Lovely Links: 6/8/12

If you’re feeling disenchanted with your current workout routine, check out these nine ways to love moving your body.

Girl with Curves shares her favorite thrift shopping tips.

On a related note, here are some words to the wise about flea market shopping. (I’ve shopped the Chelsea Flea Market with Peter, and he knows his stuff!)

Mary explores the idea that fat women are only allowed to occupy certain social roles, especially when it comes to dressing and fashion. (Cheers, Aubrey.)

Sexualized photos of female athletes may be affecting your self-image, even if you’re not an athlete yourself.

Barking Dog Shoes gives a big thumbs up to Oh! Shoes as a brand that creates comfortable, attractive shoes that support troublesome feet.

That does it. Now I’m lusting after raspberry-hued skinny jeans.

I am unbearably excited about Jen Larsen’s memoir, which discusses her experience with weight-loss surgery. Her story is astonishing and her writing voice incomparable.

Draped necklines look so elegant on sleeveless summer frocks.

Swing by and check out the vibrant re-launch of Silence, Cupcake, a fabulous blog that touches upon gender, fashion, media, sex, feminism and loads of other fascinating topics. (Editor Amelia Jane is helping me out behind the scenes here at AP!)

Wondering how to mix vintage pieces with modern ones? Rocquelle has some tips for you.

I’ll definitely be referring to this cheat-sheet showing 12 ways to knot a belt.

It feels a little like cheating to link to a link roundup in my own link roundup, but Rosie listed out some of her recent pieces for Voxxi and they are ALL just stellar. “There is No Single Definition of Beauty,” “Listen to Your Body,” “The Secret to Being Beautiful,” and more. Take your pick!

If figure elongation is one of your personal figure flattery priorities, check out Imogen’s fabulous tips.

Fajr dispells some of the most common beauty myths, including split end repair, chocolate as an acne trigger, and the efficacy of anti-aging creams.

Women’s magazines want to help! They do! With your style, your sex life, your health, your finances. But Autumn’s recent foray into the non-ladymag world made her realize that women’s magazines might provide advice, but they instill anxiety.

So timely in light of this week’s short hair post. Sometimes what we choose to do with our hair really can be an act of bravery. (Thanks, Eileen.)

If you haven’t yet seen “Bill Cunningham New York,” please read this post and then run right out and rent/buy it.

“Gladiator: Etymology of the Female Muscle” is a fashion show that took place in Brooklyn back in April. Through it, women were able to witness first-hand a runway full of masculine-identified women. (Cheers, Laura!)

This episode of NPR’s On Point explores the true cost of cheap fashion. (Cheers, Maggie.)

“When I see the laser-like focus on the bodies and appearances of celebrities, I can only imagine that it’s like a distillation of the body-hating garbage that we mere mortals deal with on a daily basis, only ramped up a thousand percent to retina-scorching levels, and then with the added pressure of huge financial incentives added on top.”

Need a haircut? Why not swing by “Cut the Crap”? “Scissors of Oz”? “Anita Barber”?

Who says you can’t incorporate bustier tops into everyday wear?

And from the Department of Random: When I’m feeling blue, I just look at this hat. This hat is amazing.

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 6/8/12”

  1. Lisa Walter

    Sally….Thank You for the link to the article about the real cost of cheap clothing. We don’t always think of the far reaching effects of our consumerism and purchasing choices. Wow. It hit home. Hard.

  2. Miss T

    Also, you can search retailers for the “made in the US” designation and clothing made here will come up in your search. First step would be to find an item on the retailer’s website that is made here, then type that exact phrase into the search. For example, on QVC’s website, they use the phrase: “made in USA” (i.e., no periods in “U.S.A”). If you first search on that phrase, then sub-search in fashion, a variety of clothing items made here will come up in the search.

  3. Kenzie

    the sexualization of athletes is interesting. It made me rethink my own workout choices, I do like to be exposed when I work out for both the reason that I find it more comfortable because I workout in my stuffy dorm basement, and that nothing makes me feel sexier than working out. I like to see my body in action.

  4. CW

    I love these Friday link collections! I just stumbled upon (completely by accident) a fashion blog I’d like to nominate to be featured in the future: This lady looks so put-together!

  5. Autumn

    Finally catching up on my week’s reading–thank you for the linkage! And thank you for the figure elongation tips–we all know how I feel about “dressing your body” but my short-waistedness is an exception to that. I’ll take all the help I can get!