Lovely Links: 7/3/14

We’ll do links a day early this week, since I’ll be holidaying tomorrow and hopefully many of you will, too!

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On the evening of July 24 I’ll be at Bella Boutique in South Minneapolis
for a free event! Join me to learn how to incorporate
various types and styles of jewelry into your own outfits.
Attendees will receive 15% off fashion accessories in the boutique during the event!

Complete Your Outfits with Jewelry

July 24
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Bella Boutique, 3100 50th St W., Minneapolis

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Weekly Kitten:

harriet dishwasher


Ashley shares style-related life lessons she’s learned before turning 30, all of which are incredibly insightful.

Orange, white, and tan work so wonderfully together for summer outfits.

“I will learn at 17 what it takes some people decades to accept: that pretty girls who play to patriarchy and ugly girls who never got asked to a school dance suffer just the same. That the same trick is being played on all of us. There is no way to play the perfect-girl game and win.” (Trigger warning for self-harm and eating disorders)

I’m embarrassingly lax about cleaning my brushes, but this formula for a natural makeup brush cleaner has me reconsidering my routine.

Like a French braid, but easier.

Dear GQ Writer Who Reinforced the Fallacy that Women Cannot Be Both Pretty and Smart: BITE ME. Olivia Wilde invites you to do the same.

Recently added this sunscreen to my daily routine. It is literally the only formula I’ve ever felt comfortable smearing all over my acne-prone face. Light, clean, and non-goopy.

Thrilled to hear that Nicolette Mason has designed a collection for Modcloth, and that all pieces will be available in sizes 0 – 4X!

Author Nichelle Gainer has a forthcoming book titled Vintage Black Glamour. Loved this interview with her on her research, family, and why she believes glamour is important.

Just plain brilliant: 10 Ways We Body Shame Without Realizing It

“It is not just the outside world whose attitude must change, it is ours as girls. If we want girls to be proud of their gender, we need to celebrate every aspect of it, never using it as a weapon. We must acknowledge the girly girls as much as we do the sporty book worms, we must stress that there is no difference between girls, whether they want to spend money on make up or on tough mudder entry fees.” (The ad highlighted was directed by Lauren Greenfield, whose entire body of work is STELLAR)

On the Fox 9 Buzz I offered some ideas for doing (understated) red, white, and blue in style.

Katha pairs a white shirt and handmade lilac skirt with black accents. So unexpected and chic.

A great and incredibly concrete reminder that clothing sizes are totally arbitrary.

This eShakti dress is rocking my world right now. And they’re doing a buy 2 get 1 free deal through Friday.

How do you choose a piece of clothing that will take your wardrobe in a new direction, while still working with what you already have? A great and tough question.

Adorable and totally do-able, even for DIY novices: Embroidery Floss-wrapped Sandals. (Via Dollar Store Crafts)

An eye-opening read about what it’s like to be an asexual woman in a culture that frequently equates womanhood with sex.

That pair of pants doesn’t look fabulous on you? Those must be someone else’s pants. (My thoughts on this topic here.)

An amazing intro to a series of posts about “Most Important Ugly”: “I believe makeup is magic – a chaotic neutral if you want to be precise about it. For so many people, it’s intimidating and scary and suffocating and heavy with the weight of expectations and failed fantasy. I was definitely one of those people for a long time. But somewhere along the way (read: my mall goth days at the age of the 13) I learned that blue lipstick could make boys recoil and make me look like an alien from Farscape. And so, I decided to change my tune.”

Such a centering, body- and person-positive mantra.

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This post highlights three retailers who are doing plus-size right, and reminds other manufacturers that their discriminatory practices aren’t going unnoticed.

Love Gracey’s mashup of stripes, speckles, and bold brights.

Instead of holding your breath until you lose weight, drop inches, get more or less muscular, change your hair color, change anything else, let it out. Exhale. Because once you exhale, you feel freer, calmer, more focused — and healthier, because let’s face it, holding your breath won’t do you any good!”

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: 7/3/14”

  1. fashionforgiants

    It makes me so happy Nicolette Mason’s line will encompass all sizes instead of just limiting her to “plus size.” ModCloth is very smart, aren’t they?

  2. Abi Tiki

    I do look forward to your ‘lovely links’…thank you!

  3. Emma-Louise

    Thank you so much for including my Like A Girl post. So glad so many people have embraced it, us girls are awesome and the more we shout about it the better!

  4. Claire

    Thanks for a GREAT links round-up. Question about the coral eShakti dress you’re wearing in your monthly newsletter. I want mine to hit right where yours hits–right at the knee. I’m 5’4″….what height are you & should I adjust the height so it’s not “below the knee” as described in the eShakti write up?

    Thanks, Claire