Lovely Links: 7/26/13

HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for Already Pretty as one of’s 2013 Best Local Fashion Blogs! I’m honored!

I’ll be speaking at the Maple Grove Library on Monday, July 29 at 6:30 p.m.! Come hear me talk about style, self-image, and dressing your best.

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Lovers of wardrobe editing and flowcharts, this one’s for you.

“Previous body image research has revealed the negative effects of ‘fat talk’ in girls and young women, but new research by psychology professor Carolyn Black Becker of Trinity University and others suggests that the dissatisfaction with a woman’s self-image may become more complex as she ages and move increasingly to a focus on age and ‘old talk.’

What a gorgeous print on this summery shirtdress.

This post explains why the images the media shows us and the lies they tell us about celebrity weight hurt us all in the long run.

“I realized that Old Me hated everything about herself. I can see the beauty so clearly now, but she had no idea. She loathed every piece of her body and wished she could trade it in for anything else. Anything. Her self-esteem was nonexistent, though she pretended this wasn’t the case. Old Me wanted to die instead of live in that body and I wish I could have hugged her and told her how exquisite she was.”

Cellulite is harmless. Some of the treatments developed to “combat” cellulite may not be harmless.

Trouser jeans are such a classic, and pairing them with a white button-front and statement necklace makes for a marvelous ensemble.

On a recent Chicago trip, we took in the Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity exhibit, but Marie points out that the Art Institute has three fashion-focused exhibits right now. Wish I’d stopped by the Undressed one.

Valérie models one of the dresses from Big Beauty’s new line with Jean Marc Philippe. Love that minty green!

It’s possible that I was in the studio audience when my girl Kjerstin Gruys was on the Colbert Report Monday night. Watch the episode to hear her speak about her amazing book. And let me know if you can hear me screaming my head off.

This layered, striped, embellished trumpet skirt is … fascinating. To say the least.

Loads of salty language here, but so fab: A song about pantiliners designed to hide the crotch sweat that happens when you work out. And why they’re ridiculous.

Further proof that one out of every three women daydreams about that brown polka-dotted dress Julia Roberts wore in the polo game scene in Pretty Woman. Am I right? (Also: 80% of people fabricate statistics.)

Ever had someone tell you to “be yourself“? Sam muses on why this advice is problematic.

Ana makes socks and sandals look fun and effortless.

The Feminist Wire wants YOUR submissions for their Love Notes forum, including “unpublished poetry, fiction (original), memoir, drama, visual art, film, design, and works that cross generic boundaries, essays, op-eds.” What is the forum about? “This forum asks us to articulate and re-conceptualize the meaning and importance of love for self, for each other, and for community.”

If only I could wear distressed boyfriend jeans and look this fabulous …

Looking for totally do-able tips on how to stay stylish on a budget? Look no further.

Another great reading roundup from Worn Through, this one on gender stereotypes in fashion advertising.

I’ll admit to carrying many of the items in this stylist’s emergency kit around with me daily.

Stylish bike helmets DO exist. Really!

“…the ‘problem’ with Wonder Woman is that most people don’t know how to deal with an unapologetically feminist character. Writers panic. Executives panic. The way that women in particular are written in Hollywood is so vastly different to the way that superheroes tend to be written, that when the two concepts are combined, fear and cosmetics companies and ice-cream tend to get thrown at the resulting mess until it goes away.” (Via Geek Feminism)

An exhibit in Arnhem titled Fetishism in Fashion “… explores the expression of veiling and covering our bodies in the most extreme ways, and confronts us with our desires as we strive towards the perfect beauty.”

Before and after makeover and weight loss photos are full of trickery, and this post shows how easy it is to create them even without Photoshop, adjusted lighting, or makeup.

Audrey shows how choosing fits, styles, and details can take a simple outfit formula from blah to chic.

This quote from Kate Winslet about modeling body positivity is so moving. (Via Weesha)

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