra Fitter feature is in full swing! Check posts one and two for some fascinating discourse.

Mandi rocks a head scarf … and a silicone teething necklace.

“Broadcasters behave as though the viewing public have to be protected from the sight of an older woman and that’s just rude. There is nothing wrong with being an older woman. We’ve got to fight back against this sense that older women are less valuable, whereas men accumulate wisdom authority and experience as they age,” said Harriet Harman, who is clearly fabulous.

Cheryl rounded up her favorite style bloggers with natural hair. And my reading list grew …

Actress Lucy Liu explains why she’s never been cast as the lead in a romantic comedy. Apparently she’s both “too Asian” and “too American.” Makes sense, Hollywood.

This printed midi skirt is gorgeous worn with yellow.

This interview with fearless 40+ style blogger Mel was conducted by fearless 17-year-old style blogger Roz. You’ll love them both.

“In today’s culture women’s voices, our personhood, our potential and accomplishments are minimized by weight bias. This weight bias is perpetuated by the media. The media’s obsession with celebrity weights and personal appearance sends a message to all women. Your body is an object, meant to be admired within a narrow standard of beauty, and it you don’t fit the mold, than expect criticism.”

Patti is doing all white before Memorial Day. Rules Schmules.

This post analyzes what is great and groundbreaking about “The Mindy Project” alongside what is disappointing. Anyone else watching? (It’s on my “to watch soon” list.)

Yellow and green are so vibrant and spring-y when worn together.

“Most times I’ve read or heard the words ‘lipstick feminist,’ derision has been the intent. Sometimes it’s feminists explaining why the concept is bollocks; sometimes it’s from people using it to dismiss feminism wholesale. In other words, it’s a word we use to describe other people, not ourselves.”

The Militant Baker created a fantastic roundup of summer shopping resources for fat chicks by polling some of her favorite stylish bloggers!

Zarna’s blue maxi dress is elegant and dramatic.

Here’s where my size, my health, and your business intersect.

And from the Department of Random: Here is the wedding photo Husband Mike choose to keep on his desk for the past 11 years. Brace yourselves. It’s scary.

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/24/13”

  1. Marsha

    I’m so jealous of the wedding picture. I wish I had one so grotesque. How wonderful!

  2. K-Line

    Thanks for the link love Sally xo. I think Friday links is my fave of your weekly posts. I love seeing all of the interesting things you’ve found.

  3. Julie

    I love your Friday links, have found many bloggers to follow, and I have to give you credit for my style evolution and body acceptance. I receive many, many compliments on my style and body confidence!
    I have watched the Mindy Project, and I love it! Her confidence and vulnerabilities on the show are very endearing, and she always makes me laugh. I love seeing a woman of colour playing the lead on a show, she has a great career, stumbles around her love life and is surrounded by interesting colleagues. The fact that she shows beauty in a way that isn’t typically shown in mainstream media also makes me love the show. Please watch if you can.
    I also wanted to comment on the photography piece you did the other day. My husband is a photographer and I have a very hard time allowing him to take photos of me, and it creates problems because he is technically a great photographer and doesn’t like the criticism i heap upon his photos of me, and so he has stopped asking to take photos because it creates so much tension. I took it as a bad sign that he couldn’t take a flattering photo of me, it raised questions like, “do I have body dysmorphoria, where I feel I look good, like what I see the in the mirror but see a horrific image of myself through the camera lens?” or does he see me like that? (ugly) and it also showed my level of stress and hostility at him through the lens. It was exhausting. Finally getting to a place where we grew closer, worked through some issues in our lives and marriage and got to a place of vulnerability with each other he has taken some lovely portraits of me, but it still isn’t easy. I realize that for me, it is about trust, and I am not a person who develops trust easily, so I generally don’t let anyone take my photo, and am ok when they are not ok with that. It does reassure me that I trust myself, and generally can take pretty decent self-portraits.