Lovely Links: 8/15/14

How do you style ankle boots? Which style of pant works best with flats? What are the trendiest shoe styles of the season? Join me and Carly Gatzlaff of A La Mode Wardrobe Consulting for all the answers on Sunday, August 24. Details and ticketing information right here.

August 24
2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Mall of America Executive Center, Boundary Waters Suite, Level 4

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Weekly Kitten:


Pretty soon this is gonna become “Weekly Small Cat.”

“Is the idea that breasts are inherently sexual, even when the women in possession of them aren’t trying to do anything of the sort, and that their display must therefore be regulated?”

Psyche looks so sharp in her bold red blazer and skinny jeans.

Simple tips – that focus on leg elongation – for pairing flat footwear and dresses.

I’ve taken shoes to my leather experts to get dyed, but never tried treating them myself. Sheila shows us how she took a pair of olive green shoes and dyed them a gorgeous bright pink herself. A great experiment, since the pair in question had been brutally attacked by a vengeful cat and were already somewhat damaged. Always wise to try new repurposing/altering techniques on items you won’t sob over if the technique backfires.

“Nobody is addressing the fact that so many women wake up in the morning, look at themselves in the mirror, and, out of habit, attack what they see.”

So. Do we really need a “Swash” machine? (Via YLF)

If you’re wearing the same wardrobe items over and over again, playing around with these three questions can help you identify what you love about them and what works.

Florals are classic, but botanicals? Somehow edgy and soft all at once.

For anyone who’s ever been instructed to “Smile!” by a total stranger on the street, behold: Smile Bitch Training Camp. (Contains swears. Obviously.)

“I need to overcome my need for perfection and understand that THERE IS NO SUCH THING as the perfect wardrobe; I’m not going to do exercises to determine how to create it, and then get down to an ideal number of items.”

I’m slowly cooking up a new direction for my personal style, and stashing my inspiration here.

On a related note, I’ve been mining the Eileen Fisher site for images and somehow completely missed The Fisher Project, an EF offshoot that’s a bit edgier. These slouchy silk pants are from that line, and dang, they’re beautiful.

“I’m fat. I’ll always be fat, even if I’m in control of my fatness and you can’t see it. It’s still there. No matter how strictly I have dieted the best I’ve ever achieved is a VERY curvy size 12. I literally have no idea what it feels like to be skinny.”

On the Fox 9 Buzz, Alix and I chatted about working metallic clothes and accessories into your outfits.

Greetje sports matching orange accents with such chic.

Yes. Sunscreen. Every single day.

Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota is opening yet another cool concept store, gina + will, in Dinkytown.

Think neutrals are dull? Think again. This post offers several techniques for making neutral mix outfits interesting and chic.

Every Friday, the Curvy Fashionista highlights a plus-sized style blogger. I’ve found some fabulous reads through her recommendations!

On the importance of a quality headshot for professional women: “You’ve worked damn hard to get where you are, you should stand proud, not hide behind a company logo or an unprofessional blurry photo from your sister’s wedding or your summer beach vacation. I don’t care if you see clothing as just a way to stay warm and not arrested for indecent exposure and fashion to be frivolous … when you hide from the world while your male counterparts are proudly visible, I can’t abide. You’re doing no favors to yourself, your company, or your fellow woman.” YEP.

Good question: Why are the media so obsessed with female scientists’ appearance?

My monthly Star Tribune column launched this week! Read the first one here, and please send in your questions for next month.

Tanasha’s outfit of preppy classics is perfect for late summer.

After an extensive makeup lesson earlier this week, I sprung for this Tightline Cake Liner. Turns out that for my eye shape, tightlining is the way to go.

“Essentially, two of the avenues best suited to protect fashion tell us that offensive material is unacceptable. And yet offensive and/or derogatory content is pretty prevalent in fashion. From ads to designs to logos, there’s no shortage of offensive material to go around. Why is it that when the laws make it clear that offending content won’t be tolerated and history has told us that people will react, brands still rely on said content?”

Here’s a smart little quiz you can administer to yourself when you are trapped in a dressing room, stricken with indecision.

Recommended this vintage-y knit dress to not one, but two clients this week alone.

And from the Department of Random: I’ve probably watched this 687 times since HM first showed it to me last weekend. I believe it is the best moment ever caught on film ever in the history of forever.

Of course, taking a close second:

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/15/14”

  1. colormehappy

    Hello Sal! What is the name of that eshakti dress? The eshakti link diverts to the main store page. 🙂 Thanks!!!!

  2. SueP

    Hey Sally–where did you get an “extensive makeup lesson”? I’ve long wished for such a thing as opposed to the makeup counter where make up is applied and it’s assumed I know how to replicate. I sometimes wish I’d gotten my overly makeup-ed friend Brenda to teach me when we were in HS so I’d not be so makeup crippled. Thanks!

    • Sally McGraw

      Hi Sue! I actually did a skill swap with a friend of mine who is a professional makeup artist. She came to my house and looked over my stuff, told me what else I needed, and taught me how to apply. So, ideal … but perhaps hard to re-create unless you know a pro yourself! However, if there are makeup artists in your town who do makeup for photo shoots, bridal parties, etc. many of them will hire out to do lessons. You could poke around and see who is available near you. Hope that helps!