Lovely Links: 7/16/10

Tavi’s open letter to Seventeen regarding the headline “The Party Drug that Can Make You Fat and Ugly” is downright awesome. (Via The Frisky.)

Interested in that mid-century, Mad Men-esque look? Deja provides a great primer on the elements and guidelines. For further reading, here’s a fab roundup of Mad Men-related links.

These trompe l’oeil pieces are fantastically fun.

In response to this post, kristophene muses on the ongoing objectification of women.

Love patterns but hate wearing them right up next to your face? Here are some tips on incorporating pattern in subtle ways.

Lopi created a fantastic animated tutorial on how to transform simple dresses into skirts, without ever hauling out the needle and thread!

Anyone else heard of ISSO T-shirt’s Marriage Equality Campaign? It was news to me, but I’m intrigued. How do you feel about political cause/slogan tees?

Socks, explained!

A study has shown that many people perceive their hands to be much wider and fingers much shorter than they truly are. This brain-body disconnect may have repercussions in eating disorder research.

After years of rationalizing my American Apparel purchases by leaning on their “sweatshop free” promise, I read this and am DONE. (Via Interrobangs Anonymous.)

MIT has created fabric that listens to its wearer
. Spooky or awesome?

Rabbit Write interviews Buck Angel about gender, identity, sexuality, hormonal influence, masculinity, and femininity. AMAZING stuff.

Burqas are in the news again, with the pending ban in France. I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic.

Lena Hoschek’s designs make me wish I were more of a bombshell.

Looking for some new ways to style that white button-down? Here ya go!

Have you ever lopped off your locks to either signal or kick-start changes in your life? It can be pretty freeing, no?

I’ve got a post coming up next week about how my style has evolved, but Nubby beat me to the punch. Check out her images and thoughts on the importance of high school style.

Peek inside the world of trend forecasting.

This 25-year-old woman blogged about her struggle with cystic fibrosis, down to her dying days. Wow.

And from the Department of Random: Feeling blue? Check out Poptimisms for a little mood boost. (Via Kingdom of Style.)

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13 Responses to “Lovely Links: 7/16/10”

  1. Jen

    I love linkage but I think yours takes the cake. The 25 year old woman writing about her disease up until she dies, that's awful and yet inspiring. How amazing that one womens journey can be shared by the world, she wanted people to hear her, and I for one will listen.

    Nice to meet a fellow blogger!!

  2. Gillian

    I just got some AA hand-me-downs from a friend, but NO MORE. Reading that shit made me feel disgusting.

  3. maura

    Re: French burqa ban — no government has the right to say what people can and cannot wear. It is superficial, totalitarian, creepy, and dumb. The end.

  4. Barry Wright, III

    Sal, thanks for the wonderful filtering; great posts!

  5. Vanessa

    I don't shop at AA at all, because even though I think sweat-shop free is a great thing, their ads ick me out– and this comes from a woman who feels far more open about sex than the most of the people I encounter. It all seems a lot like child porn and Dov Charney seems to be a really creepy guy. Knowing now how terrible the image standards are at AA just reminds me why I don't give them my money, and I'm glad you're planning on boycotting them as well.

  6. Eli Reed

    I'm glad you're getting off the American Apparel train. They're pretty heinous.

  7. fleur_delicious

    can't wait to read your post about high school style! I remember turning up to senior academic awards (I was a calculus wiz who'd aced a national math exam for our school) in a brocade corset, sweeping palazzo pants, and heels. The other young women were in satin gowns, carrying big bouquets of roses. My parents, ever loving and supportive, both cheered my satorial choice AND surprised me with a bouquet of wild flowers in fantastic deshabille.

  8. Daily Joy

    These are great links- thanks for the excellent roundup!

  9. kristophine

    I think I never got around to articulating the point I had in mind when I started that post–namely, that I think the problem with focusing on women's cattiness is that it makes it into something we pathologize women for, instead of a problem we see in society.

    Anyway, you always start good discussions.

  10. lopi

    Thank you so much for choosing my post to be featured here Sal, you made me a happy puppy!

  11. Eyeliah

    I really enjoyed Tavi’s letter as well. And the story about Eva (65 Red Roses), she was a Vancouver girl. There was an amazing documentary made about her as well.