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How does she DO that?

“When you’re 25 you don’t wish to dress exactly how you did at 18. And likewise at 40 you tend to not really want to dress as you did at 25. You will change, naturally, almost imperceptibly, as the years go by, unless you are into some sort of niche clothing or whatnot. Right now, in this space and time, there are no real rules. I haven’t personally felt any pressure one way or another. It’s all so subtle, and quite painless, really.”

Kudos to Frankie for launching SHE Unleashed, a site and series of workshops/activities designed to help women find their power and passion through style.

Still adore the graphic tee-full skirt combo, and Chioma throws in a classic leopard clutch for good measure. Love Sheila’s take on the look, too.

Just like Tina Fey, I refer to my shapewear as “contraptions.” We must be long-lost sisters after all.

Vaguely related and mostly just included because she’s another of my crushes and besties with Tina, a heartening interview with Amy Poehler about her plans to revolutionize how women participate in the entertainment industry.

Now THAT’S a fabulous refashion. Well played, Melanie.

Some of you have asked for stylish solutions for work badges and ID cards. This Etsy shop has some really cool options. Or try this one for gemstone strand lanyards.

This chart offers some simple advice on finding a great shade of red lipstick based on your hair color and skin undertones. You lipstick lovers, do these recommendations ring true to you?

I’m a little chagrined to identify with so many entries on this complete list of insecurities.

Sometimes all you need to feel pulled-together is a floaty dress, long pendant, and killer sandals.

On, I rounded up some great online consignment resources and talked about where to shop for normcore staples.

Old Navy has started carrying some high-necked tanks, which are fantastic if (like me) you’re trying to let a chest breakout heal. This one is a little lower in back, and this style has an A-line shape. Petite and tall included in some of those, plus versions here and here.

Such a fabulous neutral mix on Carelia. Those paperbag-waist pants are killing me.

What does SPF really mean?

Audrey accents her kick-ass white jumpsuit with a skinny red belt and pop-art clutch. Perfection.

The ever-awesome Kristen Schaal responds to the hypocrisy of the “dad bod” trend (with a little help from Jon Stewart).

“Every time a woman admits to having gained a few but to also not really giving a damn, the algorithm changes ever so slightly. And it’s these incremental shifts, these tiny victories, that will rescue us all from the time-consuming vacuum of hypercritical comparison. Every time one of us—famous or not-so-famous—balks in the face of a physical ideal, the myth that there’s only one way to be sexy takes a hit.”

This tutorial shows how to make your own map necklace, a piece I’ve seen everywhere lately. (Via Dollar Store Crafts)

Always say yes to houndstooth and bright red.

Gobs of scarf-tying and scarf-styling inspiration in this post

Gracey interviews Dan Lawson, costume designer for “The Good Wife.”

Great advice on looking past both specific model figures and collection-specific styling while shopping. Chastity points out that many plus-sized clothes lack hanger appeal, but spring to life when tried on.

“As a woman, I have learned that pretty is what we should all strive for. At the same time, being pretty is something we should never admit to and never strive for in public. We are supposed to be effortlessly pretty, and yet it is considered egotistical to ever say that we are.”

Darlene experiments with using a nude cami to make a plunging neckline less revealing on her full-busted figure. She also acknowledges that many women loathe this look and technique. Anyone else employ/avoid this technique?

There are some really solid points in this post that offers advice to people who are just becoming interested in fashion and aren’t sure where to start.

This black and gray printed dress is a perfect example of the soft, summery badassery I’m aiming for myself. (More inspiring images on my Pinterest board of the same name here.)

A pattern mix that’s practically perfect, and accented with a pretty turquoise tote

Just looking at those heels makes my feet ache, but damn these three pairs of shoes from Donna Karan’s Fall 2015 collection are stunning.

Blackout Day did not claim that non-black people are immune to body image issues, or that others don’t face societal pressures. But, without fail, any time a historically oppressed group asserts their equality by boldly denying any inferiority to someone outside their group, some member of the un-oppressed majority takes it personally.”

Black and white is an eternally chic combination, and Maria shows us a an elegant formal black and white look while Annette goes edgy with hers.

Mary’s tips for how to glorify obesity properly are both hilarious and astute.

Reminder: You are not a number

This outfit shows how bright primaries work beautifully together when done up in classic shapes.

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/29/15”

  1. Incognita

    The lipstick chart is very neat and organized, but it doesn’t help if you can’t figure out what you are. I know that my skin undertones are cool. My hair, though? It’s got medium brown, dark blonde, and definitely red overtones instead of ash. That fits into no chart I’ve ever seen. In practice, true reds, dark reds, and blue reds tend to work best for me – which conflicts directly with what the chart says for cool skin tones. I have never seen coral recommended for cool skin, either – the orange fights with the pink. Hmm.

    • Dust. Wind. Bun.

      Same here – glad I’m not the only one that felt like that chart was off. I have cool undertones with dark brown/silver hair, and I do true reds, blue reds, anything that skews to the blue end of the pink/red family. Corals and browns just don’t work on me. I wonder what the thinking was on the chart, like how they came up with the suggestions.

    • Bike Pretty

      That chart was a pass for me. I’m a golden-undertoned blonde, so it advised a cool blue-red. That’s like, opposite advice. Warm shades like coral, orange, orange-red, red-red tend to be a lot more flattering. A cool blue-red just leads to piling on more make-up and concealer. Hardly the quick fix that the right shade can be.

  2. Maria Jose Abad

    Always enjoy your lovely links posts, thanks for the shoutout, have a great weekend!

  3. x46

    I used to have reddish brown hair and brown eyes, pale olive skin, aka Autumn person. Now I’m mostly grey, my eyes are mostly green but skin is the same as I was pale to start with.
    The warm chart looks off to me.
    Clear medium reds, neither orange or blue side worked and still do. They should work for warm and cool. Orange/flame reds worked and coral/reds. Same things still work on me, but lighter shades than what I used to wear as I’m overall lighter.
    The cool side missed a medium cherry red. The very dark red is hard for all but a few to wear well. I work off skin tone instead of season because I’m pale. Dark colours and loud colours never suited my skin even though my hair was dark. Just my 2 cents.

  4. snowmentality

    I agree, the red lipstick chart seems a little off. I’m a brunette with cool blue/pink undertones to my skin and I find that blue-reds work best for me. Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in “Cruella” and Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in “Rouge” are two shades that have worked for me, to give a couple of examples.

    It almost seems like warm and cool undertones are swapped in that chart. I have a friend with warm undertones who looks great in warmer shades of red that clash with my skin.

    But it recommends bright reds and blue reds together, and bright true reds look super artificial and almost clownish on me! So I don’t know what’s going on with the chart.

  5. calikancab

    I call that photo “spiral kitty” – she matches the bedspread pattern.

  6. Melanie

    Banana heels, paper-bag waist, and contraptions. I always learn something new through your Lovely Links. Thank you for including me!

  7. Carelia

    That photo is amazing! It looks like she’s having tons of fun. By the way, thanks so much for including my neutral colored look in your post.