Lovely Links: 7/1/11

I’m thrilled to have another post over at The Frisky this week! Check out Tattoos 101: Everything You Need to Know if You Want to Get Inked.

Bloggers from a variety of backgrounds and of a variety of body shapes weigh in on the subject of what makes a woman real.

SimplyCyn looks simply radiant in her butter yellow blouse and high-waisted jeans.

I found Maria’s blog through a lovely comment she left last week, and although she mostly writes about food, her tiny mantras about money and life cover clothing, travel, and self-care succinctly and tenderly.

Nubby makes beige and black look edgy and chic.

How do you feel about showing tattoos during job interviews? Here are some savvy guidelines to consider before flashing your ink.

I’ve decided to crawl into Andrea’s art and style blog, Fly, and just live in there. Come, join me.

Lisa Bloom explains why telling female children they’re pretty encourages them to live in a “dumbed-down world,” and why focusing on their thoughts and accomplishments can make a huge difference. (Via FFB)

Still fearful of maxis? How about a high-low hemline instead?

If I look half so ravishing at age 71, I’ll be thrilled.

Patti recently launched Visible Monday, and I absolutely love her for it. She explains, “Women of a certain age (the age does not matter), who have been pushed to the sidelines by the mainstream fashion media, are announcing our manifesto: invisible no more.”

I’m jealous of everyone who got to attend the Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest. Yes, I am.

Cynthia gives us a no-holds-barred anti-high-heels manifesto.

The American Medical Association has officially come out against Photoshopped ads, and is encouraging “ad agencies to work with agencies devoted to child and adolescent health to develop guidelines for ads.”

Pattern mixing in blue and white done to perfection.

Just launched this week, Clique to Know offers online designer sample sales for sizes 10 and up. ABOUT TIME! I signed up to check it out and saw sizes through 3X and up to US 24 in lines like Rachel Pally, Kay Unger, and T-Bags. They’re just getting started, but it’s an exciting concept.

Trying to decipher wedding dress codes? Lili shows her choice of wedding guest outfits from black tie to beach casual.

Allie has some suggestions for how to prevent inner thigh chafing, a problem many women face during the hot summer months.

“What might happen if women told themselves they were content exactly as they are? If they learned to see their bodies in a positive way?”

Another dress shield-style solution for us sweaty gals: 1-2 Armpads.

Kyla styles her amazing printed vintage pants with a lovely sheer cardigan.

Reminder: There is no wrong way to have a body. (Via Feministe)

And from the Department of Random: The Burning House. If your house was burning, what would you take with you? (Via Lady Smaggle)

Bonus DoR: Gillian Welch’s new album The Harrow and the Harvest came out this week, and it includes this song, which she and Dave have been performing live for AGES. When I heard them play it a few years back, it gave me chills. Still does.

DISCLOSURE: Gillian album link is an affiliate link. No other links in this post are affiliate links.

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19 Responses to “Lovely Links: 7/1/11”

  1. Laura

    And thanks again for the lovely reading-tips!
    And, wow, that is one stunning lady on advanced style! I love that blog.. I wish they’d do a segment that also showed a picture of them when they were younger.. Like a then and now..

    Love from Holland,

  2. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Thank you Sal, I am so honored to be on your list. Your blog is a constant inspiration for body and age-love.

    Speaking of which, Beatrix on Advanced Style = OMG stunning.

  3. Relatable Style

    Wow, thank you so much for including me in your lovely links! I always look forward to reading your picks of the week, and this time I was like O_O when I saw myself there đŸ˜€ Whee!

    Relatable Style

  4. Mel

    Sally, LOVED your article on TheFrisky. That website isn’t what it used to be, and you’re a refreshing voice on it when you write those lovely guest posts. Especially since any time they publish an article mentioning tattoos, it’s usually snotty and judgemental towards people who get them.

    As someone with a considerable amount of ink, it’s nice to have a reminder that not everyone is judging me for it.

  5. Tabitihia

    These links were so great Sal, thanks! The one about telling little girls they’re pretty made me think, and rethink. I agree, and I disagree. I was praised for my intelligence and while I wouldn’t trade that for anything I think never being told I was pretty is what caused me to hate my body so much when I was younger.

    I also was so enthralled with reading everyone’s thoughts on tattoos I kept following all of the links. Maybe it’s because I want my first one so bad and can’t get it for at least 5 more months?! But for those of us in warmer climates that may need to cover a very visible tattoo in the summer, is there a good makeup that can do this without the need to wear pants? (I have always wanted mine on my right calf.)

    • Mel

      Tabitihia, I know there are specialty and professional body make-ups that can be used to cover tattoos, and you could probably google them, but an easy option to find anywhere is a concealer by Kat Von D at Sephora. I’ve read reviews that make it sound think and pigmented and good for what it is. And at $25 it isn’t ridiculously expensive. And it looks like it has a lot of shade options.

      I haven’t used it, but it was the first thing that sprang to mind.

      • Tabithia

        Thanks Mel! I’m dead set on getting a very important to me tattoo on the back of my leg by next summer but it’s so not worth my mum not speaking to me over it, especially when I’m gonna have her only grand baby. Haha

    • Tina

      Tabitihia, I agree with you as well concerning the compliments given to little girls. They need to hear they are pretty, but this should not be the only compliment or the most important one. However, if they never hear it or don’t hear it often enough, they will grow up dissatisfied with their bodies. That was my personal experience as well.

  6. Erika A

    Oh wow those ladies on Advanced Style are hot stuff, what style! Thanks for the pointer to Closet Confections! Her looks are awesome and I’ve been glued to the screen for an hour reading her blog.

  7. Maria

    Sal – thank you for the kind mention, so unexpected! And I’m coming with you to live in Andrea’s blog. The way she uses colour is incredible.

  8. Eliza

    Hiya Sal!

    Excellent links (as ever! of course!). But I was always praised for being academic and obedient. Never told I was pretty. And it left me with issues as well, just different ones. I guess it’s best to be told BOTH!

  9. patni

    The Jazz age lawn party is so much fun. I went last year to the early one, and this year am planning on making the trip for the one in august. Really a perfect afternoon!
    Also my feeling on what woman is real: If she tells me she is a woman, and I can’t put my hand right through her, then she is real. The who is “real” thing bugs me. WE ALL ARE!

  10. Anonymous

    I’m always so honored and flattered to be included in your Lovely Links. Your opinion holds such high value to me. Thanks, Sal!

  11. Allie

    Thanks so much for including me on your great list of links! I always look forward to these posts of yours, you find such great articles all over the web!

  12. Jenny

    Oh, I didn’t know Gillian Welch had a new album! Oh, hot diggity! Thanks for the video, that’s fantastic stuff.