Lovely Links: 6/1/12

Quick reminder – I’m partnering with FinnStyle for a fun event! On June 5, from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m., swing by FinnStyle for “Pretty in Prints: Summer Marimekko Offerings.” There will be a short fashion preview at 5:15 p.m., then I’ll be on-hand for mini-consultations in case anyone wants advice on which Marimekko pieces work best! This event is free, so come on down.

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Sometimes all you need is a flirty floral frock to make a hot day feel fabulous.

White-out looks are trendy again this season, but wearing white can feel downright dangerous. Especially if you love spaghetti and have a tendency to trip over invisible obstacles. (I am describing myself, FYI.) These pragmatic tips for wearing white well are spot-on.

My lovely client Sarah has launched a new blog, where she’s talking about her figure and style journeys. Can’t wait to see where she takes it!

Fabulous colors and cuts in this roundup of swimsuits for plus-sized women.

“In a world where–for better and worse–we are instantly judged by our appearance, clothes can be an armor or maybe even a traffic light, letting other people know whether they can approach you, or if they should proceed with caution or just stay the hell away.”

How do you wear red, white, and green without looking like a Christmas tree? Add a dash of floral print, of course.

Caitlin follows up the now-classic “women laughing alone with salad” by creating “women smiling with small pastel weights.”

Oh, how I wish I could’ve attended the Old Ladies’ Rebellion recent catwalk show.

And speaking of pastels, Gabi’s colorblocked mint and lavender look is utterly lovely.

“I’ve been in a body-image-induced funk for a while, and these two women gave my perspective a much-needed shake. Both women were full-figured as well, and after some consideration I realized that maybe my proportions were part of the reason why they felt struck by my look. Maybe they appreciated seeing someone of a size and shape they could relate to wearing something bold.” (Via Ash in Fashion)

This post points out that weight stigma swings both ways, and many thin women deal with scrutiny, commentary, and shaming.

“Nude” is often used by fashion and beauty vendors as a synonym for “Caucasian skin tones.” Sociological images highlights a few examples of companies that have given some thought to the actual range of “nude” that exists in nature.

Plaid, denim, and rhinestones: All the necessary ingredients for dressed-down glamour.

Could you commit to a body image contract?

Jessamyn Hatcher’s Human-Textile Wellness Pop-Up Clinics sound utterly fascinating. If you’re in New York or Florence, go! Tell us all about it!

I was honored to contribute a guest post to the Green Mountain blog this week about dressing for your today body.

Chelsea’s darling cowboy-booted ensembles are making me want to break out my own Western wear.

“… while I’ve been complimented on the ‘work’ I do to promote positive body image, I’m not entirely secure myself. I have times when I’m strong and confident and feel like I can kick the world’s collective ass. Figuratively speaking. Bring it on, I think to myself. Then again, on occasion I look in the mirror and am unable to stop myself from cringing.  Am I a fraud? I think to myself. Am I a hypocrite?”

Rocquelle gives us another in her inspirational Your Body is Fabulous series, this time with gorgeous and insightful blogger Gisella of Collective for Us All.

Love these tips for building a better wardrobe.

We were honored to interview Body Image Warrior Mara of Medicinal Marzipan over at Strong, Sexy & Stylish.

My own jeans post pales in comparison to Imogen’s comprehensive guide to denim styles, purchasing, and fit.

Most folks are aware that body ideals have changed over the decades, but Peter’s insightful posts charts why and how expectations around fitness and muscle tone have shifted.

Nita’s tailored denim blazer looks stellar with a simple white tank and bold floral skirt.

Thanks to Fajr, I am drooooooling over just about everything in Daniela Tabois’ Etsy shop. High-waisted two-tone print pants, come to Sally …

Cream and red make for an eye-catching and sophisticated pairing.

“But then there are the rules about age and style: No shorts after 30! No bikinis after 35! No miniskirts after 40! I’m 44 and I’m breaking all of these rules (go me) because I think style rules should be about finding what fits, not about arbitrarily avoiding out because of your age.”

Allie rounds up some reliable plus-sized work attire options, including all of my own faves and a few I didn’t know about.

And from the Department of Random: This hilarious essay from my girl Winona describes how her parents fighting would inevitably lead to … the purchase of yet another guinea pig.

Another from the DoR: Mike Birbiglia shows us what NPR supahstar Terri Gross is like … off the clock.

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/1/12”

  1. Ashe @ Ash in Fashion

    MAH LAWD. There’s a LOT of good stuff going around right now. (And hi, can we REALLY talk about how great Gabi’s mint + lavender outfit was? Because I’ve banned pastels, but I want to replicate it detail for detail.)

    And as always– thank you for sharing my posts! There’s so many reads here to get me through my last hour at work, too…

  2. Katha Strophe

    Thank you so much for the shout out, Sal!
    I didn’t even know that you read my blog and I was sooo happy when I saw this.

  3. Danny

    (Didn’t see you had your next link love post up.)

    Thanks for the shoutout Sally!

    We got a some pretty interesting entries in the Men and Body Image series. Feel free to go on over and check them out.

  4. threegoodrats

    The post with tips for wearing white says you should wear underwear that is black, navy or white. Why on earth would it be a bad idea to wear brights under white, but a good idea to wear black or navy? Isn’t the idea to keep your underwear invisible?

    • Sal

      The author is African-American, so black or navy would likely be less visible under white for her.

      • threegoodrats

        That makes more sense now. I wasn’t even thinking of it in terms of matching skin tone, I was thinking about what isn’t darker than white 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Natasha (@onewomansstylee)

    Hi Sal. Thanks for including my rules for wearing white in your lovely links. @threegoodrats. My friend is a photographer and he shared with me the awkward situation when he went to photograph a Quincinera where the young girl was wearing fuchsia underwear under her white dress. The point is that the fabric of the dress was thin enough for him to be able to ascertain the color of her underwear. Black, navy or nude is less likely to show. By the way, it doesn’t matter what your skin tone is when it comes to these rules.

  6. Casee Marie

    I’m embarrassingly late dropping this comment in here, but I just wanted to thank you for including my ‘Curves and Color’ post in your roundup, Sally! It’s an honor, and very much appreciated.

    Now I have an absurd amount of new tabs open for all the other fascinating links here – hello, weekend! (: