Lovely Links: 5/28/10

Sorry so late! We’ve been on the road all day …

Holy moly, people, have you seen COLOURlovers? The site is aimed at graphic and interior designers, but we creative dressers can utilize it for color inspiration, too. Go to search/palettes, and type in a keyword like dramatic, or bubbly, or zany. You’ll be astonished by the variety of suggested color combos. And, hopefully, inspired to craft some outfits around them. (Huge thanks to Brande for sending this site my way!)

Long, dark maxi skirts are being touted as an antidote to minis. And lots of other deeply philosophical stuff that I’m not sure I buy into … but hey, I loves me a maxi. (Via The Cohabitating Closet.)

Beyonce’s new video prompted Gertie to ask: Is it somehow transgressive for a woman of color to “do” retro? If so, why?

“We can’t have it both ways. We can’t publicly accept our bodies and privately hate them.” I couldn’t agree more. And it can be SO HARD to do. (Via YBSPI.)

This week’s obsession? The Ring-a-Day Flickr Challenge. (Via Indie Fixx.)

You know that person who’s been making you want to go postal? Before you issue a smackdown, read this right quick.

Sneak a peek at these Polyvore outfits inspired by famous works of art. (Cheers, V.)

Mall stores are hawking some damned expensive handbags and accessories these days in an effort to “luxe up” shoppers’ impressions. And hey! My girl The Budget Babe is quoted in this article!

This leather wrap belt DIY has got me scheming …

The NYT reports some interesting findings about Title IX’s impact on education and employment. Athletes, do you feel that participation in group sports shaped your personality or your life path? (Via MplsHealthCoach)

I don’t do many androgynous looks, but seriously, who doesn’t love a little Annie Hall-influenced style?

Can negative body image keep you from leading a full life?

Kristin points out that taking inspiration from a character, real person, or image shouldn’t mean creating an exact copy of a look. And then she dresses like Daria.

This fascinating post charts the tempestuous relationship between Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell, and attributes it to industry manipulation. And apparently the unwritten rule that there can only be one prominent black model at a time is still being enforced, as rising stars Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn are being pitted against each other. May I say, “WTF”?

SHOPPING TIP! If you’ve been ogling my recent purchases from Tulle, the next Tulle’s Day sale is June 1 – starts at 12 a.m. PST, and stuff sells out fast! Two things to note:

  • Sizing runs small. I am a size 8 dress, size 10 pant, size 6 top and take an XL in just about everything they make. (Some tops I can take a L or M, but I usually aim higher.)
  • Tulle’s strong suit is DESIGN, not quality. These items will last a year if you wear ’em hard, longer if you’re ginger with them … but they’re not terribly well-constructed.

EQUALLY EXCITING SHOPPING TIP! Tsubo Acreas for $60. I consider these to be my signature shoe, and cannot recommend them enough. (Thanks, Sara, for this tip.)

And from the Department of Random: How handy are these know-it-all pencils?

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/28/10”

  1. Stephanie Low

    I can say that my experience with group sports has utterly changed my life for the better. If I hadn't been involved in my high school's swim and water polo teams I doubt I would have ever formed normal, healthy friendships with other women. Sports for me were the first time I was ever socially involved with a group of women who accepted each other based on contributions made to the team rather than the clothes your wore, the friends you hung out with, the side of town you lived on, etc. I was the epitome of a wallflower with little to no self esteem until I discovered I was a fast swimmer. Suddenly I a network of support from other girls my age who looked past the fact that I was socially awkward and quiet, wore cheap glasses and had crooked teeth until my mom broke down and got me braces when I was 16. I was accepted and invited to parties and went on team excursions to nearby San Francisco all because of my participation in sports. I felt worthwhile for the first time in my life and I realized that there is more to life that just being the prettiest or most popular girl in school. I would never, ever trade those experiences and I'm eternally grateful to all the women who had to fight Title IX so I could have them.

  2. Charlotte

    I read that article in the NY Times earlier in the week and thought, Great! saves me a lot of time–now I can stop cutting off & hemming up all my long skirts.
    This is a great batch of links, Sal. Thanks.

  3. Len♥reNeverM♥re

    Enjoy the work of art-inspired polyvore Sal! Wonderful weekend!!

  4. Maegan

    Thanks for the link love xoxoxo! Happy Long Weekend!

  5. Marie

    i don't think it's subversive when women of color do retro. after all, african-american women lived in all those eras and enjoyed the clothes and fashion as well. hello…lena horne, eartha kitt. and i loved the fashion that jennifer hudson and beyonce wore in Dreamgirls.

  6. Sara

    Re: the article about maxi skirts. I love the bit about pairing them with combat boots or heavier shoes to give a more modern look. I'm pretty certain we did that in the early 90's, and my mother's generation did it in the late 60's/early 70's!

    Everything old is new again, especially in fashion!

  7. A-C

    LOVE the leather belt tutorial. Will def. have to get myself some leather to do that—would easily satisfy my want of an obi belt.