Lovely Links: 6/4/10

These amazing photos make me wish I could be in Helsinki tomorrow for the Cruising Club. And I think I’m in love with Lola.

For you crafty types, a step-by-step tutorial that will transform bootcut jeans into straightlegs.

Furthermore, this diagram explains why I don’t sew, and therefore won’t be transforming any jeans myself.

Corporette asks: Does long hair make you look younger and, therefore, unprofessional?

Thom’s post is mainly about the book One Hundred years of Menswear, which sounds like an absorbing read … but I also had to call out his non-menswear-specific thoughts on dressing: “I don’t think I would have written this blog for this long if I didn’t think that the way we dress means something, that it is a subject matter worthy of discussion and, yes, debate. More than that – the way we dress is a fundamental aspect of how we understand each other and, in turn, ourselves.”

For more BLACK-OUT color inspiration, check Wear Palettes.

Sonja’s three quick tips for beautiful brows are spot-on.

I recently became aware of haul videos and I realize that style bloggers show off new goodies all the time, but somehow this feels different. Though maybe it’s not. Thoughts?

Top selling comfy heels for summer wear. All so cute, they’ll make ya drool.

Medicinal Marzipan’s health and wellness Danger Zone is all too familiar to me … do you engage this cycle, too?

Dry cleaning vintage garments can bring small and previously unnoticed flaws to light. A good policy for resellers and vintage mavens alike!

Many of us can reel off a list of style icons, both famous and non-famous … but who is your aging hero?

Rad points out that people seldom disparage collectors of gadgets, wine connoisseurs, or cooking enthusiasts, but feel perfectly free to thumb noses at lovers of shopping and style.

I spent some time doing outfit planning this week and found that I wanted to include bright summer whites in nearly every ensemble.

Ten flea market rules to live by. I’m more of a thrift store gal myself, but flea markets can be a blast if you play your cards right.

DIY glitter heels? Yes, please.

Daisy Dukes has done it again. Just look at all the amazing outfits she assembled with one simple pink dress as the foundation!

Madewell – J.Crew’s sister company – is FINALLY online. Geez, what took ya so long.

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15 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/4/10”

  1. Madeline P

    Thanks for the link! I am glad you got as big of a kick out of that diagram as I did.

  2. MarieBayArea

    isn't that first dress from your first link just divine? your girl-crush, lola, is a bad ass! and thanks for the update.

  3. marzipan

    thanks dahhhhling. you're the best. and oh yes, I'm fairly certain that cycle is one that many, many of us get caught in. xoxoox.

  4. Kat

    I have hair that is past waist-length. I am a policy wonk (about to be an attorney). I don't work in a very conservative office, nor am I ever likely to, but it is professional and I've never gotten anything but compliments on my hair. And I usually just leave it down, in a ponytail, or french braided.

    I'm not petite, and I have a low voice, so no one mistakes me for a kid even when I'm dressed casually.

    My hair does get frizzy so sometimes I will sneak off to fix it. But I don't look like myself without long hair.

    Of course, I also don't color my hair, nor do I wear makeup–which no one has ever commented on except my family. Sure, it's noticeable, but it also gives an *accurate* impression–if you care that I'm not wearing it then I'm probably not going to be the person you want to hire anyhow!

  5. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    Thanks for including my post about dry cleaning vintage in your links list this week. I'll be doing a follow up next week about how to find a good dry cleaner.

  6. Rad_in_Broolyn

    Wow, I'm so honored to be listed here with these great links. I especially like the DIYs!

  7. Kirsten @

    Sal–you're the best. Thanks so much for the link.

  8. Linda

    Corporette makes me want to lie down and die. Or at least thank my 21-year-old self profoundly for not listening to anyone who thought it would be a fun idea for me to go to law school.

  9. Gillian

    My aging hero is my mom, hands down. And I'm obsessed with Madewell now.

  10. Eve

    I read frugality blogs such as Wise Bread, Simple Dollar, etc., and I can assure you that collectors of gadgets, wine connoisseurs, and cooking enthusiasts are all greatly disparaged in those quarters.

    That said, I very much agree with Rad's point that taking an interest in clothing and style is coded as "feminine" in our society, which opens it up to endless, baseless criticism from misogynists.

  11. Caroline

    The long hair discussion makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a hairpin. For every person who says that it's possible to be long-haired and professional (mainly, making sure hair is tidy and well-styled), there is someone who demeans it as only appropriate for teenagers or hippies.

    As a recent college graduate who wants to look professional and put-together, I struggle with this issue. Currently, my hair is about bra-strap length and wavy, with some layers. Because I am 5'2", speak with a fairly girlish voice (so I'm told), and sometimes talk too fast, I am often mistaken as a teenager instead of 22. When I have to correct people, they often blithely tell me that I will appreciate it when I'm older. Nevertheless, it's hard to command respect when people think I'm 13 right now.

    Though perhaps a shorter hairstyle would age me up a bit, I haven't had good experiences with shorter hair in the past (I look like an awkward boy) and I do like the styles I can do with long hair better. That doesn't stop many well-meaning members of my family not-so-subtly implying that I should get a haircut. Argh!

  12. Sonja

    Thanks so much for sharing my eyebrow tips! Love the cruising photo shoot. I thought of you when I saw all those great tats. You would've fit in beautifully.

    Now I just need to go learn how to sew so I can transform some jeans. I could totally use a pair of straightlegs! Until then, I'll just put on some summer whites. I'm addicted. đŸ™‚