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“The more I thought about it, the more I realized that our future children needed to see a mother modeling a certain amount of comfort in her body. A mother enjoying the moment with them rather than removing herself from it. A mother using the photos as a means of reminiscing together, joyfully, do you remember when …? instead of sighing and vocalizing a desire for thinner arms or less chunky cheeks.” (Eating disorders discussed)

The asymmetric lines of this skirt are so alluring.

There’s nothing like a white button-front to make a summery look feel crisp and fresh.

Anyone tried fiber lashes yet? I’m equal parts wary and intrigued …

I’m a Be Good Tanyas fan from days of old, and LOVED this song and video from founder Frazey Ford. Lyrics include, “And I’m sorry that you don’t like your life / I fought for my own victories and for the beauty in my life / My joy, my joy, my joy takes nothing from you.” (Via Balancing Jane)

Amarachi’s statement necklace will eat your statement necklace. What a jaw-droppingly amazing piece.

I’m loving the look of ear jackets, and have found some on Etsy that offer the jacket minus the stud so you can swap your own in. This pair is fabulous.

A transgender woman’s journey toward loving her body

This post offers some compelling reasons to wash practically everything in cold water: Saves energy, helps clothes last longer, costs you less …  (Via Capitol Hill Style)

More great picks for orthotic-friendly sandals from the Barking Dog Shoes team

New plus-size line Harper & Liv (not to be confused with Target’s Ava & Viv) has lots of options for the trend-hungry Boho gal.

Psyche shows us that drapey pants can be elegant and dressy.

On I highlighted some useful apps for stylish shoppers, and recommended brands and shops that stock summery sundresses.

Before you start purging and decluttering, Carol recommends that you think about how you accumulated the clutter to begin with.

All leopard is lovely in my book, but Gracey’s gray-on-black leopard print is a subtle, cool iteration of a classic.

I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of asymmetric earrings. Mildly obsessed with the pairs in Mia Montgomery’s shop.

“It’s taken me over a year, along with meeting and befriending other inspirational women in the industry, to realise that changing my style so that I can fit in is wrong. We joke about the stereotypical games industry look, but we need to be aware that it is the product of a lack of diversity, both in terms of gender and ethnicity – as such it can seem just as exclusionary as the tailored suit and tie of the professional world.” (Via Geek Feminism)

Absolutely loved Grechen’s musings on the trendiness of capsule wardrobes, and how she explored the pros and cons of this system.

Mia gets really uncomfortable when she gets super sweaty under her breasts in the summer heat. She’s trying out some breast sweat pads, and commenters on this post had some other suggestions, too.

Katha is sophisticated and sassy in her Gudrun Sjödén striped dress. (See me in the same one right here!)

From Summer Arlexis Ford: I Recreated Disney Princess Hairstyles With Senegalese Twists, Because Girls With Braids Can Have Some Fairytale Fun Too

Two great examples of how tailors can do so much more than hem your pants

What’s the difference between self-care and self-comfort?

Gave this charcoal mask a try this week to see if it would help with my blackheads. It felt great and helped a bit, but based on reviews I need to use several times to see real results. I will say, though, that it didn’t irritate my super-sensitive skin AT ALL. Anyone else tried similar products?

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/12/15”

  1. Mary

    I don’t have blackheads specifically but I have oily, acne prone skin, and I do a mask twice a week–I rotate between what I use, but I feel like I get the best results from formulations with clay, tea tree oil, and/or charcoal. My skin is not especially sensitive, though.

  2. Erika

    The link to the decluttering article appears to be broken or pointing to a non-existent article!

  3. Sally McGraw

    Hmm. I don’t think the underlying message is that people who don’t feel good after decluttering are broken, or that keeping stuff is inherently bad. I’m a big proponent of exploring the “why” of things, and with all of the articles floating around about how vital it is to purge your closet and home THIS INSTANT, I liked that Carol urged people who may be caught up in the wave to examine their personal whys. There’s a lot of righteous rhetoric out there now about minimalism and living with less, but if you get sucked into the philosophy without examining why you have more stuff than you want or need, you won’t actually be making real change.

    I also think the post is aimed at people who are interested in decluttering to begin with – people who feel that they have more stuff than they want or need, and are gearing up to make changes. So if you’re not in that headspace already, you might not be the intended audience. Decluttering isn’t for everyone, even if all the blogs and magazines are saying it is. 😉

    • Dust. Wind. Bun.

      That’s very true – not everyone can be a minimalist like the ones you see on Pinterest, and that’s OK. And I did really like that she wants people to stop and think! No matter the topic I’m pretty much always on board with encouraging people to stop and think.
      I’m aware I have too much stuff, but it’s mainly because I forget things exist unless they’re in front of me – like, literally, closed cabinet doors can make things disappear, and I find things I forgot I had in the well-lit little walk-in closet I go into at least once a day. Well, that and I’m aware I have too much stuff because people tell me all the dang time. I don’t go over to their houses and complain about the dusty floors or the scummy sinks, but because my stuff is STUFF, and their houses are tidy and uncluttered, apparently my stuff is fair game.
      I guess as someone who’s always getting mocked as a supposed hoarder,
      I’m a little oversensitive about these things. But this is why I love
      your blog – I know I can come here and see thoughtful things, and have
      real conversations!

      • Sally McGraw

        I’m totally “out of sight, out of mind,” too. And can completely understand how having visitors comment on your stuff level could make a piece like this feel judgy! So glad you’re willing to come here to ask questions and have open discussions, my dear. And don’t let the minimalists get you down – all those Pinterest photos are gorgeous and inspirational, but also carefully lit and staged. 😉

  4. Economy of Style

    Thanks so much for including me! By the way, I really needed that reminder to explore new possibilities with tailors. I’ve got a few items that could use a new look.