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Instagram decided to ban, block, delete the hashtag #curvy … and then realized that was an absurd thing to do.

“You shouldn’t feel pressured to colour your greying hair if you don’t want to. Just like you shouldn’t feel pressured to stop dyeing your hair if you prefer sporting a colour other than your own. Personal style is exactly that: Personal. And thanks to modern fashion, grey and colour are now both equally viable options.”

AP contributor Cassie is offering 20% off everything in her Etsy store for two weeks! Use code 300WOO to get the discount.

Color analysis has evolved beyond the seasonal designations of the 80s … but why? And how?

Related (and possibly contrary): Does Outfit Colour Advice from the 80s Hold Up?

On, I offered simple tips to shop stylishly and locally and what to buy in the late summer sales.

My new style crush: Stephanie from FAIIINT.

I’ve found that grays are tough to mix and match due to varied undertones, but metallics – pewters and silvers – are great subs. With that in mind, I finally bought these subtly metallic VanEli booties after stalking them for nearly a year.

What is heteronormativity? It’s a whole lotta things, including things many people think of as normal and innocuous.

Anti-flatulence jeans. Discuss.

In my Star Tribune column, I talked about wristwatch styles, dress layering, and tips for women who are hard on their clothes.

The incomparable Lindy West explores a lot in her piece on being an unabashedly fat, unspeakably happy bride: “There’s an awkward three-way tension between wedding culture and feminism and fat acceptance – because of what ‘acceptance’ demands of women in our culture, a lot of fat activism takes the form of fat women trying to ‘prove’ that they can wear the trappings of male fantasy and traditional gender roles just as well as thin women. Fat women can be pretty. Fat women can get married. Fat women can ‘get’ conventionally attractive husbands. But how is that constructive?”

The new Gudrun Sjödén fall line is up on the website now, and it is GORGEOUS.

I think it’s possible that Freddie is the happiest style blogger on the planet. What a smile!

This stunning ankle-length asymmetric top/dress is killing me.

I finally watched The True Cost last week, and it was sobering and life-changing … but unsatisfying in some way. This article about the myth of ethical consumption gets at some of my underlying worries. And Grechen wrote about curbing the urge to get rid of things you already own from fast fashion companies in the name of sustainability.

25 ways to dress like a tech employee

Every human has scars, whether there are emotional and physical – they are part of our story and we should be proud of them.”

Kelly demonstrates how to use a hole punch like this one to add new holes to a leather belt.

Hollister now joins the ranks of brands that fabricated backstories to make their products more appealing.

I have a couple of BeckSondergaard scarves, and ADORE them. Bluefly has a few at 60% off or more.

An argument for posting “bad” selfies as an act of self-love and acceptance

“’Sneaker collecting, done by many men, is [described] in the tradition of other male collecting, like baseball cards and fine wines. It’s about having every single one in every single model. Female buying is “emotional”; male buying is posited as rational.'”

Kellie rounds up some Taylor Swift-inspired looks for plus-sized women.

Anyone else obsessing over waxed canvas? Most excited about the waxed canvas bags from 48North, a local company!

Rowan artfully layers asymmetric pieces in this summery outfit.

Kareem Abdul-Jabar on body-shaming black women athletes: “Some of the body shaming of athletic black women is definitely a racist rejection of black women’s bodies that don’t conform to the traditional body shapes of white athletes and dancers. No one questions the beauty of black actresses such as Kerry Washington (Scandal) or Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) because they fit the lithe image perpetuated by women’s fashion magazines. The body shaming of Williams and Copeland is partly because they don’t fit the Western ideal of femininity. But another cause is our disrespectful ideal of the feminine body in general.”

And from the Department of Random: The Subtle Genius of Minionese

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 7/31/15”

  1. Catherine Harper

    I think _The True Cost_ is a good start to an important conversation, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of shopping alternatives. And Michael Hobbes’ article is disheartening because it seems to take the responsibility of ethical shopping off our shoulders. There are many people (myself included) who shop ethically and responsibly all the time, and if we continue to share our ideas with others, then things can only improve. There are many small ethical and fair trade companies who are doing real good in the fashion industry, and I just can’t see throwing my hands up in the air and giving up. As long as I’m here, I want to at least try to make things a little better, so I’m careful where I spend my money. 🙂

  2. what not

    BTW, ASOS frequently has some Becksondergaard scarves on sale, too.

  3. Sea

    I always look forward to your Friday links, and this week I think they’re particularly smart, thought provoking, and beautiful. Thanks!

  4. mendotawaves

    Another great collection of links! I especially was drawn into the Kareem Abdul-Jabar piece, the Fair trade article and the colour analysis. Leah, I thought your response was wonderful, hopeful and do-able. It is easy to get overwhelmed by world problems and give up, this reminds us of the effect of even small steps. The wider variety in blogs of presentations of womanly beauty has helped me along in my re-defining of my own thoughts and gives us all a truer picture of the place and scope of “beauty standards” in our lives. Kareem Abdul-Jabar made great points about how narrow fashion standards hurt all women including athletes. The discussion of a more advanced colour theory gave me words to express my reactions to certain colours and how they look combined with others.

  5. Cass314

    Great roundup as usual.

    In the future, would you mind trying to use the name of the paper/magazine when you link to a site with a metered paywall? I only get six New Yorker clicks per month, for example, and it’s a shame to spend them by accident.