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Weekly Kitten:

harriet in basket

Harriet loves her basket. And her toys.

“… it wasn’t until I was pregnant and gave birth that I finally started seeing my body as something strong, powerful, and frankly awesome. And so, one very conscious aspect to raising my son is imparting how I use, display and talk about my body. Girls may have higher rates of eating disorders and more body image issues than boys, but I felt it was still important to tackle these issues as the mother of a son. After all, my son is going to grow up to be a man in this society. It would be great if he understood that the images we see in media and advertising are, for the most part, highly unrealistic.”

Such a fun DIY project: Whip up a mini wardrobe storage unit using two ladders, a couple of planks, and some easy-to-find tools and hardware.

Summer footwear unicorns: Sandals with arch support. And under $90! Those Merrells are my faves.

Masculine of Center offers loads of sartorial inspiration for those who embrace androgynous and tomboy aesthetics.

“I don’t deny that there are Muslim women or women in Muslim countries who are oppressed. But it is the state, and not a headscarf, that is oppressing them. Freedom is not just being able to feel the wind in your hair, it’s being able to make the choice between covering your hair or letting it free.”

Jessica looks chic and sophisticated in this simple outfit of white jeans, navy blazer, and chunky chain necklace.

Fashionista explores how “It” items become … it. Pink coats and wedge sneakers, anyone?

“Whether one thinks body fat jargon is helpful, detrimental, or even cute, Whorf’s theory shows that the media’s labels can affect what we perceive. By coining terms like ‘beer belly,’ ‘saddlebags,’ and ‘thunder thighs’ the media makes us more apt to discern and label these features in ourselves and others.”

A double dose of gorgeous: The curly hair double bun.

I keep forgetting to make you all look at this hilarious snap that LPC took at our recent lunch in San Francisco.

Bad Science Journalism: “Why having ‘blonde’ genes will not make you ditzy”

Gracey is officially my midi skirt icon.

When you fully embrace all that being in your skin means and hold yourself to it, your life is better. You naturally become more patient because you’re not hustling, or trying to be things you’re not, or worried about catching up with other people. You’re just you. And when you’re patient with yourself, you’re more patient with others.”

For those of you who thrive on hard facts and struggle to understand your figure’s unique proportions, Imogen has created a short video explaining how to measure your body proportions.

And for those of you who dig systems, check out this intro to color theory with some great examples of how to build outfits around various groupings.

Audi wore these leopard-print Clarks flats when I was out West visiting her, and I’ve been daydreaming of them ever since.

Yes, you can grow out a pixie cut without spending six months hiding your ‘do underneath various hats.

Lots of people ask Ragen how she learned to love her body. She shares five important realizations that led her down the path of body acceptance and love in this post.

As much as I chafe at those women-over-x-shouldn’t-wear-y absolutist style rules, I do love the idea of sophisticated, elegant, grown-up dressing. We’ve lived, we’ve loved, we know a pinot from a merlot and I embrace that. I don’t want to look like a twenty-something version of myself; I’ve earned the right to be a woman of substance and dress that way. But ‘elegance’ has a new ease, ‘sophistication’ is tempered with a bit of softness. Fussiness is out, a bit of insouciance is in.”

Shoe designer Ffion Angharad Lloyd is about to graduate from London College of Fashion, and holy cats, does she ever design gorgeous shoes.

In the wake of #YesAllWomen, Reluctant Femme made a necklace, and the necklace made some people mad, and they accused her of being a (dun dun duuuuuuun!) “bad feminist.” In this passionate post, she explains how supporting women-run businesses – in her case, indie nail polish companies – is a form of feminism.

Mattie looks marvelous wearing a simple shirtdress that floats over her baby bump.

Such an interesting perspective on the all-black-all-the-time dressing philosophy.

The Closet Feminist highlights three women writers who loved fashion, even though it wasn’t their primary subject.

“Which brings me to the best part about beauty: It’s subjective. Some people don’t care for Linda Evangelista, and though this baffles the shit out of me, it’s also comforting, in a way. What’s beautiful to me might not be to you, and that just means there gets to be a lot more beauty in the world.”

Some people hate their thighs for unexpected reasons. Literary reasons.

Bookending your look with matched colors is a great way to create unity.

Knitting is one of those practices that makes my head spin. Who was the first person to look at a sheep and think, “Hey, if I shaved that thing and then spun its hair into a long tube and then used two sticks to pull a bunch of loops together I COULD HAVE SOCKS”? Answers here (kinda) in the Knitty history of knitting. (Via Final Fashion)

I do believe I’ve finally found my perfect denim skirt.

Since I, too, load about a half-cup of sugar into my coffee – when I can even be bothered to drink the stuff – I adored this article on the shame of sweetness and how food is encoded with gender and cultural messaging.

This week on the Fox 9 Buzz, I shared some tips for crafting monochromatic outfits.

“What research and real-life experience make very clear is that when we can begin to see ourselves for more than our parts and respect our bodies as instruments that can do amazing things for us and for those around us, we get much closer to finding health, fitness and happiness. But in the meantime, millions of us cannot break through the constant messages telling us to survey ourselves at all times and spend all the time, money, and energy necessary to perfect the parts of us in need of perfection.”

If you’ve ever looked at old photos of yourself and realized that how you looked and how you felt about your body were never aligned, this post is for you.

And from the Department of Random: Meet Millie, the mountain-climbing cat. Like housecat cat.

OK, might as well just make it a cat-themed roundup. After all, Hug Your Cat Day was earlier this week. (Cheers for the link, Andrea!)

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/6/14”

  1. KimM.

    Sally, I really liked your tv spot about monochromatic dressing. I’ve wanted to try it but I would have been guilty of every color matching exactly which isn’t a good look. Loved the teal outfit! I was laughing out loud over the Hello Kitten clip….. I must now go va-coom my carpet. Ha Ha!

    • Sally McGraw

      Thank you, Kim! So glad the segment was helpful. And wasn’t the Hello Kitten clip fabulous? Simon definitely hissed the customary number of times before deciding to like Harriet …

      • Cassie

        The guy that narrates Hello Kitten also did a video called Sad Cat Diary which is almost painfully funny. (Also, there are two cats in my household, and my roommate and I narrate their internal monologues; one is not so bright and speaks in Lolcat, and the other begins all her thoughts with “Dear Diary” because of that video.)

        Warning: contains swears.

  2. Texas Aggie Mom

    The TV segment was great – in fact, you seemed much smoother and more natural on camera than the host! The blue outfit you were wearing was my favorite, but I really liked the combination of reds and hope I can be that brave this fall. I think I have almost identical pieces that I would never have thought of combining.