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Summer on the porch.

One way to define your personal style? Make a list of things that are most definitely NOT your style.

Cris is ever so dapper in her blazer, vest, and tie.

This crash course in clothing quality has some truly helpful tips.

From amazing actress Tatiana Maslany: “I think [women] are always kind of reduced to type and a body, and what’s exciting about [‘Orphan Black’] is that it goes, yeah ok, we could look like this. We could look like anything, really. But what’s the truth of who we are? Our society is so aesthetically inclined, and we define ourselves so much by the exterior and what people think of that exterior and how that reflects who we really are. I’m always interested in switching up those expectations.”

Take a peek at what launching an ethical fashion brand really looks like.

Printed trousers and a bright pair of shoes make a simple outfit sing.

AP contributor Aarti posted a photo of herself and two other fatshionistas to Instagram, haters had it removed. Chaos ensued.

A white lace dress (for juxtapositions with various bits of badassery) has been on my wishlist for ages, and I’m eyeing up this super affordable, made-in-the-U.S. lace dress from Star Vixen.

Tolu shows how sleek minimalist outfits can be in her black t-shirt dress and sculptural black sandals.

Spectacularly talented singer Corinne Bailey Rae speaks out on ethical shopping, feminist fashion and black representation.

Advanced Style doesn’t speak for every older woman. While I can be joyful about Advanced Style in its embracing women over the ages of 60, I’m also a bit wary of the undertones of this seemingly “only-if-you-are-a-doyenne of-the-fabulous-and-unusual” can you be accepted into our group, movement, sorority–whatever. It’s weird.”

Ty is fantastically sassy in her leopard print crop top and black midi skirt.

It’s high frizz season, and my Deva Curl Mirrorcurls Serum is serving me well!

The Barking Dog Shoes team believes this cute pair of platform sandals might help those with hallux limitus!

8 Helpful Comebacks to Use When Someone Is Being Transphobic

When a feminist organization used a photo of model Tess Holliday to advertise their upcoming event, Facebook banned the image, citing that it went against their health and fitness policy.

Jessica reviews a few swimsuits she loves for her own plus-sized, apple-shaped figure.

“Fandoms and conventions are uncomfortable spaces for brown and black women. I’m not a passive fan: I don’t merely like or enjoy the media I consume, I love it. This love takes shape in the form of cosplay, the fan activity of dressing up as a character from popular culture: film, shows, books… but honestly, you could cosplay a character that hasn’t been ‘published’ in any way. I spend hours researching and planning particular kinds of cosplay representations—from characters that already exist to some that I invent—but this is standard practice in costume play. While I used to cosplay mostly to explore gender, I’ve become interested in using cosplay to challenge the future and the whiteness of the media I enjoy.”

Good Grief: Balancing Radical Self Love & Mourning

Imogen reminds us that very few people look perfect in off-the-rack clothes … and that it’s normal to struggle with fit and not our fault that so few garments work beautifully with no tailoring.

Beth looks ever so chic in her LBD and wrap belt.

I will have to take the time to get to know this new body I have. And then – then – I will love it and I will shout from the rooftops, ‘This body is great!’ and I will wear bikinis, and no bras, and not give a f what anyone else thinks. I know it’s coming. But not right now. Some day. Not today. And that’s ok. Because at least I’m trying.” (Cheers, Sarah)

Why Do So Many Fairy Tales Feature Magical Shoes?

Etsy and eBay are both AMAZING resources for sustainable/vintage graphic tees, especially if you’re looking bands or musicians you love. My Elvis tee was an eBay find, and it’s pretty much my favorite.

Alison styles her black jumpsuit with denim and leopard accents. Fabulous!

Christina – a bona fide curly girl – sums up her advice on washing and styling curly hair.

“At this point in my radical self love journey, the word ‘health’ is much more triggering for me to hear than the word ‘fat.’ In fact, fat is a word that I happily use to describe myself. I have found community and solidarity around a word that was once represented a deep wound. But the word health still stirs up a lot of emotions for me now; mostly because, it is often used by strangers online to hurl hateful comments thinly veiled as ‘concern for my health.’ And these comments don’t always just come from anonymous internet trolls, people are fat-shamed for their presumed health in the workplace, at family gatherings and even at the doctor’s office.”

Nadine adds a perfect little pop of red to her black and white ensemble.

From Rosie’s lovely open letter to her body image students: “Life is primed for struggle, but while the struggle can be for you, it should never be against yourself.

Patience rocks two trends at once, wearing an off-shoulder top and chic black choker.

And from the Department of Random: The FIERCEST Kitten.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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    Nadine’s shopping story is as great as that outfit. What a fantastic testimonial for that
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