Lovely Links: 7/6/12

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Caitlin gives her two cents on a recent plan by the Women’s Tennis Association to curtail excessive “grunting” on the court, and points out the gender politics wrapped up in this decision.

Nothing like a curve-hugging dress in flame orange to up your wow factor.

Over at The Frisky, I talked about why I’m nervous about being naked, and how I’m working on it. Of course, Rookie’s article on how to feel less self-conscious when you’re in the buff has some absolutely marvelous tips, too!

Are you struggling to define your personal style? This post has some marvelous suggestions for exercises and techniques. (My ancient tips here.)

“I’m sure I’m not the only woman struggling with her mid-femme identity, trying to peel back the label and see what lies beneath. Discovering hard femme meant discovering a new label, sure, but it also reminded me I can do whatever I want, however I want. I can now break the bond I’d formed between ‘femme’ and ‘weak.’ I can love my curves and still be queer. It’s okay if no one knows it. I feel pretty badass in my fishnets.”

These drapey, printed pants are such fun!

Margaret Cho continues to be an inspiration. Her recent writings on beauty and body image can be found here.

These tips for packing your suitcase like a pro are astonishing. The diagrams for rolling, folding, and bundling are especially helpful.

Lisa shows two fun ways to combine blazers and shorts. Love them both!

Sociological Images is running as series that explains what sexual objectification of women means. (NSFW)

Since all the lip stains I’ve ever tried have made me look like an evil clown or someone with Galloping Lip Rot, I’m intrigued by this review of Vitality Lip Flush. Hmmm …

Olympic weightlifter Sarah Robles can lift more than 568 pounds. She’s completely amazing, and America’s best shot at the gold. And yet, she’s experienced size and uniform-related discrimination at the games. (Cheers, Alanna.)

These tips for making your mornings a bit more body-positive are fun, easy, and very do-able.

Nothing says sassy like a bow top and flared skirt.

What’s wrong with fat-shaming? “It doesn’t work … shame is not a catalyst for change; it is a paralytic. Anyone who has ever carried extreme personal shame knows this. Shame doesn’t make you stronger, nor does it help you to grow, or to be healthy, or to be sane. It keeps you in one place, very, very still.” (Older, but worth reading. Via Yum & Yuk)

Autumn continues her examination of the politics of compliments, discussing several studies on compliments and the politics of male-to-female compliments.

Megan’s marvelous outfit is a riot of color – teal, orange, yellow, and olive to be exact.

Two of my favorite gals in one place: Ash interviews Mara of Medicinal Marzipan for her Beautiful Bodies series.

And from the Department of Random: Calming Manatee. Aaaahhhhh.

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16 Responses to “Lovely Links: 7/6/12”

  1. Carol Tiffin James

    So excited to see the book is available in digital…I immediately purchased it and can’t wait to read it!

  2. Jenni

    outstanding post on the grunting in women’s tennis. great insights, and i couldn’t agree more.

  3. Erika A

    Now THAT is a bow top I would wear. Love her look!

  4. SGP_Teri

    I love your blog, Sally, but I really dislike seeing Margaret Cho held up as a good role model. She has said some incredibly hateful and vulgar things about women with whom she disagrees politically. To me, real women can disagree and still be smart and sassy. Margaret Cho demeans other women and that certainly is not the stuff of which role models are made.

    • Sal

      I understand, SGP_Teri. Margaret Cho is a controversial figure and even her body image writings can get a bit nasty. But as I’ve said of these roundups, I post links to thought-provoking and interesting articles I’ve found (or been sent) over the course of the week. Many of them clash with things I’ve said myself or linked to in the past because I am constantly mulling and reevaluating what I think and feel about these important topics. Margaret’s writings and actions on body image and beauty topics won’t sit well with everyone, but they are likely to be thought-provoking for many, which is why I’ve linked to them here.

  5. Victoria

    Great to hear about the book, I’ve just purchased it! It looks great and I’m looking forward to reading it!
    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year, and you gave me so many nice hints, and – most important – lots of inspiration!
    Thank you so much for that!

  6. Astri

    Hi Sally,
    I would so much like to buy your book in the Kindle store, but it seems it’s not available in Europe! Can you do something about this?

    • Sal

      Astri, where in Europe are you? It should be available everywhere for Kindle … UK, France … let me know where you are.

      • Astri

        I’m currently in Paris, on holiday, but I live in Oslo, Norway and will be returning there in a couple of days. When I look up the book on your Amazon Kindle webpage it just says “This title is not available for customers from your location in: Europe”. If you could get your publisher to fix this, I’d buy the book as quick as lightning! I’ve followed your blog for years, and it’s great news about the book – I really look forward to reading it.

        • Astri

          OK! I bought the book!! I tried changing my country setting to France -I guess an iPad from Norway being used from France must have confused the Amazon computers. Problem fixed. Sorry to have troubled you! It was all at my end.
          Just one more thing: the layout of your Kindle book looks sort of strange? The fonts and paragraph shifts seem a bit all over the place, and this doesn’t make for easy or comfortable reading. But I guess that won’t stop me from enjoying the book!