Lovely Links: 7/9/10

Fascinating musings on how wearing counterfeit designer goods affects self-image. (Post includes a bit of fun commentary on caveman fashion, too!)

Blogs are growing much more slowly. While still very popular, other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have broken their monopoly. (Via Nubby Twiglet.)

Anyone seen Madonna’s clothing line for Macy’s? Called, what else, Material Girl. I love me some 80’s influence but … whoa.

How you react to your own reflection may influence people besides you.

OK, I’m totally gonna wrap a belt around my wrist for a chunky cuff look. Brilliant!

Medicinal Marzipan gives her thoughts about ABC’s new show, “Huge.”

Reader Cynthia turned me onto this smallish shoe auction site this week. Dangerous to the pocketbook, friends.

Speaking of dangerous, anyone gearing up for the big Nordstrom anniversary sale?

These braid tutorials make me wish I had longer locks …

Here’s a great roundup of some of the top plus-sized style bloggers. Any of these your favorites?

A reader requested recommendations for daily outfit blogs run by women in their mid-40s and older. I recommended Advanced Style, but it just barely applies. I put the question out on Twitter and Facebook, and got back Fabulously Fashionable Fifties, Style Underdog, and Style Odyssey. All now in my reader! Thanks to everyone for these great recommendations!

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 7/9/10”

  1. jacqueline

    what about blogs for 20-30 yrs old bracket? đŸ™‚

  2. eRiN

    Oh dear, the lace biker shorts? Ugh, I think I'm going to have to prepare to crawl under my bed for another 5-10 years until this nightmare passes.

  3. Sal

    tinyjunco: Indeed! I recommended Une Femme, too, although she doesn't do daily outfits.

    jacqueline: Pretty sure most of the ladies in my blogroll are in that range, m'dear. Click around in the Lovely Lookbooks section. You'll find something good, I'm sure!

  4. La Belette Rouge

    Thanks so much, you lovely Mustelidae!!! I am delighted to be on your link list and I look forward to discovering many other blogs through your links.
    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

  5. vampfan30

    any blog recs for those of us under the 5 feet tall bracket?


  6. Sheila

    Aw, thank you so much for the link, Sal! And thanks, Steph, for the link in your comment. đŸ™‚

  7. lyrebirdgully

    serendipidty! I was just Googling last night for older women's fashion blogs and was getting nowhere. And now my wish is answered. thanks so much for these links!

    BTW,I was also reading just yesterday about wrap cuff-style braceleting on the blog of my jewellery guru, Cynthia, who is a font of new style trends and fresh ideas.

  8. RoseAG

    I am going to give you a pass on "Advanced Style" because it's quite well-known. In a few years when you are 40 you can decide if you'd like to be lumped in with the "silver haired" set! Time is a great equalizer.

    What I have found is that one needs to find a fashion blog where the author shares your lifestyle and body issues. That transcends age.

    Professional women have similar issues whether they are young are old – what to wear to work to highlight their abilities and fit in.

    Childless women have different body issues than many who've given birth. Women who love to thrift shop have similar interests.

    To segregate yourself by age is to miss a lot of interesting insight.

  9. Sal

    RoseAG: Since this reader was looking for outfits I mentioned Advanced Style since it is all about outfits, with the caveat that it didn't actually fit her age-group criteria. And, as I mentioned in the post, I realized it barely applies.

    And while I agree with you overall, I think many women feel some trepidation about breaking and bending the traditional "age-appropriateness" rules, and seeing someone of a similar age doing so can be quite inspirational.

  10. Style Odyssey

    Hey, I tracked you down! lol. seriously, I was trying to find out who or where "Sal" was (you), because at least 2 commenters on my blog stated "I found you through Sal". Wow, thanks for the mention! I think I found your blog some time ago….you look familiar.

    Anyway, you have a neat blog and I do appreciate the link. I've also wondered if there were any great blogs out there for 40+ stylish women who are still quite youthful…I've grown tired of finding so many 20-something blogs. I like many of those, but…well, it's nice to have some company.

    I'm a big fan of Advanced Style, because it gives me some inspiration for when I'm a lot older. I don't feel I'm "there" yet.

    Might I add one? Leah is lovely, fashionable, and you'd never guess her age!


  11. style underdog

    Thank you for the mention Sal. I visited all the links you mentioned and I really enjoyed them. I agree with Style Odyssey, it's nice to have company. I have a feeling if time wasn't an issue for the over 40 set, there would be many more blogs for our age group. In the meantime, I will continue to bend those age appropriate rules.