Lovely Links: 6/7/13

Quick note: Amazon has my book on sale for $13.06 right now! Kindle copies still a mere $7.99.

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This post provides a great reminder that everyone – yes, everyone – can wear shorts. Also see some great fit tips at the end! (A few of my shorts posts here and here.)

On a related note, I may have found my personal perfect summer shorts. Whew.

This is a tough read, but incredibly moving: A daughter’s letter to her mum about the hereditary nature of body hatred. (Cheers, Catherine.)

A neon background makes this bold floral even more vibrant.

What do you wish you could be doing every day or fairly regularly for your self-care?

Because I’m female, because I’m black and because I live in the part of the world that I do, having healthy hair-esteem is a challenge … I was in my twenties, before I saw ad for hair products that included a woman of colour shaking her glorious mane with slow-motion vigour. And even then, her hair was as straight and silken as her Caucasian compatriots.”

Related: Finding Black Feminism: A Revelation of Black Hair.

The Militant Baker is gonna make the world more body positive if it keels her. Next stop: The Body Love Conference.

All four of these outfits play with volume and proportion in unique and eye-catching ways.

Flight attendants on Air Canada Rouge flights will soon be wearing custom Fluevogs. Lucky ducks.

Patricia rounds up advice and input from 13 plus-sized style bloggers about how they prioritize when creating their outfits.

“Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter are flooded with thigh gaps, which are basically pictures of thin legs from the front or back with space in between them … Millions are following this trend online and resorting to unhealthy extremes to get a gap of their own – a trendy status symbol of beauty.”

How glorious is this arty mix of cobalt, turquoise, black, and white?

Not sure I’ve ever seen a pair of sandals quite like these.

And under the heading of “can’t pick the boobs you want to wear any particular day,” Brittany Minder was turned away from her prom because of cleavage. Which, due to her figure, she absolutely cannot help. (Via The Beheld)

In honor of her new book The Hundred Dresses, Erin is posting a dress she has made every day for 100 days. Zounds.

If you’re looking for some updo inspiration, Hair Romance is doing 30 buns in 30 days. Who knew there were so many variations!

And because everyone seems to be doing a number-based project this week: If you’re a minimalist at heart, you might enjoy Pink Sole’s remix project showcasing 20 basic pieces in 20 different outfits.

Remember: If you fear wearing huge swaths of neon, neon in prints and neon accessories are great ways to dabble.

Imogen outlines the styles of cardigans that work best for various figure types AND shares hints on how to style and wear them.

Love how this bold printed dress and long vest interact.

Camilla Olson, a former microbiologist, launched her fashion design career in 2010 at the age of 57 after completing her MFA in fashion and textile from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. And my goodness, she makes gorgeous printed textiles. (Via One Woman’s Style.)

Ochre eyelet trousers? Yes, please.

Oh, all right, you can buy me these houndstooth and floral print Mary Janes.

“One issue we take for granted is that the images on the left are what ‘fashion’ looks like and ought to look like. That they are culturally recognizable as fashion sketches speaks to the ways in which hyper-thin feminine bodies are institutionalized at a fundamental level in the fashion industry today.”

Print mixing feels less daunting when you insert a few solids. Try a printed scarf and printed shoes with solids in between.

The Closet Feminist gives her take on the much talked-about Met exhibit titled Punk: From Chaos to Couture.

Zainab posits that the hateful comments she gets from white guys about wearing her hijab stem from the fact that her dressing choices interrupt the male gaze.

Neon, pink, and leopard print. A trio that makes my heart go pitter-pat.

Here’s what happens when you put clothes on ancient sculptures.

Petal by Petal took my post on what closet orphans can teach us seriously. Check out her post examining her own closet orphans and analyzing each one!

Who says you can’t wear burgundy in summer?

Responding to a recent controversy in academia over an evolutionary psychologist’s remarks that “obese PhD candidates” shouldn’t even bother because they clearly don’t have the willpower to make it through doctoral programs successfully, Collin says, “Try to be a little more conscious of the ways that our assumptions about the world, whether it’s dress codes or the way we arrange our spaces, subtly reinforce the fat-shaming that Miller was engaging in explicitly.” (Cheers, Nebraskim.)

At what point do traditionally “girly” items become problematic for professional and office wear?

And from the Department of Random: Monique Pool lives with 200 rescued sloths. Please don’t send this article to Kristen Bell. (Via Skepchick)

Additionally: Pie chart showing when we feel old.

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3 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/7/13”

  1. Annabeth

    I don’t wear shorts — not because of body shame issues, but because once it’s hot enough for shorts to feel cool, it’s hot enough for skirts to feel even cooler.

  2. latonya

    Couldn’t resist reading the hair link.I’ve been natural for two plus decades. I’m grateful I don’t battle my hair and that while I have bad hair days I don’t suffer the issues so many black women do about their hair including my teen. ((sigh))