Lovely Links: 6/23/17

Weekly Kitty:

Simon Kitty, doing his best impression of a bean.

“Today, it is established consumers who are driving demand. This poses a problem for luxury megabrands because established consumers already own all the luxury icons they need — their wardrobes are full of them. Today established consumers expect novelty and innovation if they are to part with their money.”

Alison reviews her summer wide width shoe purchases, including some stellar sandals.

This marvelously minimalist racerback maxi dress is sustainably made and comes in 12 colors.

Mary adds some edge to her gingham dress with some lace-up sandals. Also love Tolu’s similarly edgy footwear paired with a super simple black dress.

Photographer Meg Allen describes her project BUTCH as an environmental that “… explores the butch identity and female masculinity in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2012 to 2017.”

Amanda epitomizes minimalist badassery in her marvelous midi dress.

Imogen shares tips on how to make a basic outfit look more creative and eye-catching.

I discovered made-in-the-U.S. brand Cotton Emporium at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago, and am now stalking a few edgy-cool pieces online.

Comedian Naomi Watanabe Models New Sailor Moon Plus-Size Line In Japan

A sociology professor analyzes an analysis of a study (stay with me) reporting that “women who want to be leaders should dye their hair blonde.

The Barking Dog Shoes team is in love with On Cloud running shoes, which are designed to be comfy (and cute!) during high-impact exercise.

Kristine’s lightweight floral duster is the perfect layering piece for warm weather. Sheryl’s long vest outfit has a similar vibe.

What Happens When Feminism Is No Longer In Fashion?

Joni chronicles her body image journey as it relates to swimwear, finally explaining how she totally stopped caring what other people thought of her “beach body” and saying, “Know how I got those rolls? Childbirth. And cake. Neither of which I want to live without.” (Disordered eating discussed, post contains swears that your boss could totally see over your shoulder.)

Rothy’s flats are made from recycled water bottles, and are also recyclable! I’m tempted …

Lisa looks beautifully Boho in her denim top, wide belt, and printed maxi skirt.

Iranian journalist Solmaz Sharif founded an online publication called Shirzanan. The word Shirzanan means “female heroes” in Persian, and the digital mag is a media and advocacy organization for and about Muslim women in sport.

Greetje looks sporty-chic in a cobalt top and pleated skirt. Plus, get a load of those flowering fields she’s posing in!

I have an inexplicable love for drop-crotch and alternate-silhouette tapered pants, so I’m more than a little in love with this Prairie Underground pair. (The brand is most well known for their cult-favorite Long Cloak Hoodies.)

Let’s explore the reasons that larger-sized clothes tend to fit people so badly.

From The Observer: Fashion wakes up to the older woman

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