Lovely Links: 8/10/12

A few quick notes:

My book launch party is NEXT FRIDAY! Won’t you join the fun? Details here.

I was lucky enough to walk in the BlogHer 2012 fashion show!
Photos here, video here. Styled by Kathryn Finney.
And yes, I’m walking a Weimaraner dressed as a bumblebee.
Wanna make something of it?

I did a Q&A with Sabrina of Slice of Lemon about my book, how it differs from the blog, and my views on body image. (Also look for Sabrina in the BlogHer fashion show vid – she looked AMAZING!)

Swung by the forums lately? Reader Beth is hoping for some input on finding classically-styled, well-made pants. And there’s a fun discussion about favorite nail care products.

* * * * *

The ever-amazing Rosie Molinary is running a month-long project to help her readers boost their self-esteem and body image. This week, I contributed a post!

Love the look of this longish asymmetric top over a swooshy skirt.

Got lots of zippers? Need some DIY ideas? Here ya go. I’m LOVING the zipper cuff myself. (I did a little video myself ages ago on how to make this zipper necklace.)

Female olympians are fighting back against shamers and haters. YES.

Weesha’s hair color matches her printed pencil skirt. So, ya know, that’s fabulous.

“High fashion absolutely filters into street fashion… but street fashion is one of the most powerful forces shaping high fashion. Teenage kids pulling together wild outfits from thrift stores; hip-hop kids turning ‘baggy and badly-fitting’ into a defiant statement; punks dying their hair purple with food coloring; steampunk nerds learning to sew and sewing gears onto everything… all of this has filtered into the world of high fashion.”

I’m not a frills and bows kinda gal overall, but bows on peeptoes? I swoon every time.

Mara Glatzel – the bold and brilliant gal behind Medicinal Marzipan – has released an eBook titled Body Loving Homework. Hurrah!

Do you doubt that plaid and curlicues can coexist within a single outfit? I give you evidence.

John Waters on bad taste, good taste, and fashion. Oh, how I love that man.

Catherine muses on the question of how the high street could serve the mature woman better.

Are fashion critics contributing anything important to larger conversations about design and style? (Via Final Fashion)

This roundup of nude bras that come in an actual variety of nude shades is stellar! (I’d also add MySkins.)

In other bra news, here’s a helpful roundup of bra resources for women with small busts. (Via YLF)

Who knew than an outfit could balance polished and Boho so beautifully?

The folks over at eBay are always looking for user feedback. Garden by eBay allows users to test out new eBay features and weigh in on functionality. Features currently in the Garden include eBay Help Me Find (a social shopping aid that uses Facebook) and eBay Help Me Shop (similar, but aimed at making informed buying decisions).

Natasha’s turquoise blouse and cream pants make for a fresh, bold pairing.

If you’re in the market for a wiggle dress, or just curious about the style, check out this post over at Vintage Fashion London.

“Someone can think their own body is beautiful and still have a relationship with that body characterised by disgust and antagonism.” (Via The Beheld)

A sleek pencil skirt and patterned heels can dress up a super-casual tee.

And from the Department of Random: Rock on, Rob.

Another from the DoR: 70% of Cats Unhappy with Time Shifted Olympic Coverage and other top headlines from the Fluffington Post. (Thanks, Mom!)

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/10/12”

  1. Megan Mae

    So honored to be included in this round-up. Thanks for the mention, Sally! Good luck with the book launch!

  2. shebolt

    Thanks for the link about the women Olympians fighting back against disparaging comments about their appearance. I sent it to a friend of mine who complained on facebook that the female beach volleyball athletes were ugly. I’m sure it was an innocent comment in his mind, but I wanted him to think about it.

  3. Iris

    Just to let you know, my virus scanner said there was a threat when I tried to open the Vintage Fashion London post about the wiggle dress. I hope it’s nothing too serious. :S

    • Sal

      Oh dear. I’ve visited the site several times since posting the link and gotten no such warnings … probably safe!

  4. Alison

    Yet again Sal, you gather the best of the Web – each link is awesome, and I am honored to be part of this list! And thanks for the mention of MySkins, another reader directed me to them and I’ll have to check them out! 🙂

  5. lisa

    A belated thank you for the Lovely Links mention, and all the best with your book launch tonight, Sal! Writing a book is such a huge achievement. You’ve worked so hard and you deserve to celebrate this success and this moment.

  6. Vintage Fashion London

    Hello Sally,

    Thank you for the mention! It’s great to see that our site here in London is making waves across the pond and we hope that you and your writers will continue to visit.

    We had a hacking issue a few days ago, which might account for Iris’ problems, but it was fixed swiftly so it’s safe and sound again.