Lovely Links: 5/27/16


LOTT will be hosting an open house in partnership with Urban Growler on June 12! Meet the fellows, chat with the board, and find out how to become a mentor or fellow next year. Tickets here.

Weekly Kitty:


(Aaaand looks like it’s about time to wash Harriet’s hammock …)

Sarah has edgy, androgynous style absolutely nailed.

Why Eco Beauty Begins with Skin Health

“We cannot hope to bring about change if we don’t challenge people, and all sorts of people at that. Sometimes we will fail to reach people. That is to be expected. Body positivity, after all, is a threatening notion to those who either benefit from or believe they benefit from body terrorism. But just because you might not reach them straight away, that does not mean you never will.”

In the Star Tribune, I wrote about how to shop for shorts that fit and feel great.

A Smart Fashion Mag Is Hard to Find

This podcast touches on how to deal with doctor visits when you’re in recovery from an eating disorder.

Cropped flares are the trendy silhouette for summer, and Nora shows us how to style them.

I’d always associated the brand Old Gringo with embellished cowboy boots, but the OG line includes amazing rocker-esque ankle boots like this strappy pair.

A fabulous read, even if you’re not struggling financially: Beyond Body Shame & Broke: 7 Ways Radical Self Love Can Grow Your Wealth

Whenever I start thinking that neutrals are the only palette for badass babes, Lion Hunter reminds me that bold color can be just as rock-star cool.

On Sociological Images, Lisa writes about Rachel Bloom’s song and video for “Heavy Boobs,” saying, “…what she and her fellow dancers do with their bodies is even more extraordinary. They defy the rules of sexiness. Their movements are about embodying heavy boobs and that’s it. It’s as if they don’t care one iota about whether a hypothetical heterosexual male will see them.”

Since I’ve heard literally dozens of calls for “Garanimals for grown-ups,” I know many of you will love this interview with Multiples creator Sandra Garratt. (Via YLF)

Love the subtly asymmetric hem on Tanasha’s sexy dress.

Patti recommends some great reads for anyone considering downsizing her closet.

“The truth is: There are far too few conversations between thin women asking hard questions like ‘How can we balance our own body acceptance journey with centering the more marginalized in our communities?’ and ‘How do we hold one another accountable in activism, so that others don’t have to take up that labor?’ But we should be talking to one another, trying to figure this shit out. We have to. Because our work can too easily further marginalize fat people. And when our work, no matter how many #bopo hashtags we throw on it, hurts fat people, we’re failing.”

Still loving the look of front-back earrings, like this stud-and-claw Rebecca Minkoff pair.

I loved reading Angie’s thoughts on watching unusual looks become the “new normal.”

Wendy asks, are any high street shops ethical?

I’ve got a few more pieces on The Realreal, including this McQueen sweater, Rag & Bone boots, cozy plaid shirt, metallic jeans, and silk blouse. Use code HITLIST for 20% off!

Loved this roundup of affordable places to shop sustainably.

Petite ladies, how do you feel about these recommendations for denim styles that work on petite frames? I feel like flares can be overwhelming, depending on your build …

Kim’s bow blouse and tux jacket look fabulous with simple skinny jeans.

A senior at Parsons has designed a line of clothing that includes jackets that have multiple uses for refugees; they can perform double-duty as tents, sleeping bags, and baby harnesses. (Cheers, Garrett)

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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