Lovely Links: 7/5/13

Huge thanks to Imogen at Inside Out Style for her fabulous review of my book! (Now just $12.46 for print copies, $7.99 for Kindle.)

What does it mean to have authentic style?

“And for nine months, I covered all of my hair, wore nothing that was so fitted that I felt like I had to sit or stand funny to look good, and never exposed my knees or my shoulders, except at home. With rare exceptions, I wore no makeup or nail polish. It was kind of brutal, and really liberating.” (Cheers, Sabrina.)

This week at the Huffington Post, I talked about how figure flattery and body positivity can coexist.

Cyn pairs a houndstooth maxi dress with simple sneaks to great effect.

Behind the Seams: An Indiscreet Look at the Mechanics of Fashion, a new exhibition at Paris’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs, focuses on the history of undergarments and how the human form has changed through trends over the years. (Cheers, Susan.)

This post has four basic tips on tattoo etiquette. (My recent post on tattoos and being a tattooed person here.)

Over on Facebook, we asked: Are shoe manufacturers starting to employ vanity sizing techniques?

This teal long-sleeved maxi dress is so simple, but  Tanesha makes it look utterly stunning.

Coleen over at Reverse Retrograde is posting about her experience working through the first series of Thirty Pretty Projects!

Hyperbole? Yes. But still worth a peek. 18 Helpful Diagrams to Solve All Your Clothing Woes.

I don’t really wear sneakers outside of the gym, but I might break that rule if someone gave me a pair of these asymmetric Ann D beauts.

Pardon me while I run down to Lexington to steal this entire retro-fabulous outfit right offa Beth.

This headline made me snort: “Ladybusiness Anthropologist Throws Up Hands, Concedes Men Are the Reason for Everything Interesting in Human Evolution.” (Via Skepchick)

Pair a bold statement necklace with a leather peplum top and you’ve got a summer ensemble that’s brimming with trendy goodness.

Curious about the whole “warm weather leather” trend? Beaucoo has hand picked some summery leather garments for petites, plus sizes, and standard sizes.

That necklace. That manicure. I swoon!

“Every time I sat down in the colorist’s chair, I vowed that the minute I quit my job, I would also stop doing television and cease dyeing my hair. Upon bailing from my post, I did both, and I’m happier for it. Way happier.”

Another revision of Barbie has appeared, this time its an actual doll that was designed using CDC measurements of an average 19-year-old woman from the U.S.

Interested in seeing all of my outfits, collaged up and in one place? Follow me on Pose! This site has a great app, too.

Why is it that just about everyone involved in a magazine editorial photoshoot gets credited … except the featured model?

And from The Department of Random: Jenny the Blogess rounds up some absolutely wonderful confusion confessions from her Twitter followers. My favorite: “I thought the guards in The Wizard of Oz were chanting about Oreos.” But also, “I thought that all of the companies with 1-800 phone numbers were in the same city.” Really. Go read this and giggle.

Additionally: Simon Kitty loves Rowan Kitty. And he’s not afraid to show it.

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 7/5/13”

  1. Pamela

    That article about the modesty experiment was really, really interesting! I spent several of my teenage years in a religious enviornment that had similar modesty rules for women (headcovering, no makeup, long dresses with sleeves), and I ended up feeling like crap about myself. My short, very curvy body does not look good in baggy clothes with high necks, and my hair (reddish and curly) is one of my best features – so I felt like I was covering up *all* of my attractive parts and drawing attention to what I disliked the most (at the time, my less-than-perfect skin, which I couldn’t correct with makeup). It was liberating in the sense that I knew I looked bad and couldn’t do anything about it, but it wasn’t exactly pleasant, either. However, it did make me very aware that beauty can be a costume of sorts – that when I do my hair, do the makeup, etc, I’m actually “performing” or “projecting” beauty in a way, and sending a very different message than I was in my headscarf and baggy dress.

  2. Gi Csome

    I´m so glad you linked to your article on the Huffington Post! I was actually wondering about that issue, ´cause I´m starting a body-positive blog and opening a store to sale xl clothes in August. I wasn´t sure how to mix the “wear whatever you want” and the “this flatters your figure” without appearing hypocritical.

  3. Tess

    Bought the Kindle version of your book today on the strength of Imogen’s review. Raced through it once, now gone back the beginning to start working though it properly. Some great ideas, am looking forward to coming out the other side with a more clearly defined – and more fun! – style.

  4. Megan Mae

    Btw Fly London had a very similar pair of sneakers in various colors. I wanted them so bad, but could never find the blue pair in my size on a site that shipped to the US for affordable.

  5. zahra

    Hi Sally! Thank you so much for including me in your link love! I am honored to be on the list of such interesting topics! Have a great week!


  6. Katy Rotman

    I’m not sure whether to thank you for introducing me to Pose, or blame countless future wasted..eehh…educationally spent hours on you 😉

  7. Lotus

    #15 on that “helpful infographics” is terribly wrong…

    • WA_side

      I’m not 100% – but I’m guessing that was the bra fixing one, in which case I agree, much of the info on it could be fixed by getting correctly fitted.