Lovely Links: 6/28/13

In case you missed it, this week I released a new style tool called Thirty Pretty Projects – details here!

The amazing women who run The Blogcademy – Gala, Nubby, and Kat – are bringing their workshop to the Twin Cities THIS WEEKEND. And there are still slots available! If you’re interested in taking your blog and business to the next level, this two-day workshop is a fabulous place to start. I’ve not attended myself, but my girl Erika was at the L.A. Blogcademy and said it was an amazing and informative experience. You can register for the Minneapolis Blogcademy here.

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I adore these eight simple tips for dressing in a body-positive way. All of them are great, but especially dig the sentiment, “Wear what you love; love what you wear.”

Another glorious dress with cutouts, this time near the neckline.

What the heck does “tailored” MEAN anyway? Read the comments, too, for some great insights.

Someday I, too, will find a way to rock a bow-tie. Or neck-bow. Or similar.

Over at the StarTribune, I shared some tips for traveling in style.

Filed under We Knew This Already But Graphs Are Fun, a look at how Hollywood’s leading men get older, but somehow the women who play their love interests do not.

Michelle has had far more experiences of being accosted and shamed for her tattoos than I ever have. (Here’s my post on being a tattooed person from earlier this week.)

Now that is some breathtakingly beautiful vintage lace.

“Although more research needs to be done on the subject, current evidence is revealing that while there may be a pinch of truth behind media stereotypes about body image for gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals, these sweeping generalizations certainly do not tell the whole story.”

Anyone else dealing with humidity that borders on rainforest levels? If so, check out these five hairstyles that are ideal for heat and humidity.

In case you can’t make it to Toronto’s Design Exchange to catch the Christian Louboutin exhibit, The Coveteur shares some gorgeous snaps.

This gal is absolutely radiant in her swingy tunic dress, chunky jewelry, and silvered bun.

Yes to DIYs that are fantastically easy! Check out this tutorial for turning a placemat and a belt into a clutch. SO FUN.

I’m fairly certain that this fellow is wearing the 21st century version of a leisure suit. Covered in whales.

This post offers a fascinating glimpse into some self-sabotaging thoughts that can interfere with self-love and compassion.

Bookworms, rejoice! Worn Through has rounded up three articles that explore fashion in literature, including an analysis of women’s gender performance, dress, and identity in the Deadwood Dick series.

Caroline Pover has put out a call for submissions for essays about body image, positive or negative. Do you have a story to share?

My signature is a total mess, but I’d seriously consider getting one of these signature necklaces with someone else’s signature. Unless that would be creepy. In which case nevermind.

Looking for more fair trade fashion resources? This list includes a few great vendors to check out.

Jessi responds to some questions from her amazing high school-aged readers about confidence, role models, and self-expression.

A great way to break up an all-gray outfit? Geometric gray patterns.

This young man spent three days dressing in women’s clothing for a cultural discovery class. Everything was going along just fine until he pulled on that skirt. (Via Reading in Skirts)

I was quoted in this Huffington Post piece about how retailers who choose to sell their plus-size offerings online only are creating a real roadblock for shoppers.

This interview with Miyoko Hikiji – who is a soldier in the U.S. Army, author, AND model – is truly fascinating.

A bright printed sundress and neon pedicure make for an outfit that screams summer.

I love the swimming pool changing rooms. What a fabulous, boob-swingingly comfortable place for women to be women – the air perfumed by E45 and Herbal Essences, your ears filled with the sound of shopping lists being read to babies and feet padding on tepid puddles of chlorine. I didn’t realise how important this place was to me until a woman shouted at me for, in her opinion, behaving inappropriately.”

Huge thanks to LPC for posting about the one-year anniversary of my book release!

We continued our conversation about the joys and drawbacks of gel manicures over on Facebook this week.

On the ever-increasing list of Products I Could Never Have Dreamed Existed: Sock glue. Could be great for thigh-high stockings or socks that roll down into your boots!

Pink dress with orange ice cream cone print. BAM.

Cheers to Weesha for posting this. I love it all, but my favorite line? is, “Why does it hurt you if I don’t hate myself?”

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/28/13”

  1. Mia

    I’m a sock glue newcomer, but so far I love it!

    That whale suit is 100% perfect, and I won’t hear any dissent. Nope, definitely perfect.

  2. Coleen

    The piece on the skirt was very interesting. Pretty brave of a hetero cis young man to step into that and an even better analysis of what happened.

    I totally identified with the women’s swimming pool changing room author! While I lived in South Korea last year, I went to the jimjilbang (cheap but awesome public spa baths) once a week. It’s not just the changing room that is naked, female space. The whole bathing area is, with saunas and tubs and these awesome little stools to squat on while scrubbing one’s hair. I loved it, but most Western women never set foot in one because they feared the nakedness.

    They totally missed out!

  3. Marsha Calhoun

    Sock glue! I’ve needed it for 60 years! But can anyone tell me whether it really keeps your nylon (or silk, I wish) stockings up?

  4. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Sock glue! love the creativity but I really can live without *one more step* in my dressing routine : > Great round up, Sal, as always. And the whale suit is awesome.

  5. nemshar

    I must admit – I didn’t read any piece of what you wrote here but I just did watched this video! And it’s wonderful! I love this girl! I love what she’s saying!

  6. Annabeth

    Personally I find gel manicures too damaging for regular wear. However, a few times a year I go on business trips that often mean two weeks away from home with little time to primp but a high need to look my best; that’s when I go for the gel manicure. That way I know my hands at least look great and will STAY looking great no matter how many times I have to grab my bag off the airport carousel. But I get the gel manicure taken off as soon as I get home, and I make sure to leave my nails unpolished for a few weeks afterward, to give them a break.

  7. Max Rose

    that video was awesome! she is someone i could see myself being very good friends with 🙂

    <3 max.
    petticoats & pantalones