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A rare shared nap.

“Don’t wait for that magical moment to arrive because as far as any of us knows, it may never actually get here. If you want to try something, you should go ahead and try it. If you want to have an experience, go ahead and have it. You don’t need to wait for your body to be a certain way before you try cool, exciting things. Your life is yours to lead and yours alone, and the hell with anyone who tells you otherwise.”

This quote from Emmy-winning actress Gina Rodriguez is so inspiring.

Alice does matchy in the best possible way by using her printed top to create an outfit color scheme.

I’m tempted by these Custom Cover Drops – you add them to your own moisturizers or other products to create as much or little coverage as you want.

Some of these are old news, but this post has a few interesting tips for saving stained, scratched, or nearly ruined wearables.

Folake is the queen of midi dresses, and looks positively ravishing in this poppy-printed sleeveless frock.

The body is not wrong. The body is not immoral, dishonest, or unjust. The body is just the physical representation of ourselves in the world, and the body looks different for every individual. The body can be fat and healthy or thin and unhealthy or the other way around or anything in between. The body can be a lot of things – and if we were to legislate about how a body should look, it would be because we’re afraid of the associations we have with our own deeply rooted socio-religious beliefs, not because the body is actually harmful to others.”

I’m finding that some of the longer crop-tops on sale now are the perfect length to wear untucked with high-waisted skirts. This long-sleeved one from Topshop is affordable and versatile.

A reminder that culture is not a costume

In my most recent Star Tribune column, I talked about rocking pale skin, doing ankle boots for summer, and the basics of petites.

In case you missed it: The Cannes Film Festival won’t allow women wearing flats to walk the red carpet. Heels only.

Imogen offers some great tips – including ones about contrast, texture, and color – on how to dress for hot weather if you prefer to stay covered up.

On, I suggested a few places to shop for the “athleisure” trend and rounded up swimwear shopping suggestions that include petite, mastectomy, retro, plus, and maternity options.

Kali muses on perfectionism, minimalism, adequacy, and the trap of attempting to curate the perfect wardrobe.

An interesting layering formula: Short, long, longer

Or just cropped with super-long. Also creates unexpected proportions.

This post digs deep into the causes of curly hair bias in the workplace, and offers a handful of ways to deal with it.

Erin told her daughter that wearing makeup was a choice. Then she realized she was wearing it every single day without fail, and contradicting her words with her behaviors.

A man wearing a dress and a transgender woman are both human beings. Slandering us as a group does not make us dangerous; it makes it dangerous for us to be ourselves.” (Via Unordinary Style)

Prepare to giggle: If Actors In Famous Movie Scenes Were Costumed From My Wardrobe

Eloquii is now stocking sizes 26 and 28, and the fabulous Sarah Conley of StyleIt was both the impetus for this change and the model for the new pieces.

Still loving all things fringed, so both Cathy’s show-stopping fringe jacket and Carelia’s vintage caftan caught my eye.

This article provides a fascinating peek behind the scenes of Buffalo Exchange, Beacon’s Closet, and other consignment stores.

Jewelry designer Eddie Borgo creates some fabulously edgy designs, so I’m thrilled to he’ll be doing a customizable line for Target that launches in July.

If you’re going to ComicCon in July, you’ll be able to purchase Tina Fey and Amy Poehler action figures. And I’m jealous.

Well, what do ya know: Fashion editors are starting to declare the comeback of nude hose.

Stephanie shows us how to make ankle boots work in summery mixes. Gotta try something similar myself soon!

“There are so many myths and rumors about the need for bras, and most of them are based on what people prefer to see, not what’s most comfortable for a girl or woman … Whether women need bras is debatable to some, but what’s clear to me is the need to shift the conversation from a focus on bras to a focus on our actual breasts.”

What are the differences between BB, CC, and DD creams?

Alison speaks candidly – and from personal experience – about the ever-changing landscape of retail.

Red accents make any black and white mix just a bit livelier.

On the GoDaddy blog, I wrote about whimsy versus clarity in business names.

Danielle Brooks created the role of Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson on “Orange Is the New Black” to thunderous critical acclaim in 2013. Here, the 25-year-old Julliard graduate (who also was the first black actress to play a starring role on HBO’s “Girls”) shares a very personal lifelong struggle to self-acceptance and love.

Such a perfectly laid-back summery look: Floppy hat, arty sunglasses, graphic tee, and midi skirt. LOVE.

Yet more dress-code shenanigans, this time telling graduating seniors to keep “the girls” covered and that “we don’t want to be looking at sausage rolls.” Naturally, these messages were for girl students only.

And from the Department of Random: Prepare to get weepy.

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