Lovely Links: 8/1/14

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Weekly Kitten:

The amazing gals at Rhodesian of Edinburgh have just finished a photo shoot with Bethany Townsend, and the images are gorgeous.

Looks like Boden has created my perfect dress: Ponte, 3/4 sleeves, and full skirt. WANT.

Absolutely thrilled for AP contributor Cassie of Reluctant Femme, who has a post over at XOJane this week about crafting a pendant from your favorite nail polish. Congrats, gal!

“Of course, someone has touched all of the clothes we wear. Many someones. But we often forget that – they come to us magically, finished, in their hundreds, as if human hands had never been involved.”

Here’s a sneak peek at Mango’s plus size line, Violeta. Gorgeous stuff.

Fab tips for creating a capsule maternity wardrobe utilizing both maternity-specific pieces and items from your own closet.

How, specifically, can parents help their children develop a healthy body image? This post includes suggestions.

“Companies that offer custom-made clothing for transgender and gender non-conforming people are coming to the forefront, as more diverse models gain visibility in the fashion industry – and redefine the parameters of gender identity.” (Via Yum & Yuk)

It’s winter in Australia, and Ashley showcases a sophisticated way to wear pastels in winter.

Wow. Just wow. Simple tip for biking in a skirt. (Via Smart, Pretty & Awkward)

Bless The Onion: Maybelline Introduces New Ideal-Woman Rubber Mask To Use In Place Of Makeup

Imogen rounds up dozens of posts that will help you create more outfits from what’s already hanging in your closet. So many great tips!

OK, I did it. I joined Instagram. Slow going so far, but hope to post more regularly soon.

Although I’d add checking consignment shops for great buys, this list of tips for building a professional wardrobe on a budget is smart and savvy.

This roundup of bloggers rocking midi skirt looks is such fun.

If there’s someone in your life who believes that catcalling and casual sexual harassment of women isn’t an important and pervasive issue, please send them this comic.

Vivienne writes eloquently and tenderly about making peace with her belly, a step in her body image journey that has been a long time coming.

This post begins, “We all know that Nike is named after the Greek goddess of victory …” I did not know that. Did you? ANYHOO. Read the rest to find out how nine beloved sneaker styles got their names.

Quite possibly the classiest, most minimalist outfit ever created that features a denim vest. Well played, Jen.

And speaking of class acts, Lady of Style looks chic and elegant in her colorblocked dress and pearl necklace.

Huh. Interesting argument against the idea of vanity sizing. Love Une Femme’s response, too.

My favorite response to the bizarre/insidious tumblr Women Against Feminism? Confused Cats Against Feminism. COOKIE BELLY. (Via Skepchick)

Alison praises ASOS Curve for creating a lookbook that does NOT focus on making the models looking as thin as possible, but instead embraces fashion-forward and fun silhouettes.

The state of body image in the ballet world is tenuous and fraught with exceptions to the rule. There are different realities body image-wise for dancers of every stripe, recreational or professional, and I think it is time we acknowledged that no group of dancers, just like no group of people, is homogenous.”

Love Trystan’s tips for how to sew your own gothic clothing.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I talked about working those skinny jeans regardless of your size or shape.

Esther Honig sent a photograph of herself without any makeup to designers in 25+ countries and told them, simply, “make me beautiful.” The results are fascinating.

My spider veins do not affect my fashion choices, and I still don’t cover them up. I’m grateful to be in a better frame of mind now than I was at age 29. We can’t stop or reverse the physical changes that accompany aging, but we can change the way we think about those changes. That is empowering.”

Leaders of Today and Tomorrrow (LOTT), the leadership program that I co-chair, is recruiting mentors and fellows! We’d love to have you!

Tanasha is ready for the weekend in her khaki shorts and chic hat.

An interesting perspective on how the capsule wardrobe method can be frustrating for certain folks trying to move toward closet minimalism. Grechen went for a total overhaul instead.

From the Department of Random: Are you an introvert, extrovert, or sea monster? (Via The Toast)

And because I am clearly not above putting two cat videos in one post: ENEMY CAT. I, too, utilize hopping and somersaulting when confronting a dangerous foe.

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/1/14”

  1. Anamarie

    The video of your cats is so sweet! I DID know that Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, but only because I took an extensive Greek mythology course in college. Do you find Boden to be true to size? The size chart seems generous.

    • Sally McGraw

      Thanks, Anamarie! Boden tends to run true to size or a bit small, in my experience. It can take a while with new season stuff, but the customer reviews are SUPER helpful when available!

  2. fashionforgiants

    LOVE the midi skirt post; so inspiring. And the bike riding tip is one I just recently heard as well and I love it!

  3. Tasi Zuriack

    Sally, this whole idea of custom clothing for gender non-confirming people is marketing hype. I’ve been blogging and writing articles on clothing choices for transgender (MtF) and crossdressers for 3 years ( now and in fact you are one of my resources. Good fabrics, a good fit, and a good tailor solves most problems be you transgender or born woman. I’ve been on a crusade to teach style as custom clothing on the TG websites tends to be skin tight and shorter the better. Fashion is a learning process. The serious crossdresser or transsexual do care but for others it’s a struggle.

  4. Jamie

    The cats are so funny, loved watching them groom each other, definitely brought a smile to my face!

  5. Katrin

    The New Yorker article on sizing says “If your weight has remained constant over many years, you might wear a smaller size today than you did ten years ago.” No, you won’t. The number on the tag might be lower today – but your clothes will still be the same *size*.

  6. jan.4987

    That “Make Me Beautiful” study: am I seeing things or was the U.S. the only country to make her blonde? What on earth is the blondeness obsession in America all about? Some kind of holdover from racial segregation or something? (I’m not buying the selection for recessive genes argument, by the way; I am aware of it.) Maybe this isn’t the place for discussing such highly-charged ideas, but it really stood out to me.

    It’s so lovely to see Harriet and Simon getting on!