Lovely Links: 7/14/17

Weekly Kitty:

Holdin’ hands.

Bianca ranks her five favorite products designed to prevent “chub rub.”

“Encouraged by the volume of fashion-related online search queries and the rising popularity of fashion exhibitions, Google’s Cultural Institute has partnered with over 180 cultural institutions — including The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Kyoto Costume Institute — ‘to bring 3,000 years of fashion to the Google Arts & Culture platform.'”

Sarah Anne shows off a fab retro frock from Lindy Bop, an old fave of mine!

NYC brand Vaquera has released a collection of clothes inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale. (Writers from The Hairpin react.)

Kim’s bomber jacket/graphic tee combo is the epitome of edgy chic.

Been stalking handmade crescent moon earrings, and this Boho pair is currently topping my list.

I was so excited to see Margot’s review of Universal Standard, the most marvelously minimalist plus-size brand around.

Vanity is at once discouraged and encouraged in women. Among the conflicting social messages we receive, we are told that to care too much about one’s appearance denotes shallowness of character or lack of intellectual gravitas, but that to not appear pleasing is to be lacking in social graces or emotional stability.”

There’s something so sensual about a one-shoulder slouchy top and peekaboo bra strap.

A few months ago, I got a reader request for 40+ plus-sized bloggers – and The Curvy Fashionista recently rounded up eight amazing blogs to watch.

I vastly prefer closed-toe sandals myself, so I was thrilled to see this guide to closed-toe styles that accommodate a variety of foot issues.

Maryam is a vision in floaty pastels.

“After some tough talks with myself, I came to realise that it was the intention behind my cosmetic obsession that what was really mattered in my personal journey. I wore makeup as an extension of my personality, as a creative outlet, and as part of a self-care routine; and identifying this felt profoundly feminist.”

Puma makes my absolute favorite athletic shoes, and Amazon has some gonzo deals on many sleek pairs!

Angie share the tips she offers to her clients who are keen to wear more accessories, but not sure how to do so successfully.

Blush + gray = a match made in heaven

Of course blush pink is also dynamite with denim.

Just USA makes dozens of on-trend jean styles, most of which are $30 or less on sale.

A year ago, I decided I wouldn’t suffer anymore. I decided I would prioritize self-care … We do too much, we try too hard, we suffer because our culture loves suffering. We’ve created that monster, but we don’t have to nurture it.”

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