Lovely Links: 5/3/13

Just a quick reminder to local readers that my book is available at I Like You in Minneapolis, Common Good Books in St. Paul, and now Subtext in St. Paul! And all the Subtext copies are signed! Non-locals, you can nab your copies here.

And in the Shameless Promotion of Someone Other Than Myself department, I strongly advise you to purchase and read my friend Sean Condon’s new book, Splitsville. And then read all of his other books. Because he is brilliant and funny and insightful and talented and did I mention funny?

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“I think one of the best things art modeling has given me is a complete and objective understanding of what my body looks like. I know exactly what my figure looks like from all angles. It helped break down some misconceptions I had about my body and start to appreciate my body for what it is.”

I adore a mix of reds and pinks. Especially when it’s not Valentine’s Day.

WORN Fashion Journal has made its Laundry Quandry cheat sheet into a magnet! That will stick to your washing machine!

Here are 10 comfortable wedge sandals for summer. Plus a poem about wedges. Bonus.

What ARE neutrals?

“I feel that learning how bra sizing actually works means separating your breasts from all of the messages and labels so commonly associated with various cup sizes. It means realising that your bra size isn’t constant, that these labels are arbitrary, and that your size doesn’t define you. When you understand bra fitting, you start to deconstruct the size-shaming and slut-shaming associations, and you realise that your breast size has nothing to do with who you actually are. And personally, I can’t see how that doesn’t relate to feminism.”

Additionally, K.Line is opening an “ask the bra fitter” feature! Hit her up with your questions!

Aaaaand because it appears to be Bra Week, here’s a thoughtful and heartfelt call for a braless revolution. (I’ve got a related post brewing myself.)

peplum top and skinny white jeans make for a wonderfully on-trend outfit.

It’s mighty dense, but this post on the alphabetization of female bodies in Korean advertising is a fascinating read.

Nadine shares her thoughts on the recent revelation that Jessica Alba wore a corset for several months to get back her pre-pregnancy figure.

Shame is often used to convince women that their bodies are wrong and need fixing, especially by the cosmetics and diet industries. This post explores how shame influences body image, and encourages readers to reconsider reactions to shaming messages.

And on the flip side, it seems like some companies are attempting to manipulate our positive feelings about our bodies, and use them to sell us their stuff.

This asymmetric cashmere coat is a stunner. Even if I don’t want to think about coats right now.

Stephen Fried is sorry to have invented the word “fashionista.”  (Via Final Fashion)

Based on the results of this poll, I need to focus all of my creative powers on inventing pants with adjustable hems. There MUST be a way!

Despite what magazines proclaim, you’ll never get a “new” body. And that’s totally OK.

Someday I, too, shall pair a graphic tee and windowpane-print full skirt. Just watch.

“… as an American of South Asian descent, and thus a deeply-raced person, I have to question whether gender-based panic about aging is the sole reason I avoid the sun. With skin the color of a wet graham cracker (I would have failed the old paper-bag test), a graduate degree in critical race theory, and a lifetime preoccupied with color, I have to consider that for me, skin—youthful, poreless, undamaged skin—is never fully divorced from colorism.” (This was, by far, my favorite read of the week. Utterly amazing.)

Patience is a knockout in her floral blazer and leather skinnies.

Reminder: You are awesome-shaped!

Would you try stretching your shoes by wearing them around the house with wet feet?

Just like me, Gracey is questioning her colors. And looking fabulous in seafoam and coral. How oceanic of her.

“This of course sounds like a love letter to New York City, but in actuality, it’s not. It’s a love letter to fashion and what it did for me last summer. … I could put on a structured blazer or a bright, yellow top and finally feel something. At the age of sixteen and eight months, I found myself.”

Nautical accents make this chic white dress feel wonderfully on-trend.

Watch yourself or Natalie Dee will wax you. No, not like a mobster.

Jes has compiled a list of things that no one will tell fat girls. And it is ahhhhmazing. (Cheers, Helen!)

Yes, yes, yes to polka dot pants and yellow pumps.

This is quite possibly the most amazing, moving, inspiring thing anyone has ever told me.

And from the Department of Random: A short list of things this vandal hates.

Also: That is one sour popsicle.

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/3/13”

  1. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I really enjoyed discovering “Making Nice in the Midwest” – thanks for the intro. And why must you always slay me with your Dept of Random pets??? : >

  2. K-Line

    It really is bra-week here! Thanks for those links. And I LOVE what that little kid said about her mum looking fine and the clothes being wrong. Awesome!

  3. Anna

    Hi Sally,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to your Lovely Links every week! I absolutely love the articles and blogs that you highlight, and feel like I’m exposed to some very interesting perspectives and insights – I’m frequently forwarding articles to my sister and mother.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Sally

      Thanks so much, Anna! I’m thrilled to hear it and really enjoy compiling the list each week. Thanks for reading!

  4. Beth


    Sincerest ‘thanks’ for the feature….I truly appreciate your kind words & glad you enjoyed the pink + red combo!