Lovely Links: 5/25/12

This powerful essay on body image and denial is long, but well worth a read. (Cheers, Herbee.)

Cynthia is looking sharp in her cat-eye shades and colorblocked ensemble.

From the Better Late Than Never Department, here’s a link to the interview I gave on Fox 9 News about Vogue’s new initiative on working with models. (As you can imagine, some of what I said got cut. Most of it is still in there.)

A simple white sheath dress looks smashing with yellow and turquoise accents.

In addition to touching on fat shaming, racism, and body image, this post discusses the vulnerability inherent in and potential healing power of physical touch, saying, “That is why touch is so scary. It forces you to be fully present in your own body, to come face to face with its longings and its deprivations, to confront bodily memories that an otherwise hyper-intellectual life can allow you to avoid on most days.”

So glad to see that Little Girl, Big Closet is posting again!

I’m thrilled to have contributed to Ash’s Beautiful Bodies project – click through to read my interview.

Stacy looks like such a rock star in her Debbie Harry-print peplum top. And yes, she made it herself. Oh, to have such skills.

“Women’s ‘underwear’ adverts are almost universally ‘lingerie’ adverts, things that paint us all as being all of teh sexeh – just because we’re wearing some pants. Underwear has been almost entirely removed from its function. Bras are advertised based on the cleavage they give, not on how comfortable they are. There is no room for ‘underwear’ to just be ‘necessary clothes that are allowed to be lovely’.”

I’m nearly convinced that black and white printed garments – like Chelsea’s graphic shrug – are the most versatile in the universe.

Ever have a day when you just don’t feel like you live up to your clothes?

The Style Crone combines an amazing vintage cone hat with a vintage-but-modern-feeling suit featuring a peplum jacket. Stellar.

“I think it is critical that we feminists engage with fitness and athletics in a way that takes these things seriously and recognizes their potential to change lives for the better.  It doesn’t have to be about hating yourself and your body, nor does it have to be about embracing fascist beauty standards.  It can also be about loving your body and wanting to take the best possible care of yourself.”

Mandi continues to merge vintage sensibilities and maternity style flawlessly.

If you’re wondering why finding a properly fitting bra can be so challenging, check out this post that covers the details of cup volume and band length. (Via K-Line.)

I fear orange and blue as they were my high school colors, but Lisa wears them together fantastically.

It can be tough, but learning to listen to your body is essential to self-care.

Eek’s outfit composites do such a fabulous job of showing how versatile various items can really be.

Just about everyone is having a Memorial Day sale this weekend, but I’m especially excited that plus size brand Igigi is doing a 30% off code through Tuesday! Use code MEMORIAL2012 for the deal. Yay!

Never thought I’d say this, but neon is a favorite trend of mine so I’m loving College Candy’s budget-friendly picks for neon fun.

The Good Men Project’s body image examination continues apace with some amazing contributions, including this one about a man, his fat, and a hatred of photos.

JoAnn uses a bowtie to embellish her dress neckline. Because she’s awesome like that.

The Citizen Rosebud’s list of 40+ style bloggers just keeps growing!

Ever wonder how to make your wardrobe classics look current, or even trendy? This post is for you.

Mine is all packed away until winter, but you southern hemi folks might be interested by CorpGoth’s post on the care and feeding of velvet.

And from the Department of Random: A bit dizzying, but I still love Ingrid Michaelson’s video for “Blood Brothers.”

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17 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/25/12”

  1. Miss T

    Re: the bra sizing, the author says she doesn’t use a UK DD cup size because it’s the same as the US cup size D; this is incorrect in my experience: I wear a DD (in US and UK brands), and it is DEFINITELY a different size than a D cup. So, sadly, I could not use her chart at all! I am looking at the size tag of a Fantasie brand bra right now. It says: UK 34DD, FRANCE 90DD, EU 75DD, US 34DD, AUS/NZ 12DD. Fantasie is a UK brand, I believe.

    • Aris Merquoni

      I think that’s a typo in the original post–a DD should be equivalent to an E cup. At least, that’s how mine fit–DD is E, DDD is F.

      • patni

        I think half the issue is that most of the companies that make bras over a DD are not American. I take an english 32GG, so they can call it what they will in US sizes, I have never found one made by a US company, and I usually have to buy them online and ordered from England.

  2. Laura

    Apparently I’m still ten years old because I’m still giggling over the phrase “cup volume.” 🙂

  3. joann, sidewalk chic

    Aw, thank you for the mention, Sal!

    And thanks for sharing the post on the power of touch — very illuminating discussion in the comments!

  4. Terri

    A big YES for the posts you mentioned here that I’ve read (and concur): Lisa, Style Crone and Rosebud! And thanks for all I need to check out.