Lovely Links: 7/7/17

Weekly Kitty:

My boys.

LIFE-CHANGER FOR CURLY GIRLS: This giant green hand-looking diffuser. My stylist kept telling me to buy one. I finally did. It is literally the only diffuser that has ever worked for my curls.

Ragini is radiant in an indigo print mix.

“The move to silver locks appears to be a natural evolution from the pastel hair trend. Much like in the 1970s when punks were experimenting with bold unnatural hair colors like bubblegum pink and fiery red, young people have been taking their hair color to extremes. But, with so many options to choose from, women rocking grey hair is an especially defiant act.”

Mary’s splendid printed midi skirt is offset by pops of pink.

The Rise and Reign of Unruly Women

Androgynous brand Wildfang’s most recent collection was photographed on models with a range of body sizes and shapes.

I will never, ever tire of the graphic tee/printed skirt combo. Of course a solid pencil skirt works beautifully, too.

“… researchers looked at past experiments in which participants reported on their memory of, attitudes toward, and intentions to buy products after they were shown ads… They found participants were more likely to remember ads that made sexual appeals than the ones that didn’t. But that they were not more likely to remember the brands featured in the ads. The participants were also more likely to have a negative attitude towards the brands that used sex in their ads than those that didn’t.”

This outfit PROVES that you can wear red and green together without looking like a Christmas tree.

As the weather heats up, I’m craving loose, formless dresses like this half-sleeve one from Alternative Apparel.

Comedic genius Rebel Wilson is launching a plus size clothing line this fall!

Imogen dissects the factors that make certain shoes look formal, others informal.

I’ve swooned over virtually every outfit Ranti has posted this summer, but this crane-print summer suit might just top the list.

“For me, loving my body is about understanding that it’s okay when it inevitably changes, that I want to nourish it to the best of my ability, and that I acknowledge that everything about my body is my choice and nobody else’s.”

This roundup of comfy closed-toe sandals has some fabulous picks.

Did you know that you can download 425 books and exhibition catalogs from The Metropolitan Museum of Art for free? (Via YLF)

Jean rocks the paperbag-waist trend.

This stretchy knit midi dress might be my ideal LWD.

Alison tests and reviews a whole slew of natural deodorants!

Feminist Instagram Project Reimagines Popular Advertising Campaigns With Empowering Messages

And from the Department of Random: Turns out cheetahs meow. (They’re also some of the only “big cats” who purr!)

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