Lovely Links: 6/11/10

Some astute observations about why we buy. I can identify with more of her reasons than I’d care to admit … (Via NSITS.)

The Gloss asks: Do plus-sized women really need a separate social netwoking site? Opinions?

A cheatsheet for doing the denim-on-denim trend.

Reader Alice sent me a link to this VV article about Debralee Lorenzana, and both of us feel stymied. The Voice is completely sympathetic and portrays her as a savvy businesswoman, but a few other pubs and websites make light of her situation and imply that she’s fabricating her story. The idea that a woman must frump-ify herself or be fired – since her male coworkers cannot be expected to keep their urges in check – is alarming and disgusting. But if she made the whole thing up? Also upsetting. Anyone have insight, or links to other reputable coverage?

Erin shares her feelings about postpartum depression – and POST-postpartum depression – in this eloquent post.

Reader Christina forwarded me this article about a young girl’s choice to don a traditional Muslim head covering. A truly fascinating perspective on modesty, freedom, and self-scrutiny.

How’s your posture? Ever realized how influential carriage is to clothing fit and drape?

I’m thinking very seriously about getting these stellar Fluevog sandals to replace the Cydwoq Fiasco Boots as my Dad’s gift shoes.

Dara’s daughter asked if they could get a bathroom scale this week. Dara said, “no.”

I adore Fashionable Academics’ Annotated Bibliography of Tattoos. And not just because I’m in it, I swear! I love learning about what inspired people to get inked.

Do you trust your body to tell you when it is truly healthy? If not, what’s your personal health yardstick?

Thanks to WendyB for turning me onto The Door in My Wardrobe. What style! And an example of someone who plays with proportions that aren’t sanctioned by style guidelines for figure flattery and looks amazing doing it.

Marie’s Shoe Triangle cracked me up.

Oh, and not to gloat or anything, but I’M GOING HERE IN AUGUST!

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17 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/11/10”

  1. WendyB

    Re Lorenzana, I was totally sympathetic at first but considering her boob job and tits on a stick comment…she seems more like a reality-show contestant type of person, looking to create a situation to jumpstart a "career" —

    Who knows what's true, but it does make me feel like maybe she was looking for trouble that she could turn to her advantage. There's so much of that these days. People will do anything for attention.

  2. McKristie

    Sal – just a thought – MUST GET the Fluevog sandals – I followed the awful story about the "other" shoes and yes it did end somewhat happily but those Orange Beautiful Fluevogs….. wow – gold at the end of the rainbow..

  3. Hannah

    I liked the article about the bathroom scale. My mom just never had one in the bathroom either and I never knew my weight until high school I think. I love that she instilled the "it's not your number its your health" mantra in me.

    I'm glad to see other moms are doing their best too!

  4. kristophine

    I've been kind of mad at Fluevog lately; although they market themselves for comfort, the last 3 (or 4?) pairs of shoes/boots I've bought from them have been anything but. If it has more than a low heel, I'd be wary–try it on first if you can.

  5. Kelly

    Love that scale post. I'm lucky that I grew up with a mother who, although she battled her weight, set a great example for not hanging your self-worth on the scale. I grew up with a scale in the bathroom but never put a whole lot of stock into it. I lived alone for years before it even occurred to me that I didn't own a scale (and only because someone else brought it up). I do secretly hop on them at friends' houses, though!

  6. Toby Wollin

    ICELAND!!!!!!! It's on my list of 'must go here' places. That video is hilarious. One of my friends from work was there during the winter (her husband was stationed there and she went up to spend a week with him) – even at the darkest time of the year, they had a great time. Her comment to me: Do NOT miss the hot baths.

  7. ~Hurricane B~

    Being a bigger gal myself. No way do we need a whole other social network. There are plenty of "non plus" gals that can follow any one of the amazing plus size gals on blogspot. There are also plenty of fashion posts that "we" can go and get some inspiration from, just go buy our size. Anyways my thoughts are short and sweet. Just no, in my opinion.

  8. Sal

    McKristie: Hee hee, thank you, love. They are glorious, aren't they? My one hesitation: That 5" wooden heel. Yoiks!

    Toby Wollin: We'll definitely be taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon!

  9. Sarah

    Regarding Debralee Lorenzana, there is a very good examination of the story from a feminist perspective over at one of my other favorite blogs, I Blame the Patriarchy.

  10. Julie at MDMA

    Those Fluevog sandals are the BOMB! I've never heard of Fluevog before and now, after visiting their site, I wish I hadn't … LOVE! But I just promised not to buy anymore shoes for awhile (I actually said "this summer" but I don't think I'll make it that long).

    And don't forget, it has a 1" platform, bringing the total to only 4". Totally doable! Get 'em!

  11. Pammie

    I've been there and I absolutely love it- I'm Irish background (american) but look like the native Icelanders – I love my 10 days in Iceland and would go back in a heartbeat – Congrats!!

  12. Len♥reNeverM♥re

    Thank you so much Sal!
    Enjoy the weekend beautiful!!

  13. FashionTheorist

    I've been saving my pennies for those sandals myself. Good choice!

    I don't really know what to think about the Debralee Lorenzana issue. Like WendyB, I was very sympathetic to her side of the story when it first broke: I've also got a pretty dramatically curvy figure, and I know what can happen when I put on an otherwise staid turtleneck. It can be hard, if not impossible, for someone with a shape significantly outside the standard figure type range to find clothing that fits "right" – I have a cousin who's a size 4 34DD, and I know that work-appropriate clothes are a bit of a struggle for her.

    However, (also) like WendyB, subsequent elaborations on the story have made me wonder if it's as one-sided as "evil, sexist corporation discriminates against poor woman who can't help her natural sexytude" or "drama queen uses her looks to get attention, then kicks up a fuss when it's the negative kind." The part of me that always looks for balance wonders if the truth is somewhere in the middle…

  14. Emily

    LOVE the Fluevog sandals.

    Also had to say that I always love your 'lovely links'. I find myself reading every one and totally enjoying myself. 🙂

  15. Sara Darling

    If you're still considering replacement dad-sponsored shoe purchase…. I seem to recall you mentioning a fondness for the Fiorentini + Baker Eternity Boot, which is insanely expensive (I bought a pair last winter on eBay and it still was painful) but also incredibly comfy. They are actually on sale right now at ped shoes: (click on "Sweet Treat" in the top right corner — they do little weekly sales for 20% off. Still gaspingly expensive but maybe with a little dad help? I bought my Coclico boots there and the service was great.

  16. Kamicha

    Oh, wow, thanks for introducing – and your kind words!