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“I suppose ‘What does your tattoo mean?’ seems like a good ice-breaker—at least it’s more original than asking how the week’s been just to break the silence. ‘It means I have a tattoo’ seems like a perfectly good response to me, as does ‘What does your receding hairline mean?’ … Americans have been trained to assume that every tattoo has a story—a story we’re invited, simply by having seen a glimpse of someone’s body art, to hear.”

Greyscale Goods is the first personal shopping service to blend expert styling with a gender-neutral approach to deliver a shopping experience that is sensitive to the styling needs of those whose style is not as simply defined as masculine or feminine. FANTASTIC. (Cheers, Allison!)

These 10 Pinterest boards offer loads of plus-size fashion inspiration, and some also lead to fantastic blogs. (I have a plus style board, too, but tend to pin plus and non-plus outfits and styles all over the place.)

It’s possible that this is the coolest ring ever created by humankind.

“If you look yourself in the eye in the mirror and you say ‘you are beautiful’ your brain thinks you are talking to someone else. Change it to ‘I am beautiful.’ Then your brain knows you are talking to yourself.”

I still haven’t figured out the sneakers and dresses look for myself, but dang if Kasmira doesn’t look fantastic in this trendy combo. Also reluctant to do overalls the second time around, but Sheryl makes hers look incredibly sexy.

Tips for buying cowboy boots

Elna Baker talks about her body image after losing 110 pounds and being left with lots of extra skin, saying, “I think there is this idea out there that you either love and accept your body, or you’re trying to fix it. I am in neither camp. Or, maybe I’m in both simultaneously. I try to accept myself, but I struggle.”

I received this necklace on Tuesday and gave a shout-out to Etsy vendor Jeweletto on Facebook. A great resource for curated necklace collections, ideal for layering, and many including eight or more pieces (including some vintage) for $45 or less.

When you’re buried in negative body thoughts, perhaps you could try these body-positive practices.

There are definitely pros and cons to online shopping. Angie shares her two cents on both.

The thing about heels is, they have always been about power and privilege. Even when they were co-opted by pornography in the 1850s and co-opted again by Hollywood in the 1900s, they were always about power. It’s just that the source of that power got a little twisted”

Related: Science Weighs In on High Heels

I can’t remember how I found The Rosenrot, but I’m a little obsessed with Gracia’s dark but adventurous aesthetic. This outfit took my breath away.

“I’m begging these officers of the body police: This summer, make yourself uncomfortable. Take a good look around you and soak in the cellulite, bacne, arm flab, and whatever else that surrounds you until these imperfections don’t scare you anymore. If, after that, you still can’t handle the existence of real, imperfect human beings, then feel free to hide in your basement and watch Netflix until cold weather returns. We’ll be out here having fun.”

On GoDaddy Garage, I wrote about blogging freebies and the importance of disclosure.

A professor in Waipu, New Zealand, is using garment construction techniques and pricing policies to keep her math students engaged.  (Cheers, Garrett!)

Love this badass look for late summer and transitional.

NPR’s Jacki Lyden has created a podcast (outside of NPR) about fashion as a lens through which to examine culture and society. Sounds fascinating.

A study has been released positing that fashion counterfeiters actually benefit the industry because they drive big designers to innovate and set the genuine article apart from the knockoffs.

Allison’s head-to-toe white look is pretty without being fussy.

A young woman describes what it’s like for her to be working to recover from an eating disorder during Ramadan

In a post explaining her “deviant” and “defiant” necklace designs, Cassie says, “All these unspoken, invisible walls, trying to hem women into a tiny little box of ‘acceptable.’ Acceptably sized, acceptably quiet, acceptably sexual, and acceptably small. Well balls to that.”

This collarless jacket from Boden is high on my fall wishlist.

Marvelous matchiness in this outfit: A scarf and pumps in the same print!

Mirrors do not tell us the truth about how others see us. They show us a backwards, two dimensional version of the world which we must interpret using our own eyes. And our eyes are not objective observers of our image; our brain is not an objective observer of our life. Looking to a mirror to discover how you look, is more or less like asking your brain if you are sane. The organ cannot diagnose itself.”

On I offered tips for finding your perfect handbag and a list of brands that cater to younger women but that can work well for stylish older gals, too. I’ll be doing the reverse – brands that target older women but can work for younger gals – shortly!

I’m absolutely certain I can’t do this, but I’ll admire from afar: How to downsize your handbag

And from the Department of Random: Scientists explain exactly why honey badger don’t give a sh*t.

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