Lovely Links: 6/18/10

The good folks at Twin Cities Spark did an interview with me! Please swing by and take a peek. Also, feel free to nominate any other local bloggers.

S. of Academichic asks, should a style blogger strive to create unique looks on a daily basis? Or is it more about documenting the everyday, albeit at times repetitive and perhaps even lackluster outfit creations of regular people?

This lady has vowed to live an entire month by the laws of Seventeen Magazine. Bold? Depressing? Bizarre? All of the above? Find out for yourself! (Cheers to Sara who accidentally-on-purpose sent me this link.)

Audi speaks out on the politics and social perils of choosing to be a child-free woman.

As someone whose body reacts to food within HOURS, I was fascinated by Sonja’s suggestions for foods that will make your skin glow.

The College Candy gals were taken aback by a recent spate of body-bashing comments, and have opened a thread that’s generating some rousing discussion about celebs, BMI, curviness, and what it means to be healthy.

J. of Fatshionable is one of six gorgeous bloggers to be featured in the French version of Glamour this month. Seriously, does she look smokin’, or what?

I believe that every one of us could benefit from writing a bio like this. Just think how much you’d learn about yourself.

I found Angie’s take on being tastefully trendy absolutely fascinating, especially in light of some anti-trend comments that surfaced in this week’s poll.

Pretty much nobody enjoys visiting the dentist or doctor. But if you don’t make yourself take care of your good health, who will?

Oh, how I wish I’d known about the G(irls)20 Summit sooner!

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5 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/18/10”

  1. Vanessa

    On S.'s post:

    I think in some sense, I've been FOREVER looking for a style blog that truly repeats outfits– and I know that probably sounds weird. Or maybe even a blog that doesn't update as much. Or a blog that does FAR more remixing than I see on a lot of style blogs. I don't have a lot of clothes, so I tend to have a relatively small rotation of clothing, and I tend to remix AND repeat outfits (frequently at times). I'd love to see someone truly speaking from the perspective of someone with few items they wear, because I think the majority of people I see don't have the expansive wardrobes even bloggers who "don't have a lot" can boast.

  2. Branka

    Hey Sal, I just wanted to leave a comment and say THANK YOU.. your weekly Lovely links became my ritual Saturday morning reading. I love it, please don't ever stop doing this!

  3. The Seeker

    Sounds a must read links… thanks for sharing.
    Hope you're having a nice weekend


  4. sara star

    Vanessa, I recommend Orchids in Buttonholes She has a fairly limited wardrobe and you will see more repeats in her daily outfits than any other blog I can think of. Sara also does a lot of mending and tailoring of her clothes to make things she loves fresh.

  5. Sonja

    Congrats on the interview, Sal! That's so awesome! I really enjoyed reading the interview. Hope you do more TV spots too! What a lovely surprise to see the shout out to Hello Beauty! Thank you for that and for linking to my beauty from the inside out article! You rock, chica!