Lovely Links: 6/22/12

QUICK UPDATE: I’m going to end the Green Mountain contest early so that anyone who doesn’t win can consider using the 20% discount to book a stay. Since the discount expires June 30, I’ll end the contest and contact the winner by June 25. If you still want to enter, scroll to the end of this post for details.

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This post discusses two examples of recent and appalling Internet sexism, saying, “The point of all this is that when women do things, there’s a certain sort of person who wants to put them down and silence them. Not because what they’re doing is bad or wrong, but because they’re daring to do it at all.” (Cheers, Ellinoora.)

Cynthia takes on the white-out look with her signature cool chic.

I adore these easy, pragmatic tips for adding whimsy to your work wardrobe. Bring on the scarves, necklaces, and prints, please!

On a related note, look at this outfit and TELL me you don’t want a dress with giant ants printed all over it. Go on. I dare ya.

Do you ever find yourself caught in a cycle of self-care and self-shame?

I have hats. I look doofy in many of them. Stephanie looks unbearably chic in her straw fedora and printed skirt. Maybe I just need to wear my hats with printed skirts from now on …

This excerpt from the new book Overdressed – which explores the high cost of fast fashion – explains what happens to most donated used clothing if it doesn’t sell. Eye-opening to be sure. (Cheers, Jen.)

Zarna is a knockout in a voluminous vintage teal maxi skirt.

Over at Hourglassy – a fabulous blog that discusses style for large-busted women – Darlene posits that attempting to control how others view us is futile but exerting control over our reactions can be valuable. (Via The Beheld)

I love the look of Anthropologie’s jewelry but hate the prices, so this vintage-inspired button necklace DIY piqued my interest. So very do-able!

Lovely blogger Criss has entered an intriguing contest called Star in a Bra, and talks about her body-positive experience with the contest right here.

And speaking of bras, Ash rounds up her favorite sources for sweet, sexy, sassy lingerie for plus-sized women.

Wanna see two dynamite outfits featuring colorful shorts? I give you Becca in orange and Charlie in mint.

Caitlin reminds us that the fight for women and girls in sport did NOT end with Title IX.

Candace styles a gorgeous pair of printed pants with a chic denim shirt. And uses clip-on earrings as makeshift brooches. Brill.

Not sure about the baby carrier, but these other ways to transform a hoodie are amazing! (Via Smart, Pretty, and Awkward)

Holy moly, how gorgeous is Stacy’s braided crown hairdo?

Understanding that you’re enough. Such a simple concept, yet so tough to master.

Lisa touches on the concept of dressing for the job you want. And simultaneously proves that she is the reigning champion of accessorization.

Since I’m forever on the lookout for effective natural deodorants, I’m gonna give this simple recipe a try.

Polka dot pattern mixing. Need I say more?

If you’re interested in how my bookcame to fruition, check out this guest post over at Privilege.

And from the Department of Random: I generally prefer topical blogs, but The Watermelon Shirt Type is a big bag of miscellaneous awesome. And I love it.

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17 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/22/12”

  1. Amelia Jane

    I hadn’t read that piece about girl geeks and sexism, but geez! Such a shame these women suffered such a torrent of verbal sewage, but it’s great that this sort of behaviour is out in the open now. It IS real, and it DOES happen!

  2. Maya

    I’m intrigued by the notion that hats are a hard area for you, Sally. I’m not stellar at them- the “brim across the forehead” thing tends to give me a headache, but I do fairly complex scarf arrangements instead… I’d like to see you try out some hats/headscarves someday- I think it could be a fun thing to explore (I’m a bit crazy-enamoured with head-covering style, so of course I want you to check it out).

  3. Aubree

    I look forward to the lovely links each week and literally squealed with delight to see myself featured. Although you linked to the dollar store crafts site, that button necklace is mine! Thanks!!

  4. Di

    I use that recipe for natural deodorant – and I LOVE IT! Even on these insanely sticky hot days, yes I perspire, but I smell OK. I can handle that. I even made my own dusting powder of baking soda and corn starch, and use that in my “chafe areas”

  5. sarah

    yay! I just knocked off an anthro necklace, too – for about 1/10 the original price tag. (zing!) It’s on my blog if you’re interested.

    LOVE that braided crown. Oh man … my pixie needs to be grown out, like, NOW. =)

  6. Catherine

    “Overdressed” seems like such an intriguing book; I hope to read it soon. It’s not entirely a subject I’m oblivious to. The price of an H&M dress may be $30, but we do not see the other prices we, as a society, pay in waste and energy costs.

    The textile industry in Africa used to contribute to the economy, but since the large amounts of clothing donations they’ve received, they’ve all gone out of business.

  7. Mary

    What a better birthday gift than to see my deodorant recipe featured this week! Thanks, Sal! Hope it works for you as well as it did for me 🙂

  8. Molly

    On the natural deodorant front, I have tried a lot of things, including making my own, and I am in love with the new-ish Crystal Essence scented Roll-on. They have 3 scents, and both the lavender and the chamomile green tea are fantastic. (Pomegranate is a little weird.) If it is really really hot and I need a mid-day refresher, I clean my armpits off with some witch hazel on a cotton ball and then reapply. Works great, keeps me from smelling funny, and once it dries, it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all (so no weird greasy bits or white powders coming off on my clothes).

  9. Stacy

    Sal, thanks so much for including me in your link roundup! I love seeing what you find every week and it is an honor to be included. 🙂