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Weekly Kitty:


Harriet Kitty with painting of kitty by Tillie, age 5. (First seen on Instagram)

Petite blogger Crystalin Marie sings the praises of the tunic dress, while Alice shows us three different ways to style a button-through tunic.

Dove’s latest round of ads includes androgynous model Rain Dove.

Anastasia Beverly Hills has become the go-to brow brand for many, myself included. The Brow Powder duo is my fave, giving me options for days when I want subtle or bold looks.

Eco Warrior Princess maintains that fast fashion has co-opted the “capsule wardrobe” concept and changed it into something that drives people to buy. Do you agree?

Helpful reviews of 7 ethical summer beauty brands

A sassy striped top balances out the toughness of distressed denim in Saskia’s ensemble. Stripes also figure into Carelia’s take on French lady style.

Matt serves up some wisdom on how to deal with getting stared at in public, and how self-love is a never-ending process.

I’m wearing my olive green pieces into the ground this summer, and this Karen Kane trapeze dress would be a great addition. Also in plus sizes.

“Accepting the way we look as we age requires soul searching, discipline, and a commitment to be kind to ourselves. Staying confident and upbeat about our appearance as we grow older is ultimately what makes us shine. Aging is merely moving into a new phase of beauty.”

Joi introduced me to Cynthia’s blog in her recent post, and I’m loving her vibrant, fearless style.

On the GoDaddy Garage blog, I talked about ditching the blogger mentality that if it can be monetized, it always should be monetized.

“[Clothing designer Maura] Horton (who once designed children’s wear but stopped to start her family) and her company, MagnaReady, are part of a new sub-sector in fashion: what Chaitenya Razdan, the founder and chief executive of Care and Wear, has christened ‘healthwear.’ The sector takes the tools and techniques (and trends) of fashion and applies them to the challenges created by illness and disability.”

Five pieces make six outfits in this sustainable capsule wardrobe, assembled by Moral Fibres.

Nicolette’s star-strap sandals are to die for.

Made-in-the-U.S. brand Star Vixen has loads of affordable wrap dresses in regular and plus sizes.

“I have come to accept that, on a fundamental level, my identity is not acceptable or desirable to society. It simply isn’t, and that’s okay. If who I am is ugly to society, then I would rather get used to the idea of being ugly than fight my whole life trying to make myself appear beautiful.”

Feeling dissatisfied with your hairstyle but not sure how to switch things up? This checklist outlines questions to ask and steps to take that will lead you to a hairstyle that truly suits you.

Eileen Fisher has a pop-up in NYC starting today that features one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces created with zero waste. And they are GORGEOUS.

Sometimes all you need to create a soft, summery badass look is a simple maxi dress and great pair of lace-up sandals.

“I wanted Roxane Gay to speak in ways that are not just body-positive, but also totally confident, unabashed, defiant. But I hadn’t seriously considered what it’s like for anyone whose clothing sizes go beyond the limitations of our most ‘inclusive’ plus-sized stores.” (I highly recommend the This American Life episode referenced, too, which can be found here.)

This boxy cropped tee from Threads 4 Thought is ideal for late summer wear, and comes in bright teal and bold yellow.

Great picks for career and dress shoes with arch support from the Barking Dog Shoes team.

Sheila layers a zip-through dress over a skirt – brilliant!

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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  1. Devon

    Just in case you didn’t notice, almost all of the Star Vixen dresses are faux wraps. I only found 2 true wrap dresses on the first page.