Lovely Links: 8/12/16

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She slept like this. For at least an hour.

SO exited to learn of EcoPetites, a local brand that offers gorgeous sustainable designs in sizes XXSP to XLP!

Catherine at Atypical 60 reviews some hair extensions that she’s thrilled to have found, saying, “I’m not the only woman suffering from this uncommonly common issue of hair loss. The thing is—nobody really talks about it. And I don’t know if older women bloggers have this issue because I’ve never seen this mentioned in-depth in any of their blogs.”

Fall is on its way, and Wolford is clearing out loads of tights styles! This is a great chance to get incredibly high-quality tights that cost $70 at full price for less than $30. I particularly love the patterned tights like these waves tights.

Joi shows us some creative layering tactics with her sheer dress and sleeveless top. And Annette layers white over white for an outfit of elegant and unexpected proportions.

9 Ways to Combat Society’s Obsession with Bikini Bodies

I’ve seen some rave reviews of How to Get Dressed, a book by a costume designer who details ways to assess fit and determine which clothes are worth altering. Anyone else read it?

The Beauty Redefined team explores the question, are body positivity and exercise/fitness practices compatible?

Chioma looks ever so chic in her split-hem printed maxi dress.

10 Independent Contemporary Designers Creating Show-stopping Plus Size Fashion Designs

I don’t have the same social and cultural freedom to make silly/ugly faces (or even relatively emotionless faces) as people with conventionally attractive looks and body sizes. People with more looks privilege have the freedom to be carefree in this way, while still being seen as beautiful, handsome, and desirable. Meanwhile, I have to navigate when and where it’s safe for me to be myself and engage in playfulness — and when I must conform my looks to society’s standards (as best as I can) to avoid ridicule, violence, and blows to my self-esteem.”

I’ve got a soft spot for dark tie dye, and this diaphanous button-front tunic is calling to me.

A cowl-necked, sleeveless suede top seems a mite impractical, but damn, Nina makes it look so good.

eBay is a GREAT resource for snagging secondhand/vintage rock tees at great prices. Super helpful if you went to a concert and regret missing the merch table. Or spent all your cash on the ticket itself …

A French blogger has spawned a hashtag that pushes back against the idea that women should be body-hair-free.

Something about a ditsy floral on a black background makes me long for the 90s. Those stylized sunnies bring this outfit back to the present day.

Imogen urges us all to shop our wardrobes first, and gives loads of compelling reasons.

Whether you’re thin, fat, or somewhere in between, the culture of body shaming, struggles with image, and self-criticism is prevalent and has a powerful impact on self-esteem, identity and daily living. The details may be different, but the underlying issue is the same: Despite the fact that our size has nothing to do with our health or our value as people, we live in a world that tells us otherwise.”

I’m a big fan of Shout Color Catcher washer sheets. They won’t save your whites from that evil red sock that snuck in to turn the entire load pale pink … but they do help quite a bit with new denim bleeding out. I throw one in any time I’m washing a heavily dyed item for the first time.

Beth shows us six outfits and five quotes supporting black as a great shade for summer wear.

21 years ago, Wal-Mart pulled “Someday a Woman Will Be President” shirts from shelves because it was “offensive to some shoppers.”

Every one of Allison’s suit posts make me re-think my (clearly small-minded) belief that suiting is conservative and stuffy.

You will really have no idea what will fit you and actually look good on you (I mean physically on your body but also spiritually in your soul) until you take time to TRY SO MANY THINGS ON. Armloads of things. In the fitting room for over an hour amounts of things. Things you are drawn to despite ideas about what colors or cuts or fabrics someone with your particular collection of traits is supposed to be ‘allowed’ to wear, according to some magazine or lifestyle program that’s never had your best interests at heart. There will be a lot of misses, and you’ll learn that the misses don’t matter. What matters is getting outside of your comfort zone.” (Cheers, LaPriel)

The sale continues at LISSA the Shop – you can now get this tunic (seen on me right here) for and extra 20% off with code SUMMER20.

Nat of The Tiny Closet is selling her amazing designs! Swooning over this asymmetric dress

I’m honored to announce that I’ll be working as a contributing editor at Adios Barbie starting this month! I’ve admired this team’s work in body-positive and feminist spaces for as long as I’ve been blogging, and am so excited to add what I can to their incredible body of work.


**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/12/16”

  1. Courtney L.

    I had that “Someday a Woman Will Be President!” shirt. I wish I had kept it, but it stopped fitting sometime in 2002.

  2. Catherine Urbanski

    Thank you, my love, for including the link to my issue with hair loss. I’m glad and appreciate the fact that you did. It’s an issue that more and more women suffer from but don’t discuss. Let’s do this!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. wonkyone15

    I am a big fan of Alison Freer, author of How to Get Dressed, and have learned a lot of great things from her articles for xo jane! Haven’t read the book yet, but I am looking forward to it!

  4. Natalie Live / The Tiny Closet

    Thank you so much for visiting my shop and sharing my store with your readers!