Lovely Links: 7/2/10

QUICK NOTE: HM and I have some very special bloggy guests arriving this evening, and I will be much occupied with entertaining them for the next few days. Got plenty of brand new, never-been-read-before posts coming up, but I’ll be absent from comments for a while.

Back to normal next Thursday!

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I’m sure that the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty has done some good for female body image, shifted some views, opened some minds. But this casting call for new ad for models that specifies “no scars or tattoos,” “naturally fit,” and “not too athletic” is incredibly disappointing.

Feeling like your shopping habits might be spiraling out of control? Check out The Great American Apparel Diet and six items or less for some minimization inspiration.

Catalog living cracks me up. Like a continuation of the Jezebel catalog fantasies from a few weeks back.

Imogen argues that straighter figures work with structure, curvier figures work with flow. Do you agree?

Did you or would you change your last name upon getting married? Some interesting history and musings in this post.

Get your floral fix right here.

Deja Pseu reminds us that haircare has changed drastically over the decades. Can you imagine going to the salon once per week and never washing your hair with your own hands? (Just one of several super-different-from-now options for mid-century ladies.)

In response to a fellow blogger’s ongoing criticism, Susie Bubble asks, “When did one’s personal feelings about what they are wearing fly out of the window?

Scallops as a food gross me out. But scalloped edges? Yes please!

I’ve professed my love for Wonder Woman here and elsewhere, and I’ve donned her costume myself many, many times. DC just gave Wonder Woman’s costume a makeover, and I LOVE it. Be sure to read the reasoning behind these revisions. (Cheers to Wells for this link. Not that he reads this blog …)

And from the Department of Random, I hope you’ve all seen this literal interpretation of the “Total Eclipse of the Heart” video. But just in case you haven’t …

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 7/2/10”

  1. Sonja

    Love the new "more practical" Wonder Woman and that literal interpretation of Total Eclipse of the Heart is awesome. I used to love that song.

  2. The Seeker

    Everything seems to be very interesting, so I must get an extra time to check them.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Deja Pseu

    That video cracks me up every time! Thanks for the link and have a great Fourth!

  4. Ivy

    You know, I could get behind the salon thing….my hair does better with fewer washings (usually 2-3 x a week, though, not 1) and I'd be just as happy to let someone else deal with it…especially if it meant I got to sleep in.

  5. Winnie

    Oh I am a little surprised to read those requirements for the Dove real beauty models. Definitely a let down! Haven't been on your blog for a while Sal…but I am loving the new layout!

  6. Linda

    WTF does "naturally fit" mean? You appear to be fit, but they can tell you didn't get that way by deliberately working out? Because that would be cheating somehow? I say again, WTF?

  7. BookGirl

    I didn't change my last surname to my husband's when I married. Although I wasn't unaware that, to some, I was making a feminist statement, it was much simpler for me: it was my name. I saw no reason to change it.

    Over the years, I've found, surprisingly, that men are more understanding of the decision. They, too, would find it odd to change their names upon marriage. These days, it seems that it's younger women (I'm over 40) who are more likely to take their husbands' names upon marrying. What gives?


  8. Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP

    Thanks for the link Sal!

    You always have the most interesting set of links – don't know where you get the time to read it all.

  9. Jamie Cattanach

    Other interesting thing about the Dove campaign… it's run by Unilever, the same people who do the despicable Axe commercials. Whatever pulls in the money of consumers, apparently, is their goal, not enbroadenment of beauty ideals.

  10. Lady Smaggle

    I have a theory about accepting your partners surname. I think it has to be a side step or an upgrade. I had a friend who went from 'Brewster' to 'Roberts' – side step. My mum went from 'Bannerman' to 'Jacobs' – upgrade. I have a friend who is NOT going from 'Milthorpe' to 'Holmes' because it's a downgrade. It's all about the science.

  11. eyeronic

    Hi Sally! I'm a long-time lurker but wanted to finally come out and say hello properly. Kudos on a fabulous blog that's both informative and entertaining (posts like this being a classic example of the balance you strike). đŸ™‚
    P.S. In case you're stimied by this username, I'm Michelle from YLF.

  12. Laura Elaine

    I did read an update to the Dove article – apparently the Cragislist ad wasn't sanctioned or approved by Dove, and they replied by posting a 2002 ad with a woman baring a large leg tattoo. While that makes me breathe a sigh of slight relief, it's sad that someone connected with Dove thought A) this was ok, and B) is trying to infect Dove and the public with their own personal beauty ideals. Thanks for sharing đŸ™‚