Lovely Links: 7/29/16

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Minimalist blog Into Mind has a 30-day Closet Confidence Challenge that could be a great boost for anyone feeling stuck in a dressing rut.

This maternity outfit is the perfect balance of easy and stylish – the denim vest is a perfect finishing touch. And Ashi throws her long denim vest over a bold yellow dress for another great look.

LISSA the Shop is offering 30% off all Neon Buddha items – including sale! – with code NEON30. This layered tunic is a great choice for late summer.

Something about this spiky quartz necklace is calling to me …

“I didn’t have to be part of a lesbian activist couple, or climb the ranks in a corporate job to spite men in order to be called a feminist. If I wanted to have a whole bunch of babies and stay at home baking pies and cakes all day, that was totally fine. I could still be a feminist.”

Beata teams skinny camo trousers with a sleek jacket and trendy choker.

I’ve come to love my sustainable tee collection, but still reach for my Alternative Eco-Dreamer on a weekly basis.

This post shows side-by-side photos of garments before and after tailoring, illustrating how important and transformative a little hemming or adjustment can be to great fit.

Fabulous body-positive sexual lifestyle company, Unbound, is offering Already Pretty readers 30% off! Just use code ALREADYPRETTY30 when checking out. (Site is likely not safe for work viewing.)

“My triceps are saggy, I loathe the gym and the strappy vest tops were ditched about a decade ago. But when it’s hot (and I’m feeling even hotter), why should I feel uncomfortable and unhappy because I’m deemed ‘too old’ to go sleeveless? Why the Arm Paranoia?”

Kellie’s asymmetric-detail dress from Addition Elle is perfect for sweltering hot summer days.

Still in need of a new swimsuit? Much of Land’s End’s swim line is on sale, and the company stocks styles for regular, petite, plus, petite plus, tall plus, pregnant, and post-mastectomy figures!

The Curvy Fashionista highlights seven products to help you survive chub rub season.

Patti has assembled a showcase of stylish over-40 bloggers wearing trendy pleats.

Barking Dog Shoes examines the new “maximalist” footwear (a pendulum swing from minimalist footwear that trended a few years ago). The extra cushioning can help those with knee and back problems and the foot-shaped toe boxes help both runners and walkers who suffer from forefoot pain and bunions.

“Can I really give hair this much power? Can hair liberate? I have no idea. It feels silly to me. But that’s a definite judgement. I wouldn’t say that I now want to stand out in a crowd, no the hair cut isn’t THAT transformative. But I will say that I feel like right now I can be unapologetically me, as my queer identity is made more visible to the face of others. In having people just notice me, people might have a better understanding of my identity upon first glance. This makes me feel like my identity holds validity, meaning, and importance. Whether or not this is actually valid, I don’t care. If it’s a placebo, great. I’ll take it.”

Lu is an absolute vision in her yellow lace frock with bold black accents.

4 Queer Muslims Tell Their Story Through Style

La Garçonnière shows off a marvelously dapper collection of shorts suit outfits.

The Closet Feminist’s second installment of Feminist Designers interviews Devon Fiddler, Chief Changemaker and Designer for SheNative Goods Inc. SheNative is based out of Saskatoon, and is a socially driven, handbag and accessories brand that aims to empower the Indigenous women.

Karen Kane just released a distressed ankle jean and I can’t wait to try it!

“When will we be forced to pay the actual cost of our clothing (or even, an inflated price for our clothing)? When will nature impose its boundaries enough to break this system – through drought, flooding, water scarcity, material scarcity, etc. – to make the $10 dress actually impossible? Have we already reached peak production? The $10 dress is the equivalent of the subprime mortgages. It was never realistic, and the fact that it has lasted as long as it has should keep us up at night.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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  1. Lauren

    Don’t comment often- which is ridiculous because I read daily- but I LOVE starting my Fridays with a cup of coffee and your posts! Thank you!

  2. cityfolks

    Thanks for the Unbound code – my first time checking it out and I’m loving it!