Lovely Links: 6/3/16


LOTT will be hosting an open house in partnership with Urban Growler on June 12! Meet the fellows, chat with the board, and find out how to become a mentor or fellow next year. Tickets here.

Weekly Kitty:

simon door

Simon on the lookout for HM’s arrival.

108 simple self-care ideas for those times when you’re feeling drained and drawing a blank

Love Wendy’s lacy dress and badass moto – such a great juxtaposition! And Nadine’s black lace dress is the same juxtaposition captured in a single fabulous garment.

The BMI Is Bullshit, and Other Thoughts From My Doctor’s Office (Disordered eating discussed)

Check out these picks for slip-on sneakers with support.

While many identities and problems are discussed within the body positivity movement, one identity that is silenced are those who are intersex. Intersex is the term used for a variety of medical conditions in which a person is born with chromosomes, genitalia, and/or secondary sexual characteristics that are inconsistent with the typical definition of a male or female body. ”

Kayla Phillips is the lead singer of punk band Bleed the Pigs AND founder of Foxie Bombs, a vegan-friendly cosmetics company that prioritizes visibility, accessibility, and self-care. Kayla, let’s hang out.

Cheryl’s split-leg pants are just plain cool. And so fun with her crocheted crop top.

Gotta agree with Peter on this one: I just don’t get why red carpet fashion thrills so many people.

6 Common Ways People Dismiss Feminism – And How To Hold Your Ground When They Do

Imogen talks about why it’s important to dress in a way that feels authentic to you

Sandra’s striped off-shoulder top looks utterly perfect with her edgy sandals and button-through skirt. Gracey’s stripes stay on her shoulders, but her top and pleated midi give her outfit a similarly breezy vibe.

“… when it comes to the bodies we see on screen, it’s fairly simple: Thin is normal, fat is bad, and anything in between is confusing. Confusion leads to questions, and that’s why the medium-sized woman matters so much. She forces us to confront the exact size and shape we find acceptable and unacceptable (ugly, unhealthy — whatever you want to call it). She walks us right up to the edge of the waistline and asks, ‘Is this okay? Is this too much? Should this body stand with the thin women and be granted all their rights and privileges, like sexuality and personal depth? Or is this body more best-friend material?'”

Kim shows us how to balance wide-leg pants on a petite frame.

Meet the men behind your favorite women’s websites

A high school junior used a year-long research project to push back against the lack of model diversity in high fashion.

5 simple ways to make your leather shoes last longer

Kiah looks summer-ready in her floaty white frock with seasonal tan accents.

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  1. Oh to Be a Muse

    Hi Sally! Thanks so much for sharing my link. Those pants were certainly one of the best buys I’ve made this year. You are ever the sweetest. Have a wonderful weekend.