Lovely Links: 5/27/11

It’s been a rough week, weather-wise. A tornado touched down mere blocks from my house over the weekend, and my neighborhood is still a shambles. (I’ve donated here.) And, of course, even more deadly storms ripped through Missouri and Alabama. Racialicious has a great list of ways to help.

I’m thrilled to have another post up at The Frisky! This time, I wrote about dressing vs. dieting, a topic that is close to my heart.

Imogen of InsideOut Style contributed this stellar guest post at You Look Fab about dressing a larger bust.

Puzzling out what sustainable fashion really means may feel well-nigh impossible, but I found this guide to eco-friendly fashion terminology interesting and enlightening.

This technicolor maxi skirt has officially stolen my heart. I miss you, heart.

Real Simple offers some clever DIY accessory repairs.

The Modern Mrs. Darcy gives us one good reason to gossip and five better reasons NOT to.

Recently discovered Guerreisms, a fabulous photography blog that focuses on the details of style. Mmmm, details.

Jessica’s tales of emotionally-fueled shopping binges sounded hauntingly familiar to me.

In an effort to cut down on material waste, Viktor & Rolf are offering discounted refills of empty Flowerbomb perfume bottles. Why buy a new bottle for $100, when you can refill your old one for $70? Brilliant!

My girl Sarah wrote this fantastic tribute to her gorgeous thighs. And I love her for it.

I love how Lisa combined nautical elements with leopard-print shoes.

This post on body acceptance, opting out of the “assimilation race,” and the power of saying “no,” knocked my socks off. My feet may be cold, but I’m so in awe that I hardly care. (Via Yum & Yuk)

Maybe a pixie cut would be too extreme on me, but this cropped hairdo? Ach, I’m in LOVE.

JCS Baltimore produced this adorable video that asks the question, “What is beauty?” (Via A Voice in Recovery)

How gorgeous is Shabana from The Silver Kick Diaries?

Mrs. Bossa has assembled a fabulous array of blogger responses to style rules and guidelines. And those responses run the gamut from those who adore the structure that rules provide to those who abhor the constraints that rules create.

College Candy offers advice on building a summer internship wardrobe.

Just say yes to red Bermuda-length sailor shorts.

Kate is frank and open about her recent struggles with body image, and reminds us that people can wrestle with self-image regardless of age, weight, and size. And that doubts can arise at any time, and unexpectedly.

Alicia is the epitome of cool in her black-on-black ensemble, if you ask me.

Thom explains why celebrities are a bit useless as style icons. And also tells the Sartorialist where he can shove his elitist commentary on personal style blogs.

This post outlines the seven vital types of self-care, with helpful examples.

Casey’s DIY tutorial for a vintage-inspired bow belt is just fab. And if any of you wants to make me one, you can feel free.

You may have seen the video in which a young British journalist goes around London attempting to get stuff for free, once dolled up in her sexy finest and once in a relatively dowdy ensemble. The video itself is interesting, Rachel Hills’ commentary perhaps even more so. (Via The Beheld)

And from the Department of Random: A list of words “banned” from use in New York Magazine. Hilarious. (Via Nubby Twiglet)

Oh all right, one more from the DoR. Have you seen Amy Poehler’s Harvard commencement speech? Just when you thought you couldn’t love her any harder.

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13 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/27/11”

  1. Kate

    These are all some fantastic articles for the week! And thank you so much for including me in your list.

  2. Lisa

    Oh gosh. So glad you are safe. So sorry for all those across the country losing loved ones.

  3. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    Just visited The Frisky–what a great post. Your DoR links are often my favorite (I adore Amy Poehler). And I’m honored to be included in Lovely Links!

  4. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Wonderful links as always. I am laughing so hard I’m crying at some of the comments on the New York Magazine list. I’m guilty of some of those overused words!

  5. Chrysta

    I always look forward to reading ‘Lovely Links’ every Friday. Thanks for sharing great content on a variety of thoughtful, fun and engaging topics! You have inspired me to start sharing links on my blog. I really love this idea.

  6. Stacey

    Oh gosh, Sal! I opened all of your links at once and was reading through them so intently that I had forgotten that I had linked from somewhere. When I got to your link to the haircut, my brain exploded with how beautiful it would look on you!

    I just had to de-lurk and say: Do it, do it now!

  7. Stacybeads

    A great bunch of links to peruse this weekend, thanks! Oh, and I can totally picture that short French hairdo on you. Oooh la la!

  8. Terri

    I think that haircut would look amazing on you too, Sal. Great links, as usual.

  9. Jess

    Love the dressing vs. dieting article, something I am JUST figuring out now…why does that take so long, agh! Even if I don’t diet or full-on hate my body when it’s heavier, I definitely tend to hide it and now am realizing how much better I feel when I don’t do that. Thanks for stating that so, so well.

  10. GingerR

    I read that diet/dress post when it appeared originally and even then I had some unease over accepting a 15 pound swing.

    It’s one thing to “manage” your weight to maintain it, another to “diet” to lose weight. Endless “dieting” is a drag and as you point out is not usually successful in the long-run. Watching your weight is not the same thing.

    As we get into our 40s gaining becomes easier and losing doesn’t just happen anymore. So you could easily have years where you gain the 15 pounds and don’t lose it effortlessly. That’s how a person ends up 65 with all kinds of weight related health problems.

    I’m great with your advocating accepting your body as it is, not yearning for a different body, but I don’t think there is any sin in adopting gentle management techniques that keep you on an even keel.

  11. Lisa Walter

    Thank You Thank You Thank You for the delightful Mrs Darcy blog posting about gossip. It is simply wonderful. The blog is wonderful….a truly positive and inspiring body of work.