Lovely Links: 5/30/14

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Weekly Kitten:


I was all, “I’m getting some great shots of the nibblet with my phone!” And then HM swoops in with this one.

Also see Trinknitty’s post featuring both me and a squirming Harriet.

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I could go on and on about how beautiful you are and how you shouldn’t hate how you look in photos. But unless you want to believe it, you won’t. If you DO want to believe it, it really is as simple as making the choice to do so. Loving the way we look – loving our physical selves – is a choice and it is a practice. Nothing has to change in order to make that choice or in order to practice.” (Via Mara Glatzel)

These swimsuits were designed for women with post-mastectomy bodies, and they are stylish, bold, and likely NSFW. (Cheers to HM for this one.)

The Coveted shares six lovely everyday jewelry pieces for sensitive skin, and all under $50 apiece.

Interesting musings on investing in the hidden aspects of your style: Undergarments, PJs, loungewear, socks, and the like.

“Shortly after the [yoga] class began, the teacher chirped out the nail in the coffin for my friend — ‘Gotta get ready for bathing suit season!’ Now, I realize that this statement isn’t that unusual, but my friend is mindful about body image and didn’t want to be in this kind of environment. Bear in mind that no one would mistake the two of us for twins–she’s tall and thin while I’m short and curvy. But that’s the thing about body image, right? It’s coming for all of us, regardless of our size.”

Love Apple Charlotte’s black and white print mix. And the consistently gorgeous locales of her outfit photos!

Fabulous tips from Being Geek Chic for looking your best on camera.

FINALLY: Bike helmets that look like stylish hats.

My lovely friend Imogen of Inside Out Style had a breast reduction six weeks ago. She’s been writing posts about the physical and emotional experience, all of which are insightful and refreshingly honest.

If you ever believed that oxfords were boring, take a peek at this post. So many amazing, colorful, eye-catching pairs.


Psyche argues that a black-and-white geometric print blouse is a seasonless staple. And I agree.

Tanesha shares some simple but effective tips for cultivating body confidence, including “spend more time in front of the mirror … naked.” She makes a good argument.

Spolier alert: You already have a bikini body. Thanks to Bust Magazine for the reminder.

Related: How to Get Your Body Caftan-Ready for Summer. (Thanks, T!)

Quite possibly the most heart-warming thrift store story you’ll hear all year, and it’s local! Sixteen girls of East African descent have opened a clothes boutique called Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf in the Cedar-Riverside area that is funded by a number of area businesses and schools.

“I have tried to get better on loving on myself throughout the years. I think the whole idea of loving yourself can seem like too much of an abstract thing but loving ‘on’ myself– and doing things for myself– is something I can implement into daily life.”

Next outfit idea I’m stealing: A blue and white striped top with a pleated yellow skirt. Fun, flirty, and spring-y.

Patti pays tribute to one of her favorite 50+ redheads, Felicia Milewicz, former beauty editor at Glamour.

“Tara Erraught is a young Irish mezzo-soprano. Over the weekend, she made her debut as Octavian in the Glyndebourne production of Strauss’ gender-bending comic opera ‘Der Rosenkavalier.’ This was viewed immediately by a bunch of male British critics as an occasion to comment on Erraught’s appearance.”

On this’ week’s Fox 9 Buzz segment we chatted about how to style your graphic tees. Love how Grown and Curvy Woman wore hers with a striped blazer and cobalt jeans.

Such a marvelous monochrome outfit of pale tones, and notice how it draws the eye to Jen’s flowing dark locks and bold red lips.

I’m as surprised as you: Aerie has a surprisingly wide variety of cute panties in various nude skin tones. Emily points out that they run through XXL, though sizing runs super small, from what I can tell.

Burberry’s newest face is Neelam Gill, a British woman of Indian descent.

“Sitting there on the couch with my friends, I suddenly realized that I had no idea how to be ‘a girl.’ More than that, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be one.”

Cortnie’s skirt-like culottes look ever so perfect with a white top and bold yellow clutch.

Why is Melissa A. Fabello a body image activist? She’ll give you 50 compelling reasons right here, including, “Because companies are co-opting the language of body-positivity a la ‘real’ women in order to sell us products – and it’s working because the market is that desperate to have someone tell us that we’re normal.” (Contains swears.) Text with supporting links here.

Pink gingham can be awfully sweet, so Stephanie pairs hers with a bold, bright pendant necklace.

I’m madly in love with my leopard print Chuck Taylors. The spots are velvety!

A lovely quote about self-care from the incomparable Maya Angelou, who passed this week.

The microtrend of acne cream selfies has further convinced me that I am completely out of touch. And slightly OK with that.

No one does super-chic black and gold quite like Yen.

The ladies at Curvy Fashionista give a big thumbs up to eShakti’s petite plus offerings, and show some killer outfits using new and recent pieces.

Summer of Dresses is back! Play along, won’t you?

This post highlights five amazing projects fighting back against the body-related pressures placed on new moms. (Images are gals in bikinis and many links NSFW)

And from the Department of Random: Father’s Day is right around the corner. Get your dad a subscription to Dad Magazine. (The Toast has a Dads category, and you can cruise through past issues there.)

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/30/14”

  1. Patti_NotDeadYetStyle

    Thanks for the mention, Sally! Dad magazine made me smile, thanks for that too, xox.

  2. Vache

    > Spolier alert: You already have a bikini body. Thanks to Bust Magazine for the reminder.

    Or rather, I have a “You’ll show your (pretty little) boobs to everyone” body. Tops have a tendency to feel free on my rather flat chest… ><'

  3. Mia

    I love most everything about The Toast, so I’m bouncing at my computer that you linked to Dad Magazine. <3

  4. Bike Pretty

    welp, there goes my Friday productivity. So many great links though. I can’t deny that I’m getting an education. Best round-up in the biz!

  5. Patricia Magicia

    Oooh, that one about the mezzo made me MAD… I’m a mezzo, and I’d say MOST of our roles are written with the expectation that we’re larger in stature than your typical soprano, which we tend to be (at least among the ones I know– there’s a lot of value in the opera world in looking how you sound, and it seems the genes that produce large, thick vocal chords often tend to produce large, thick human beings in general). Opera also has a long history of being a lot more blindly cast than theater or television– anyone of any size, shape, or color can play just about any role, as long as their voice fits it. So what’s with these guys? Argh!

  6. Carla

    Super cute kitty! Lots of great links here. I love the blue and white striped blouse with a yellow skirt.

  7. Cassie

    I love all the links, but I’m super excited about the Summer of Dresses with help from Lesley Kinzel (as usual, this article also made me laugh so hard I scared the cats):

    Choice quote: I had never tried Bodyglide before, because I have this habit of avoiding things people say I will love, and because I’m kind of a stubborn ass. However, I’m a big enough person to admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong. Bodyglide is amazing. It’s not greasy or disgusting-feeling. It works for ages. What else have I been missing out on? Is “Parks & Recreation” really that good?

  8. Turophile

    I was at first excited about the bicycle hats with the pretty accessories until I started to do more research on the safety of them. From what I understand, experts range from be really cautious about them to stay away completely. The issue is that the helmets that look like you’re racing are like that for a reason – the smoothness of helmet designed to move across pavement rather than create friction. I’m no expert, but I’d urge readers to proceed caution and research safety evaluations other than those provided by the manufacturer before buying the pretty bike helmet. Here’s one place to start: