Lovely Links: 6/10/16


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Weekly Kitty:


Rubber Harriet. (First seen on Instagram.)

My FAVORITE discovery of the week: Project Just is a website that provides profiles of a huge number of big-name brands, allowing you to research their manufacturing practices and ethical standards. An absolutely incredible resource.

Love how this arty one-shoulder top and edgy leather skirt play off one another.

Amazon has some breathtaking deals on Frye shoes and boots right now, including these amazing knot-detail riding boots for under $90.

DapperQ has published its list of the 100 most stylish DapperQs for 2016! SO much inspiration.

“The ability to separate yourself from true plus size women – aka women who can’t walk into most brick & mortar stores to shop – is privilege. The label has no meaning to these women because it doesn’t apply to them, and yet they believe that they somehow have a right in saying how it’s used … I’m a size 26/28 and I don’t have the option of walking into Phillip Lim to buy a leather jacket while I’m the face of a plus size brand’s latest fashion campaign. I also don’t have the ability to unburden myself from fat politics because being fat is my reality. ”

Nicole makes a simple taupe wrap dress absolutely sing with minimalist accessories and classic styling.

Into Mind offers five ways to build an ethical closet, no matter your budget.

“When author Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote about the lack of ownership we Black people have over our own bodies in his 2015 novel, Between The World and Me, I was initially taken aback by the notion. But somewhere in the midst of those 176 pages, the prose began to feel more and more like familiar territory.”

Stephanie’s dark layers are diaphanous and badass all at once.

Christine tries out some bold and beautiful spring lipstick shades for darker skin.

“In this new environment, beauty is starting to feel less and less like conforming to a particular standard (or a particular set of standards), and more and more like knowing yourself; like finding the aesthetic that makes you feel good, perfecting it, and holding your head high as you take it out into the world.”

As we enter beachgoing season, gotta give another plug for my beloved Shiseido sunscreen, which comes in a 50+ SPF waterproof version.

Related: Nivea Built a Waterslide That Applies Sunscreen as You Ride It

My colleague, secondhand shopping-focused stylist Nancy Dilts, has just created a service package called A Year of Style that includes closet consults, shopping sessions, follow-up appointments, digital support, and more, all designed to help you feel intentional and confident in how you show yourself to the world. Amazing!

9 Strategies for Dealing with Body Dysphoria for Genderqueer and Trans Folks

Lu is absolutely stunning in her black lace frock and studded heels.

The Navajo Nation lost two counts in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Urban Outfitters because the tribe’s trademark is not ‘famous’ enough, the court siding with the fashion giant’s argument that ‘Navajo’ is a generic term for a style or design.” (Via Adios Barbie)

Angie explores the importance of finding emotional balance in your personal style.

My current Etsy obsession is HedonistINC – Heather makes spectacular, handcrafted labradorite pendants, crystal rings, and everything else your edgy-Boho heart could desire.

Petite plus blogger Sarah shows off a stellar floral midi dress, which she pairs with an edgy leather jacket.

“The unabashed frequency with which the FTC Act and its guidelines are plainly overlooked and/or disregarded by professional bloggers and the companies with which they are associated is quite shocking, and the likelihood that consumers are being deprived of valuable information as a result is extremely high.” (Disclose, people, disclose! It’s the law!)

Danielle lights up the botanic gardens in this preppy spring ensemble, complete with suede penny loafers.

Loved this response from the podcasters at Stuff You Missed in History Class to the near-constant complaints that they talk too much about women.

“Keep this in mind the next time someone offers you advice or makes an uncomfortable or downright mean remark about your weight or appearance or eating habits. Keep in mind that you aren’t obligated to listen or internalize their words.”

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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5 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/10/16”

  1. walls

    Genuine question: how do you feel about Amazon’s labor practices, and how does that interact with your desire to link to ethical/sustainable clothing options? I’m always excited for your sale picks, like those Fryes, but buying from Amazon (even things that aren’t books) is a huge ethical violation for me personally due to their hyper-aggressive market behavior and treatment of warehouse employees. I know not everyone shares that prohibition, especially for items sold by third-party sellers, but I’m constantly surprised and disappointed when I click through a link.

    • Sally McGraw

      Hi walls! I can understand your frustration and appreciate this question. In my situation, Amazon is an incredibly important partner. As I mentioned in this post, my personal commitment is to buying sustainably moving forward. But since the audience for this blog includes plus-sized women, petite women, tall women, trans women, and women all over the world for whom purchasing from Amazon is far easier and cheaper than buying from some American mall store, AND since I’m also committed to offering as many readers as possible stylish, affordable options that work for their bodies and styles, AND since I’m not comfortable pushing my own sustainability parameters on everyone who reads here, I continue to link to many, many stores at which I no longer shop myself and whose practices aren’t 100% sustainable or above board. Talbots, Land’s End, and LOFT get lots of love from this blog because they handle size diversity beautifully, but their manufacturing practices are definitely sub-par, in my opinion. It’s a tough line to walk.

      Amazon also carries many sustainable brands – Alternative, PACT, Fig, Threads 4 Thought, and literally thousands made in the U.S. – and offers them at affordable prices to people who might not otherwise be able to purchase sustainably. And although I’m buying my own Fryes used now, I also know that no everyone is comfortable purchasing used shoes and clothes.

      There are no perfect solutions, unfortunately. Amazon fills many gaps for many people who come here looking for help tracking down wearables that they can afford and that fit them. Hence the frequent linking.

      I hope that helps!

      • Sam

        I feel this. Sustainable clothing companies really need to step up and cater to people above a size 10. Especially if their version of 10 is more like a 4.

  2. Sam

    Awesome resource! At my family’s budget, pretty much all new clothing we get is from H&M or Old Navy. (The rest is thrifted or made — badly — by me on the sewing machine.) After reading through the Project Just profiles, I think I’ll stick with H&M, and maybe go to Zara for any fancier pieces.

  3. Sally McGraw

    No, that’s a great question, Stephanie! There aren’t a ton of petite plus style bloggers right now – never have been – but I know that I have petite plus readers. And that many women enjoy style blogs because they offer us the chance to see women shaped like us in outfits we might be able to re-create ourselves, an alternative to mass media which tends to show a very limited group of body shapes and sizes. So I’m trying to connect my petite plus readers with petite plus bloggers, and since the latter are few and far between I labeled one in this post to make her easier to find. I don’t generally do this – mainly because I hope everyone will be interested in everyone, regardless – and am glad you pointed out that I did here. I was thinking about connecting instead of equity – and should be more careful about that! Hope that makes sense.