Lovely Links: 6/15/12

One of Imogen’s amazing readers shares some dressing tips for post-mastectomy bodies, mainly aimed at women who have lost one breast but could be changed a bit for anyone who has had a double mastectomy. (Also, don’t forget about Chikara! Gorgeous clothes, and now swimwear, lingerie, and activewear designed for  the post-surgical figure.)

If you’re a yoga lover but feeling some trepidation about the body scrutiny that can take place at some studios, check out Anna’s recommendations for how to find a curvy-friendly yoga class.

Mint green and red look absolutely smashing together.

What happened to Caitlin when she stopped reading women’s magazines? “I stopped looking in the mirror and seeing everything that was wrong with me. I started seeing things about me that I liked.”

Ash continues her amazing Beautiful Bodies series by interviewing the incomparable Elissa of Dress with Courage.

Another great way to keep tall boots in shape: Pool noodles!

I don’t really want to think about tights right now, but still swooned over Patience’s alphabet-printed pair.

This Observer article is pretty bleak, but covers many of the driving forces behind body dysmorphia and includes input from many field experts. (Cheers, Rachel.)

The summery simplicity of a bright cardigan and patterned dress is so appealing.

Margarita is refreshingly honest about her current struggles with her thoughts surrounding exercise and fitness, and shares some ideas for how to cope when the thin ideal sneaks in.

A black background and pop of magenta create a fabulous backdrop for some of-the-moment neon pieces.

What made me happiest this week? This little girl’s Halloween costume. I’m not even going to tell you what it is. That’s how much I want you to click through.

I lost track of them for a while, but am glad to see that body image-centric blog We Are the Real Deal is still pumping out thoughtful and insightful posts.

The Coiffure Project showcases some utterly stunning photos of natural hair worn at a variety of lengths and in a variety of gorgeous styles. (Takes a moment to load. Totally worth it. Thanks, Jane, for the link.)

I love everything about this outfit, from the stacks of bangles to the socks-and-clogs to the sassy headscarf.

“From a biological perspective, a woman with grey hair has reached the end of her reproductive years, and our society no longer values her as much as her more youthful counterparts. The internalization of this message has encouraged our culture to classify the aging woman as less productive, less intelligent, and less innovative than a woman younger than she.”

Totally stealing this chambray shirt + blush maxi outfit idea from the lovely Alison.

And from the Department of Random: The Axis of Awesome explains the magic of the four-chord song. Long, but worth it.

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19 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/15/12”

  1. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Thanks so much Sal for sharing yet another outfit of mine (a black background and pop of magenta with the neon)… I’m sooooo flattered! Have seen this post just before my bedtime, I look forward to checking out the other links over the weekend!!

    Catherine x

  2. Grace

    Hi, Sal,

    The link to “chambray shirt + blush maxi outfit” is broken.

  3. sarah

    waaaaah the chambray shirt and maxi skirt link doesn’t work and I am SO dying to see!

  4. GoldfishGirl

    The Wardrobe Oxygen link is broken. Great roundup!

  5. Alison

    Sal, I totally look forward to your links every Friday, you do such a great roundup of interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring articles and ensembles! And thank you for including me (though the link to mine is broken).

    Gotta say, won’t be cutting up a pool noodle any time soon, magazines do the trick for me and it’s so fun to pull out the boots come fall and re-read the issues of Elle or Rolling Stone I put in them the prior spring!

  6. Sal

    Way to look out for Alison, folks! In future, please send me an e-mail if you find a broken link – I can get to it quicker that way! Fixed now.

  7. Kelly

    Hey, Sal – I don’t think we know whether the kid in the costume is a boy or a girl, do we? S/he’s wearing some pink, but it could be a little boy.

    • Sal

      If you click through to the original source post, the costume creator says the wearer is her daughter.

  8. Lynne

    Thanks for the link about the noodle boot stuffer idea. I was getting very annoyed with the rolled up mags I have been using. Hope the kids don’t notice one has disappeared..

  9. One Woman's Style Evolution

    OMG, thanks a million for including me in this weeks Lovely Links. I also have to agree with all of the people above. You present some of the best links on the web and I have discovered so many new blog/sites through this weekly post. Again, thanks a million. (-:

  10. Emily

    I wanted to share another awesome little girl dressed up as Darth Vader. One of my good friends has an awesome, geeky little girl. Last year she told him that for halloween, she wanted to be “Darth Vader, but pink!” This is the result. He painted the helmet, and learned how to sew to make her the cape. He posted some of the photos to Reddit, and made it onto the front page. From there, he made it onto GeekDad, and even the local news. This year, she’s asked to be “the poptart cat”.

  11. Patience

    Thanks Sal for the mention on your beautiful blog. Was so flattered that you read my little blog. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

    Have a great day.


  12. Caitlin

    I was already excited to be included in this link round-up but to be added alongside the Darth Vader princess is almost too much to bear. Thanks, Sal. 🙂