Lovely Links: 6/17/16

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Simonbasket. (First seen on Instagram.)

C lets the bold print of her cropped top be the star of this stellar outfit.

This event sounds AMAZING: Presented by Brooklyn Historical Society, Redefined and Redesigned: Defying Gender Norms in Fashion is a panel of pioneering designers, models, and bloggers that will explore the intersection of gender, identity, and fashion.

If you swoon for minimalist imagery, I highly recommend Death by Elocution.

The foundation of compassionate self-care is paying attention to ourselves. It is noticing what’s happening inside our bodies, since this gives us valuable information into our needs. Because once we know that, we can choose how to respond.”

Why Your Fat Friend Doesn’t Need Your Health Concern – And What to Do Instead

Petite blogger Cher absolutely rocks her electric blue culottes.

My friend and colleague Autumn Whitefield-Madrano – the brain behind The Beheld – has a totally fantastic book coming out next week! Face Value has already been picked by Bustle as one of the best non-fiction reads of the summer, so if you don’t believe me, take their word for it. Get your copy here!

So impressed with the arty offerings at Land’s End Canvas, especially this brushstroke dress and painterly tee.

“Now this zany pair who’ve dubbed themselves Walk Sew Good will be embarking on a one year walk throughout Southeast Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand. The aim of their travels is to interview, speak and learn from the people that are making fashion in a positive and responsible way.”

Jeniese is ready for warm weather in her sweet gingham frock. So is the Directrice, who pairs hers with funky brogues.

On Navigating My Attraction To Whiteness As A Black Woman

Wendy offers some tips for cleaning “dry cleanable” clothes at home without damaging them.

The two pieces in my wardrobe I’m wearing into the ground right now: My studded wrap bracelet and chain-detail ankle boots.

“My friends and family probably wouldn’t be able to read my emotions without my expressive eyebrows. My eyebrows are punctuation for my glasses and my face. My brows aren’t uniformly full – the hair thins after the pointy part. What others see as a brow failing, I see as adding ‘visual interest’ to my face. I don’t want the uniform, slender elegant arch that’s supposed to be every woman’s aspiration.”

Rochelle offsets her flirty black dress with a bold turquoise clutch. Brilliant.

Why New Yorkers Have Always Worn Black

Wow. Cosmetics brand Benefit joined a fat-shaming hashtag. How disappointing.

Kendra Scott’s crystal+mother-of-pearl pieces are absolutely inspired. I love the gunmetal-set ones best, of course.

Anh shows her layering prowess by throwing a long vest over a short jacket. LOVE.

Also enamored of Lisa’s flowy olive trench over slim-fitting white layers.

The Barking Dog Shoes team has found a pair of flatforms that are great for wide feet, bunions, AND hallux limitus!

“Too often, in marketing and advertising, I see the same casting requirements that are popular in film and television: thin, tall, young, blonde. To often I have heard people with power in these creative settings say: ‘We are going to give the client what they want.’ And you know, I get that idea. But to be frank, if we are responsible for crafting the image, we are ALSO responsible for making the case for why the imagery SHOULD BE and WOULD BE made better in part because of diverse casting.”

E brackets a classic outfit with a vintage scarf and silver brogues.

And from the Department of Random: 13 Regional Insults to Offend People Across the U.S. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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