Lovely Links: 6/24/16

Cool opportunity: My colleague Soma Datta has created an innovative online course, Fearless Follow-Up: Turn Conversations Into Clients, that will help any entrepreneur or small business owner up her networking ante! Learn at your own pace, create and tackle goals, and connect with other learners.

Weekly Kitty:

harriet porch

It’s rolling-around-on-the-gross-porch-carpet season.

Crystalin styles a floaty tiered maxi dress, proving yet again that petite ladies can rock long hemlines.

“I have changed, I have grown, I have continued to take great care of myself. And I have gained weight. My legs don’t look today like they do in the first photo but neither does my life. I have agonized about these changes for a rough estimate of about 20 minutes in the last several years. When I made the decision to not live as though the appearance of my body was my value, I stuck to it. When I made the shift in believing I deserved great care, I kept it up. When I decided to take ownership of all of my life, I meant it. And I’m incredibly pleased with how have chosen to prioritize my time and energy.”

The OG line from Old Gringo is absolutely amazing. I’m drooling over this pair of strappy/buckled ankle boots.

Shoe brand Mamahuhu has wisely chosen the route of funding artisans through micro loans, encouraging them to build their own businesses and hire their own employees, then sending purchase orders their way.

A floral midi and pale pink trench make a perfect pair.

Catherine highlights Nude For All, an undergarment line that recognizes the rainbow of skin tones, and X Swimwear, which designs to each woman’s individual measurements and coverage preferences.

Five ways to stay body positive in the dressing room

Loved this interview with Courtney Carver, creator of the Project 333 challenge.

The Brush Off: A Look at Gyaru, Ganguro, and Manba

“I don’t think, after reading this article multiple times, that all of these points mean that organic cotton is NOT sustainable, only that it isn’t the ‘perfect’ natural fiber as many would have us believe. Organic cotton isn’t the savior of the fashion industry, nor is it even as eco-friendly as we thought it was (water usage is a HUGE problem for cotton, organic or not). NOTHING is ever as “perfect” as we think it is.”

Never shy about color, Joi combines bright yellow and bold orange in this summery ensemble.

Pip lauds the life-changing magic of cluttering up.

On the Precipice of 50: Gray Hair, Vanity, and Breaking Free

“Some people feel that they can’t wear a swimsuit, let alone a bikini, once their body is above a certain size. I know I felt that way for most of my life. But it’s hot and sad being the fat girl at the beach in jeans…and one day I got tired of hating my body. Since then I’ve challenged myself, time and time again, to wear all those things I always wanted to but was too scared to. Sad, scared Liz never would have dared go on national TV in a two-piece, but happy, brave Liz did just that yesterday.”

I stalked this asymmetric LAMade dress for weeks hoping it’d go on sale, now it’s sold out in my size! Hope one of you can snap it up.

3 Reasons Why Folks Who Don’t ‘Look’ Non-Binary Can Still Be Non-Binary

Gorgeous tall blogger Rajahnique shows off a super chic khaki jumpsuit.

Grechen’s five questions post challenges readers to make some tough calls about their own personal style preferences and favorites.

Great recommendations for comfy hiking boots for fussy feet

A lightweight camel coat is perfect for cooler summer days, as Beck shows us.

I use this $10 vitamin C serum every night and love how hydrated it makes my skin feel.

Meet Hijarbie: “An Instagram account featuring a doll wearing the Islamic veil in a number of fashionable ways has attracted tens of thousands of followers. Haneefah Adam, 24, a master’s graduate from Nigeria, created the ‘Hijarbie’ account nine weeks ago on the popular photo-sharing website.”

Darlene tries out a couple of denim jackets designed for big-busted figures.

If I could rock a suit like Esther Quek, I’d … ya know, wear suits.

And from the Department of Random: A Co-Creator of Know Your Meme Explains What the Hell a Meme Actually Is. In case you don’t know what, “Dammit, Moon Moon!” refers to.

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