Lovely Links: 7/8/11

I’m honored to have been interviewed by the lovely Charlotte over at College Fashion!

Check out this recommendation for getting the stink out of vintage garments – I’ve got to give it a whirl. (Cheers, Audi)

Kelly does a snappy shorts suit WITH pocket square. So fab!

This post explores the potential dangers of body image photo blogs that focus on weight and measurements, which can create an inadvertent culture of comparison. The author notes, “Turning to images—rather, turning ourselves into images—as a primary form of developing bodily self-esteem separates us from our bodies. It forces us to view our bodies in the same light under which we view the images of unreal bodies we’re trying to wrest ourselves from.”

What does it mean for a garment to grin? I had no idea!

I’ve loved Annie Lennox for ages, but never realized how incredibly stylish she is.

Didn’t see this post in time for the 4th of July thriftstravaganza, but it’s still chock full of great tips: How to survive thrift store super sales.

Beauty Bets has product recommendations for about a billion common skin care problems.

Always yes to purple and red.

When we put on clothes we’re making a statement about who we are.  It’s a statement we make not only to others, but also (and maybe most importantly) to ourselves.”

Kamicha’s take on white tee season is utterly inspiring.

Fabulous androgynous looks on Guerrisms today. I’m especially loving this look.

Curious to see the results of this Yoxi contest that challenges participants to reduce waste and increase sustainability in our clothes. Know anyone who might enter? There’s $40K in prize money at stake!

Possibly my favorite take on the color blocking trend to date.

How fabulous would it be if we could strip the phrase, “old lady” of its negative connotations? As Deja points out, “By the grace of God, and with no small amount of luck, we’ll all be ‘old ladies’ someday.”

Kathleen’s outfits are always incredible, and land sakes do I ever want her haircut.

I’m still searching for some great flat sandals, and College Candy’s picks are super cute.

“I’ve seen the look on my mother’s face when she sees myself or my sister wear something she used to wear and love – it is the look of somber happiness, recognition of life moving on.”

My incredibly talented friend Christina just launched Style-Architects, a company that provides wardrobe, event, concierge, and marketing services to Twin Cities clients. Do check ’em out!

Nubby has some uplifting and inspiring advice for dream-chasing and figuring out what you’re meant to do with your life. Well-timed for me, as I start to ponder my own next career steps. This post about how nothing will turn out as you expect it to also resonated with me.

How adorable are these DIY fabric braid headbands?

There is something so undeniably cheerful about a sunshine yellow skirt.

Jentine is getting pretty fed up with the nasty looks she gets as a tall woman in heels. Any other tall women gotten similar reactions from nosy strangers?

Great tips for those of you interested in exploring the pile o’ bracelets trend.

The more I read The Style Sample, the more I wish I could hire Tamia to teach me how to look glamorous, cool, and utterly chic in every type of garment created by humankind. Surely she’d tutor me.

This Demoiselles post on the conflicting messages that self-love and body-acceptance movements can broadcast really hit home for me. Three body image myths we keep on believing touches on related topics.

And from the Department of Random: 10 covers of the fabulous Adele song “Rolling in the Deep.” Including ones from John Legend, Linkin Park, and the adorable/incredible PS22 chorus.


If you listen through headphones, you can hear Noises of Sniffing.

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 7/8/11”

  1. Liz

    Props to Jentine. I am 5′ 10″ and almost never wear heels anymore in fear of being stared at. When meeting my friend’s new girlfriend I was already seated at the restaurant when they arrived. When we stood up to leave and I went to give them hugs she blurted out (in what was definitely not intended to be a complimentary tone) “Woah, you’re taller than I expected”. I know she meant nothing by that but if someone were shorter or heavier or had more enormous feet than expected no one would say anything. Somehow being a tall female isn’t seen as a good thing, but also isn’t as sensitive a subject as weight so people don’t hesitate to comment on it. I am quite sick of being called a giant or “huge” (that one is my favorite), and it’s not like 5′ 10″ is even all that tall! I’m definitely still struggling from years of terrible posture to hide my height but Jentine looks awesome and hopefully I’ll get over this BS soon! I’m making a conscious effort to stand up straighter and my back is definitely happier for it. Thanks for sharing her post, I just added her lovely blog to my reader.

  2. Denise

    I was just talking about Annie Lennox the other day! I was thinking about how fundamentally sexy and strong she’s always appeared, while showing very little skin. Some of these photos are in opposition to my theory, I stand by it: I can’t think of a pop star today who isn’t “over-exposed,” as it were. And her Christmas CD last year was gorgeous!

  3. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Okay Sal, you did it again. In addition to all the fab links, you have given me a video that makes me laugh so hard, it hurts. First, the yip-yip aliens and now . . . well I don’t want to spoil it for the others. Just Thanks!

  4. bellis

    I’m about 184 cm tall and wearing heels definitely raises my chances of getting those lovely “Wow, you’re tall!”/”How tall are you?”-type comments, but I fortunately can’t remember any outright negative reactions. Not sure If there actually aren’t any, or if I just don’t notice them anymore.

  5. Vive

    Oh, I love that cat! I took mine to the vet today and as he frantically meowed from his carrier, I chatted away to him. I explained how I drive this road every day when I leave the house. And I realized the beauty in how he spends his days just lying on the couch, sniffing around a little, finding a good shaft of sunlight. No meetings, no negotiations, no driving across town to get to yoga class. Just lying around, grooming a little, stretching a little. Sort of like that kitty, who doesn’t give a hoot about Plato, but finds a nice new lens worth giving a look.

  6. Tamia

    Thanks for the love! I’m happy to offer my assistance, but honestly, I don’t think you need it–I’m already plotting ways to get my hands on your shoe collection…

  7. Kasmira

    Thanks for the mention!

    And I have to crow about Tamia (of Style Sample) being in my own town! I love running into her and seeing her stylish looks in person.

    Come visit Cincinnati and I’ll introduce you!

  8. - Tessa

    Usually I am a DSW aficionado, but not so much for summer shoes lately; too many non-leather shoes at leather shoe prices. I AM, however, having fabulous luck at Marshall’s – they have been loaded with great FLAT summer sandals! I can handle a flat non-leather sandal at cheaper prices.

  9. Kris10

    American Eagle for flat sandals! I got a lovely, comfy pair of cognac leather sandals and would have bought a pair in every color and style if I could have. They’re having some good sales right now, too, and have some great accessories as well.

  10. Autumn

    Thank you so much for including my post on body image blogs! And, as ever, so many of these links are top-notch.

    I have to stop myself from congratulating tall women who wear heels. I think it’s so awesome! If it’s a friend and it seems appropriate I might say something but I don’t want to put anyone on the spot because of her body–but yowza, I just think it’s an incredible, confident look. (I wear heels but I’m 5’6″ so the effect isn’t anywhere near the same as a 5’10” woman rocking ’em).

  11. sarah

    ahahahaa! My cat threw up on my outfit (laid out on the bed) about 10 minutes before I had to leave today. I ditched the outfit and hustled in, sweating and panting, no time to cool off/change for a meeting. Ah, the joys of cat ownership, eh? Really, one must come armed with a sense of humour.