Lovely Links: 6/21/13

I’ve got several openings for style consult clients in the coming weeks! In-person and online options both available. Please drop me a note if you’re interested in working with me.

The lovely folks at San Francisco-based label Gr:dano have just updated their website so that you can buy their gorgeous designs online. (See me in my Gr:dano top here.) AND! Just for us, they’ve created a coupon code. Enter ALREADYPRETTY20 for 20% off, plus free shipping on orders over $150. Thanks, Gr:dano!

Don’t forget that Google Reader will go extinct on July 1! Be sure to subscribe to Already Pretty using the alternative reader of your choice. (I’ve switched to Bloglovin myself.)

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This infographic breaks down cost-per-wear and illustrates how certain expensive buys can end up being better values than cheap ones.

In addition to showing off a gorgeous floral dress, Katie offers a review of Bandelettes, a product designed to diminish thigh chafing.

Moms, take a peek at this roundup of body-positive books for girls.

If you’re in the market for modest swimwear, locally-run Mode-sty has a swim collection that will knock your socks off. Includes everything from maillots and skirted tankinis to sleeved, knee-length swim dresses with matching swim leggings!

Camo and coral make a great team. Another take on the pairing here.

I participated in a HuffPost Live segment with the lovely Kenyatta Jones in which we discussed Full Figured Fashion Week, plus sized fashion, and her new TV show! (We swore a little.)

Being a fat woman at the gym is in itself an act of social disobedience. I shouldn’t be in there, taking up the space of the lithe-bodied, unless it’s with a face of sincere penance and shame. But I have claimed the gym as my own. I celebrate being visible and fat all over the gym—running and sweating and sometimes breaking into song, lifting dumbbells alongside muscle-laden men with uncompleted tribal band bicep tattoos, flinging my weight around in aerobics, and finally cooling it poolside in my bright, non-apple-body-shape flattering tankini.”

I’m mesmerized by this diaphanous top and perforated mint pencil skirt. Gorgeous.

Reader Dorothea pointed me to this fascinating system for honing your style that focuses on your ideal vacation spot.

Being in more photos and taking more photos of yourself can boost your self-esteem. It really can!

After I got my nose job, I didn’t look very different. In fact, I looked so much like I’d looked before that no one even noticed. But something changed in my mind. I was done worrying about my nose. I had done what I could. I had gone all the way. And I was ready to let it go.”

This slightly futuristic ensemble is top-notch, and the accompanying story very moving.

Why is it that women are expected to smile constantly?

Erica proves that cutouts can be totally classy. I ADORE this dress that she sewed herself.

“The year was 1996, and stores that sold Western-style dresses and skirts and tops for adult women were few in India; the ones that did exist only stocked tiny sizes. There were no ‘plus-size’ clothes either; any female-identifying person above a size six was probably expected to wear a sari, an exceptionally forgiving garment that fits people of any size. Saris weren’t worn by children, though. A 10-year-old my size was considered a freak.”

This bubblegum pink blazer has black elbow patches and lapels. ‘Nuff said.

For more pink and black goodness, check out Cheryl’s amazing chevron dress worn with pink accents.

Audrey and I both paired mint, yellow and gray in outfits but I think hers is far cuter. (Mine, also featuring my recently bloomed lilacs here.)

The hilarious and delightful Skye is back, and showing off an absolutely killer dress that illustrates one of my personal rules of shopping: If an item makes you want to have sex with yourself, buy it. Period.

In honor of the new film, Solanah designed and knit up a 40s-inspired Superman sweater.

“Do you do this: Fall in love with something because it’s beautiful, speaks to your heart, represents a part of you that’s been unexpressed? Or something you’ve just wanted to have in your closet, or have seen in a magazine and coveted? And then you find it, buy it, and never, ever wear it?”

A big yes to shiny plastic turquoise wedges.

Stylecaster’s 101 tips for wardrobe care are impressive. Not sure “every item in your wardrobe” is truly covered, but it’s a darned good start.

London-based artist Phoebe Davies “… worked in collaboration with groups of women exploring current attitudes to feminism and female expectations and aspirations, which resulted in a set of printed nail wraps depicting women of influence or significance, adding a meaningful dimension to the culture of nail art.”

Why, of course plaid can work for summer! It just has to be the right plaid, and this one is glorious.

Erin gives us the lowdown on how wildly popular online retailer Modcloth is retraining the garment industry to understand the plus-size market. Here’s hoping they can deliver on their promises …

An embellished tee, bright skirt, and printed heels make for a simple, summery ensemble.

Seriously, what is up with the sexification of girl-centric toys and characters?

“I think it’s terribly sad if strong female designers feel that the pressure from the media is so intense, they can’t put their clothes on older models. Women who look more like them. Women who buy their clothes.”

Guys, if you want us to stop ogling you, you could at least have the decency to stop playing sports, wear some baggy clothes, and shave your heads. Among other things. (Via The Beheld)

Pairing a faux-leather tank with an of-the-moment high-low skirt makes for a fun summer look.

This zipper bracelet tutorial looks easy, and I adore the end result.

And from the Department of Random: This is my favorite aria in the world. This is now my second favorite rendition of it.

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21 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/21/13”

  1. Cynthia

    Ah, another company that thinks that women should only go to a smallish size 12. How San Francisco of them. Too bad, I would go for that Dylan dress in a hot second.

    • Shay

      Have you been to San Fran lately?
      There aren’t a lot of overweight/obese women there. Just because they can’t target every size group doesn’t mean they have bad intentions.

  2. Diane

    I’ve switched from Google Reader to Bloglovin, but now each new blog post shows up only in a truncated form. I’ve always appreciated how you had it set up so that your full post would show up in Reader without my having to click through to your site (although if the topic interests me, then I would click through anyway so that I could read all the comments).

    Is there some way to set the preferences so that Bloglovin will also let the full post appear without clicking through to a website? Thanks very much to anyone who might to willing to share this bit of technical expertise!

    • Sally

      Diane, I’m not able to adjust this in my settings for Already Pretty and I can’t find a way to adjust it as a user either. Might be best to explore some of the other reader options out there – Feedly and The Old Reader get good reviews, too.

  3. GingerR

    Gr.Dano’s loss!

    I’m kind of opposed to buying anything where a 12 is considered an XL.

  4. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Thanks so much for linking my post, Sal! I really enjoyed the reads, esp the article about plastic surgery, and the cost-per-wear analysis (I eat that stuff up!).

    • Anna

      She is owning it – got to love her facial expressions!!

  5. Marsha Calhoun

    Yes, I noticed that the dress I liked only went up to a size 12 – really, reeeaallly? How sad and unimaginative of them. And depressing.

    • Marsha Calhoun

      Also, what is that colon doing in the middle of the name, anyway. I thought there was something wrong with my screen. Just saying.

  6. Jenn

    Great video of Queen Of The Night. She has some great expressions. Also, I liked the article on why men should be dressing modestly.

  7. Nique

    Thanks for posting the Gr:dano website (and discount code!) I just put in my order. Their aesthetic is right up my alley. I’m in love.

  8. Cassie

    Lovin’ all the fab fashion links, and I’m always inspired by the body image and feminist articles/blogs you link.

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  9. Sheila

    Thank you for the link, Sal! You always have some great articles and looks to peruse!

  10. Patricia

    Ooh I love that bubblegum pink blazer I have been looking for something like this for some time. Love you outfits and the accessory

  11. Megan Mae

    I love my big plastic Melissa wedges! Thanks for linking to them, Sally!

    Heading to read through the other links now.